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Rained Out Stake Out (IC)


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Soon as he had the wanted poster in hand, Colt wasted no time. It was just after midday when Colt drove his cycle towards South side. The wanted poster for John "Smarty" Phillips suggested this was the area he was last seen. Colt briefly asked around, and found out that Smarty usually hung out in an old movie theater on one of Southside's side streets. Colt slowly rode the cycle over to that section of town so as not to attract too much attention.

He parked the cycle about a block away from the theater. Standing, he pulled of the goggles he wore for eye protection while riding and hung them around his neck. Retrieving his hat from its stow compartment, he placed it neatly on his head. Turning to a nearby building on the side of the street across from where the entrance to the theater was, Colt drew his pistol and shot the latch that held the fire escape ladder in place. The ladder fell to the ground with a loud clank and Colt quickly scrambled up. Once on the fire escape he hauled up the ladder, and replaced the catch so that it would stay in place. He didn't particularly want anyone following him.

Half a minute later, Colt was on the roof of the building at the end of the block. But he was still about half a block away from where he wanted to be - across the street from the theater. Colt tore off across the rooftops leaping the gaps between buildings until he reached a building that was right across the street from where his mark was hiding.

Now he had time to relax. Colt drew a cigarillo out of his breast pocket, held it between his teeth, and produced a match. He struck it against the bottom of his boot, but it did not light. He tried again and again. But there was no flame. "Strike-Anywhere ma foot! These doggone things don't work half the time. Damn that was ma last match too..."

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Tempest was enjoying himself right now. The weather on Earth was quite interesting. It was a beautiful and dynamic system, and Tempest could watch the ebb and flow for hours on end. That was until a gunshot rang out. He had learned that word a few days ago "gun shot". It referred to the loud noise created when one human used a metal stick, or "gun", to injure or kill another human. The heroes did not like this practice and would intervene and apprehend the "shooter" or "the one who caused the gun to shoot with intent to harm". English was a curious language.

Tempest descended from his position high in the sky in search of this "shooter". Tempest then saw this human jumping between the rooftops. This was also a curious practice. Most humans could keep themselves aloft indefinitely. Therefore, they contented themselves to keeping their locomotion practices on the ground. This seemed like a rational conclusion. Now that he was closer, he could see what this human had adorned himself with. Humans had a curious practice of adorning themselves with "clothes". This was a means of preventing one's self from being naked and also to exhibit a particular pattern or what the humans refer to as "style". It was most curious. Furthermore, this human's "style" was unlike any he had seen before. This required investigation.

Tempest landed on the building behind the curious human. "Excuse me." called out Tempest. The humans had a way of addressing one another that was referred to as "polite" this was deemed to be the preferred means of communication. What made a sentence polite was a curious matter which seemed to changed based upon the "style" of the humans involved. Hopefully this conversation would illuminate some of the nuiances of human communication. "What are you?" continued Tempest.

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Colt gave a start, he snapped his head around and gaped at the strange being that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Reckon this world gets stranger and stranger by the day. His cigarillo toppled out of his gaping mouth. This jolted him back to his senses. He quickly ducked and snatched it out of the air with his left hand, placing it back in his mouth.

Now that he had his senses back around him, he took a moment to try and understand what he was looking at. And subsequently failed utterly. Finally, after a good second or two of uncomprehending staring, Colt too remembered his manners. "Oh! Uh...Beggin' yer pardon. Ain't seen nothin' like you before. Kinna' shocking, fer certain. I'm human, far's I c'n reckon." It had been more than a week since Colt came to this strange new world. And in that time if he had learned one thing, it was that things went a lot smoother if you just accept things you didn't understand and went with the flow.

Colt held his cigarillo out towards the...whatever it was in front of him. "Don't suppose ya got a light, eh buddy?"

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"Yes, you are indeed human, and I am certainly not, therefore seeing one similar in appearance to that of myself would indeed be a rare event." It was best to seem as if your view point was very similar to that of whomever you were conversing with. This decreases the probability of a confrontation between the two parties. Therefore it was best to continue a conversation with an affirmative declaration. "I was however inquiring more towards your specific "style". I heard a gunshot and came to investigate, and I saw you performing a set of locomotive maneuvers on the rooftops rather than on the ground. That coupled with you particular matter of adornment demanded further invesitgation to determine your motivation for undertaking such action. However my investigation so far has only increased my curiosity. Tell me, how does one 'have a light'?"

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"You sure have a funny way'a talkin' there feller." Colt raised an eyebrow, "Which is sayin' somethin' seein' how it's comin' from me."

