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Mean Girls (OOC)


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Don't want this to entirely chosen since he doesn't actually have too much control currently.

How's this:

Greatest Fear?

Greatest Desire?

Greatest 'sin' (totally in her perspective)?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

I'll pick a few from the questionnaire as well (thanks for the suggestion, would never have occurred to me ;) ). not sure if it should include inklings about her true past or not. Want to keep your secret/plot thing going and not jump the gun

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...And we're back.

Nightmares check (DC5): 14. She's got 1HP to start.

OK, Daisy's computer is just a typical laptop running a commercially-available Windows operating system, and she's got INT 10 and no ranks in Computers. Which means it definitely counts as "minimum security," and installing software on it is trivially easy. So I'm not going to have Z make any rolls for it.

She'll take 20 on a Sleight of Hand check for 22, to hide any evidence of her physical actions in the room. Daisy's got +0 Notice, so without Extra Effort she's got zero chance of spotting any signs of Z's passing.

She provides her own Visual Concealment, so she doesn't need any cover to make a Stealth check while puttering about in Daisy's room: 22. Natural 20! Suck it, Hall Monitors! 8-)

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He's got Contacts, so he can take 20 on Gather Info checks. Which would hit DC39. I'm sure that's more than adequate to uncover her entire life story and anything James would ever want to know about her (and a lot of things he probably didn't want to know). And his Diplomacy bonus is so high he can take 1 on a Connected check for the highest of favors.

Yeah, I don't see him needing to make any rolls.

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