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Ride'em, Cowboy (IC)

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After a few days of wandering around the city, and sleeping where he could. It occurred to Colt that he really needed to find some way of making money, and some place to stay.

He was lucky enough to have come across a gun shop that had been holding a shooting competition for a cash prize. He had used most of the money up over the last few days on food and a small room at a motel.

It had been days since he had stopped that bank robbery, and days since he had even seen his motorcycle. He managed to get change for a dollar at a corner store, and found a pay phone in center city across from the bank that he had help thwart the robbery of only days earlier.

He pulled a business card out of his wallet and punched in the number on the card...

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Angel and Remington Carlisle had spent the morning together. He had invited her to stay the day with her. The paparazzi had a field day with this. Following their every move.

The current Midnight had an ulterior motive though. He planned to tell Angel he knew the truth about her crimefighting ways. That and he would like her to join with him as partners.

Angel had the wrong idea though, she thought this was actually rich people courting syndrome. She didn't mind though. At least it wasn't set up like some arranged family thing. And she had fun.

Finally after lunch they retreated to his penthouse. No cameras or people to harry them there. Remington readied to ask her. Angel readied for him to ask her... And then her cellphone rang, completely ruining the moment.

She looked at the number and was confused at who this could be. Only people she gave this number could reach her. Then she remembered! The cowboy didn't have a phone, so he must have used someone else's phone.

She smiled at Remington, "We'll have to do this some other time. I have really important business to attend to." She gave him a peck on the cheek, "I'll give you a call later."

"Hello," Angel said answering the phone and waving goodbye yo Remington as she walked out the door.

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"Pardon me, miss, but this wouldn't happen ta be,...uh..." Colt glanced down at the card he was holding in his hand, "Angel Marks? Reckon yall might remember me from the other day. We briefly worked together thwarting a bank robbery. Well, this is mighty weird an' all, but if'n you've finished with the repairs on ma cycle, I'd sure like ta see it agin."

Colt looked around uneasily at his surroundings. Reckon yall should make a pamphlet 'er something. 'Visitors from another world' 'an all...

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"Hey, cowboy," Angel said slipping into the elevator, "Yeah, we got your bike fixed. Though we had a time figuring out where you got all those parts. It was like it was built by an alien. Then again, flying motorcycles arent't something you see everyday. You wouldn't happen to be like a mechanical inventor, would you?"

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"No, ma'am." Colt replied politely, "Reckon the Stellar Cycle's standard issue round where I come from."

Colt glanced around at the people around the steps of the bank. He had only been in the city for a few days, people were still giving him strange looks. He would get used to it eventually he told himself. "I don't mean ta be rude 'er nothin', but when do yall reckon I c'n see ma bike agin?"

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"Oh sure," Angel chuckled as she exited the elevator into the garage, "I'll have it to you in the next thirty minutes. Just gotta get to the shop and ride it to you." Taking her head away from the phone for a second, she pressed a button and a Veyron sped up to her from it's parking space. She continued her conversation as she climbed in and started up car. She smiled as she sped off. "And if you stay right where you are, I'll deliver it directly to you. Or you can pick a place to meet. Either way is fine with me."

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Colt smiled. Getting the bike delivered right to him was oddly convenient. Especially since he didn't know his way around town all that well yet.

"Reckon that's a good idea, Miss. There's a lil' coffee shop opposite the bank here, hows about ya meet me over there?"

With the conversation finished, Colt hung up the phone and crossed the busy street as safely as possible. When he got across the street, he went into the coffee shop. After nearly being shooed out by the owner, he managed to explain that he actually had real money now, and would be able to pay him for the coffee that he had purchased last time he was here, as well as whatever he would be buying today. There, Colt awaited the arrival of Angel and his cycle.

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Angel nodded quietly as if Colt could hear her. A second later she caught herself and answered him back, "Yeah, that'll be cool. So, I'm on my way to pick up the bike and I'll meet you there. See you then." Hanging up the phone she went back to driving.

The speed of the machine she was driving always got her in a focused state of mind. Going as fast as she could, skirting the speed limit in broad daylight. This is what she lived for.

Pulling into her uncle's garage. She saw that he was floating around slowly on the bike. It was like watching a demented child's ride with a grown up child riding it. She shook her head and snickered to herself as she got out of the car. "It's time, uncle Carl," she said looking up at him with a smile and her arms crossed.

"Aw, but it's awesome," he said floating down. "Got the schematics. Though the parts'll take some time to figure out. We'll have a working prototype by next Christmas."

Angel nodded and got on the bike. She had been in this postion once. Flying, if for a few seconds, was something she wanted to do again. Maybe Colt would let her do it. Then again, she had to get to him. "Love you," she said to her uncle as she started the bike, "Talk to you later." With that she sped off to meet with Colt.

When she arrived to the coffee shop (a little earlier than expected), Colt was easy to spot. Luckily nobody bothered her when she had the domino mask and bracers on. She always wondered if it was if they were supposed buy it to or if it actually fooled them. Such thoughts she put behind her as she walked over to Colt's table. "Howdy, cowboy."

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"Well, howdy yerself, little lady." Colt slid a cup of coffee towards her on the table "Reckon ya c'n have a seat if'n ya want. But if ya got somewhere ta be I'll understand.

He leaned to the side in his seat so that he could just see around her. Spotting his bike in tip top shape, he smiled, "See ya ma bike fixed up right nice. I'll be thankin' ya fer that."

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"No thanks needed, least I could do," Angel said as she sat down, "Oh, I have nowhere to be right now." She sighed with a smile, "So, I have a favor to ask you in return for a favor from me. As I rode over here I couldn't help but think, forgive me if I'm wrong, that you weren't from around here. So, I'll give you a tour of the city if you teach me how that awesome machine out there works."

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Colt smiled as he took another sip of his coffee and leaned back in his chair. The hem of his coat barely brushed against the ground. "Reckon ya got yerself a deal there, little lady."

The two continued talking through their coffees. Once the were finished, Colt stood and tossed his cup in a nearby trash can. "Now how's about that ride?" He gave Angel a devilish little smile. She was turning out to be a lot of fun!

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Angel nodded and hopped up from the chair. Playfully beckoning the cowboy with one finger, she stepped over the small outdoor patio railing. Standing next to the machine, she rubbed her hands together looking at it with anticipation. She looked to Colt, "So, are we gonna do my lesson first or do you want that tour of the city?" She smiled as she slowly petted the seat, "I mean, it is your ride."

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