Colt decided to tackle the simple answer first. "Seems from yer strange way'a talkin' that yall don't know much about sayin's. A sayin' is somethin' that makes communication easier by way'a shortenin' it. When I ask, 'do yall have a light' I am actually askin' if ya have anything capable of producing a flame so as ta light the tip'a this cigar on fire. Hope that makes more sense to ya."

Now for the tough one, Colt sighed, "As fer yer other question, seems ta me like ya should be askin' me who I am, not what I am."

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"Ah that is a higher form of communication I was previously unaware of. I thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. And now that you have answered my question, I feel it proper to answer yours. Yes human, I do have a light." Although it was pretty hard to tell, that one little voice in the back of your head said that the guy in front of you just cracked a smile. But you probably had other concerns as the creature became wreathed in flame. It slowly stuck one... finger?... out to arm's length so Colt could light his cigar.

This was good. Performing what was known as a "favor" to another human was a good way to improve the relationship between each other. After Colt presumably lights his cigar, Tempest asks him "Humans have a desire to name things. I have been given the name Tempest. Who are you human?" The nature of names used to confuse Tempest, but Colt had just explained the phenomenon, although unintentionally. A name was another "saying" which conveyed the identity of someone in a brief and yet descriptive manner. These humans were clever.

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Colt gave a start when Tempest burst into flames. I really should get used ta all this weird stuff happenin' Colt thought to himself as he happily lit his cigarillo off of Tempest's finger. "Thank ya kindly." He quickly stuck it in his mouth and took a long pull, puffing out smoke afterward.

"Humans have a desire to name things. I have been given the name Tempest. Who are you human?"

Colt smiled. Now they were getting somewhere. "Name's Billy. Most round these parts call me Colt. I'd shake yer hand an' greet ya proper, but seein' as yer all on fire..." He let his voice trail off, wondering if Tempest actually knew the implications or limitations or even repercussions of his powers?

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"I apologize to you Billy human." The flames quickly dispersed and was replaced by his standard shifting elemental make up. Tempest then looked down and noticed he had started to melt the section of the roof he was standing on just now. He took a step off to the side, held his hand over the area and suddenly the roof rippled as if it was water and the completely repaired itself. Tempest's hand then reformed to be constructed of rocks and what looked like trees interwoven between each other. "It is a pleasure to meet you Billy human." said Tempest extending his now solid hand.

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Stranger an' stranger, an' stranger, an...

Colt let out a puff of smoke from his mouth. He was getting used to this now. He actually liked Tempest. He was interesting to say the least. "Mighty fine trick ya got there. Reckon ya could get some real use outta that."

Another puff of the cigarillo brought more thoughts to his mind. "So what brings ya ta this side a' town? Ya' mentioned a gunshot if'n I remember correctly?"

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"Ah yes I was. I have learned that a gun shot often times is a sign of trouble in the area and that if I am to help prevent any harm I should make it my duty to intervene. That is when I found you in close proximity to the likely area where the shot was fired. Your actions were irregular and therefore necessitated further examination. I believe it is at this point where you are required to inform me of the actions that lead to our immediate circumstances from your own recollection colored by your unique perspective to these events." This was good. Furthering of communication based upon earlier statements is a sign of a willingness to continue the conversation. Humans that have committed wrong doing have been known to seek an immediate resolution to their predicament and avoid authority figures. Although his mannerisms are unique, the Colt human does not appear to exhibit these signs of human wrong doing.

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"Ah." Colt said, amused, "Reckon ya mean, 'tell ya MY side a' the story'."

Colt pulled Jericho from it's holster at his hip and opened the clip. It swiveled out to the side. He held the gun so that Tempest could see inside of it. One of the eight bullets was missing. a single spent cartridge remained in it's place. Colt extracted it, and placed it in Tempest's hand. "Only gunshot I heard round here was mine. Which reminds me that I gotta reload this sucker." Colt dipped his left hand into his pocket and extracted a single bullet. He placed it into the clip, spun it with a *whiz* and slapped it back into place with a *click*.

Colt flipped the gun around his finger and slid it back into it's holster. "Now ya know where that gunshot came from."

Let's see what he does next.

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"You have told me of the source of the gun shot, but not the motivation behind the act of shooting. Your gun could have discharged without you possessing intent, or you could have shot someone with the intent to harm them. I ask again Billy human to relate the events that lead to our meeting here today, truthfully." Humans are perhaps too clever.

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Not fooled easily, this'n

Colt smiled, he was entertained. "That part's a mite more simple'n ya think, partner. I did know I was firin' it, but it ain't at anybody." Colt pulled the cigar from his mouth and let out some more smoke. The cigar was getting lower, this made him sad. Stinking the end back in his mouth, he spoke again, clutching the end of it between his teeth. "The fire escape at the end a' the block. Reckon it was just too high fer me ta reach, so I shot it down. Fixed it when I got back up there though. Ain't no sense damagin' somethin' that ain't mine."

Colt was amused. See the trick is, Mr. Tempest, ya gotta keep'em guessin' once an' a while.

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V ery well. However, my initial question as to why you shot in the first place has yet to be answered. The reason you shot the fire escape was to gain access to the roof. Once on the roof you moved to this particular location of your own volition. It would seem that this location is somehow important to you, yet you have not disclosed as to the reason why it was important." This Billy human was certainly a curious individual. He possessed all of the classical mannerisms of one who was cooperating with an investigation, but yet he seemed not to wish to give his full support to the investigation. Perhaps my method of speech was to blame? Did he not fully understand the questions I was asking, or was the Billy human unequipped to manage the higher levels of social functioning?

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There ya go, big guy!

Colt smiled once more. "See, now ya're askin' the right questions. That one's, 'why are ya here?'. An' the answer ta that is..." Colt turned in place to look over the edge of the roof for the first time since tempest showed up. He laid his eyes on a white limo pulling away from in front of the theater. "Damnit!" Colt swore.

Colt pulled the cigar from his mouth, threw it against the ground and ground it beneath the heel of his boot. "Now look'it whatcha gon'n done!" Colt gestured at the limo on the street with an outstretched hand. "Ya distracted me, an' now he's gon'n got away!" Colt pulled his hat off his head with one hand an ran the other through his head in frustration.

There goes ANOTHER paycheck!

Colt replace his hat on his head and leaned up against the half-wall that guarded the edge of the building. Speaking to no one in particular cried, "Ahh! Come on!", obviously exasperated.

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This was a good decision. This Billy human is a very curious individual. He seemed to change his behavior very quickly and without hesitation. "Billy human, why does the vehicle's departure upset you so? Furthermore, why did you become agitated at your cigar. It is a not sentient item and is not responsible for events that have transpired here, and yet you struck at it with obvious violence." Did all humans lose their sense of rationality when agitated. If so then it would appear to be an obvious defect that the humans should have detected many years ago and then selectively eliminated. Furthermore the destruction of one's own property should rarely be done, for not only is there the event that agitated you, but now you have furthered the agitation by increasing the amount of loss.

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Colt watched the vehicle come to a stop at the end of the block before turning back to Tempest with a frown on his face. "Cuz the guy that's in it is a wanted criminal." Colt reached into his coat and pulled out a rolled piece of paper. he unrolled it and held it out for Tempest to see. "I was gonna turn him in for the reward." Colt frowned and rolled the paper back up, sticking it in his coat once again, he turned to look at the limo. "Now my only form of transportation is at the other end of the block, and I have no real way of catching him. So I'll have to go another day without a paycheck."

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Oh this is indeed unfortunate. The Billy human's odd mannerisms suddenly made much more sense. It would the best course of action to remedy the situation. "I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you with my questions Billy human. I shall stop this criminal for you so that you may follow and apprehend him."

Immediately after the phrase was uttered, Tempest's eyes glowed bright white, the sky went dark and was accompanied with a Biblical tide of water falling from the heavens. In the midst off all this, a dense fog began rolling off of Tempest and he took to the air, seemingly unperturbed by this unnatural weather that made putting one foot in front of the other quite a chore.

He rapidly closed the distance with the white limo and set down directly in front of it's path. As his feet touched the ground, he seemingly absorbed it into himself and he became like the mountains themselves. The unnatural weather then dispersed as quickly as it had come, with the last of the rain coming down as a solid sheet. Tempest raised his hand at the limo, which immediately reformed, twisted and contorted into a cage holding those trapped inside, without harming them. The limo then walked off the road of it's own volition so to avoid blocking traffic, before sinking into the sidewalk, leaving the understandably freaked passengers without about half of their bodies sticking out of the unholy union of rock, metal and glass.

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Colt was awed by the sudden display of power. There were no other words to describe how he felt. Just that. Glad I got on his good side...

Though he couldn't see well through the driving rain, once it cleared up, he realized that his job had been done for him.

Colt ran along the tops of the buildings until he was above the spot where what used to be the limo was cemented in the ground. He leaped off the edge of the building, His coat furled out behind him dramatically, and his boots hit the bars of the caged with a solid clank, startling the already spooked gang members even more.

Colt hopped off the cage and landed next to Tempest, "Reckon ya did a mighty fine job, my friend. Ya sure yall ain't some sorta guardian angel sent ta make sure I 'bring home the bacon'?" Colt smiled obviously impressed and well satisfied. "Ah, that's another expression, by the way." He continued, seeing the look on Tempest's "face".

Colt turned to the gangsters. "Howdy. Now listen up, yall." He drew his pistol, and the wanted poster. He brandished the pistol at them and shook the wanted poster out so they could see it. He glanced at the poster, and then at the man in the center of the cage. "Huh, now is'n that strange! Seems yall are wanted by the sheriff a' this here town. Interesting. Guess yall better come with me an' I c'n turn ya in. That is, unless you want ma' friend here ta mess ya up some more." He jerked his head in Tempest's direction for emphasis.

"We'll come! Please god just don't send him after us again!"

"Mighty fine decision!" Then he stopped talking and his face went blank. He turned to Tempest and discreetly asked, "Um, any way ya might be able ta let that middle one outta the cage? The other two c'n stay."

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Ah the series of interesting events continues. From their reactions it would appear as if these humans found the sensation of the matter around them reshaping at someone else's will to be a distressing event. This should be noted and investigated further on different subject to see how they react to the same stimuli.

Tempest remained silent for the entirety of the exchange and was in fact silent for the entire time Colt spent traveling to their position. The criminal humans were making a large amount of noise and using several words that Tempest was unfamiliar with, but he could properly deduce their likely meaning. When Colt human asked if Tempest could free the one criminal human, he was quickly lifted out of the ground by tendrils of concrete and deposited in front of Colt human. "Why do the humans need to remain imprisoned? Are they also criminal humans?" inquired Tempest again.

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"That they are, partner. Well, some of them at least." Colt flipped his pistol around and deposited it back into its holster. "Now I don't suppose ya'd be able ta shape some bonds fer this'n? Make him easy ta transport?" Colt smiled at Tempest, "Seems I gone an' fergot ta bring ma handcuffs with me."

Colt pulled a small device out of one of the pockets in his coat and pressed a button on it. "Ma ride should be here in a bit. Then I c'n take 'em back ta the station. The rest I might just leave here. There's no reward fer 'em, but I c'n at least tell the police about 'em..."

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"The restraints would disperse when I can no longer maintain a proper field of observation relative to the restraints, but this criminal humans is cooperative, are you not criminal human?" Tempest directs the last line at the criminal human infront of the Colt human. "I do not think that leaving these other criminal humans here would be a wise course of action. Either they should be taken to the property authority humans and tried for their various crime or if there is no evidence of wrong doing, they should be freed. The structure containing them is only indefinate while I am present and it is also causing a degree of unrest among the other humans." Tempest gestures to the rather large crowd that has gathered and all the cars that slow down considerably when passing them by.

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"Damn." Colt looked around and then smiled. "Can't let'em go free, so there's only one thing left ta do." He waltzed over to a pay phone nearby and dialed the number for the FCPD. Tempest could only hear snipets of the conversation. "...Yea...Tell the chief I got'em a bounty. Couple other too. Need some help bringin'em in...Yea...Great." He hung up the phone, and came back to the group.

Colt spoke once again to Tempest, "'Gardless a' their cooperation, there's always'a chance one'll get away while ya try movin'em. The authorities are sending a car down ta help bring'em in. Should be here any minute."

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"What was it that this human did in order to become a criminal human and why did you specifically target this criminal human for apprehension? In addition, would not carrying the tools for apprehension be something a human in your position be paramount to your continued existence? One would be lead to the conclusion that Colt human is likely lacking experience in this particular type of work. One must ask why Colt human would engage in a practice Colt human was unfamiliar with, especially if it was dangerous to Colt human's well being."

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Colt shoved the criminal back into the cage while the two talked. "Well now that's quite a lot of questions there, partner." Colt sighed, "Best start from the beginnin', I spose. I'm from another world..."

Colt explained how he had come to be in this dimension. "I had all the gadgets a' needed back home. None of'em survived the dimension jump. Right now I'm just workin' ta put food on the table and keep a roof over ma head. Soon as I c'n afford a pair a handcuffs, I'll buy 'em, an' not before."

Colt made a gesture at the criminals in the cage. "As fer him..." He pulled the wanted poster out of his coat again, "Aggravated assault an' armed robbery are the two main things. There's more if'n ya wanna read it." He held out the sheet for Tempest to see.

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