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Date: August 5th, 2009

(Continued from Daikaiju Days, Morning in America, and Team Science!)

When all was said and done, the return to Earth-Prime took the space of only an hour or two. First came the triumphant return of the Young Freedom stranded in Japan, and the happy reunion of the two teams. Then came the quick trip back to the Resistance base with their stolen hardware, leaving behind the smashed Nazi base that never did explode behind them. Everyone had a chance to see the grim horror that was Erde and understand the magnitude of the struggle the Resistance was facing there.

Agent H chose to return with her friends from Young Freedom back to Earth Prime, leaving behind her world with a tearful farewell and a sharp, precise salute to the Resistance and the fallen heroes there. Lilith was delighted to hear of the twin victories on both Kaiju Island and over the robot fortress near Freedom City, and left all the teen heroes with a salute of her own and a job well-done. They'd done a lot of good that day, even if they could tell how much help these people might need in the future.

And with that, they were gone in a flash, reappearing on the teleport pad recently retrofitted by Dr. Archeville and his two trusty assistants. It had been a very good day to be a hero...even if they were going to have quite a story to tell Mr. Summers.

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Mike was elated when Alex and the others arrived though slightly horrified at the dangers they had had to face. Once the reunion was complete and their tales were exchanged he waited somewhat impatiently for the resistance scientists to repair the dimensional teleporter. He appreciated what they had to face here, even respected thier conviction to continue the fight against overwhelming odds, but he was eager to get home. He didn't even know how long they woudl have been gone, his parents would be worried. They had done alot to help here though and he was glad they had been able to do that much at least.

He emerged from the dimensional portal and looked about at the new faces and his friends newly returned alike. "Well you can never say things aren't interesting around here."

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James returned to their world, relaxed and happy as always. "I'm gonna miss that big guy... He'd probably make a bad bet though. I bet he's still cleaning bits of the base out of his toes," he said with a grin. "Really would have loved to get some pictures. Ah well. Next time, right?" he looked at the others. "Glad to see everyone made it back ok. So...what the heck cause us all to go dimensional hopping? Not that it wasn't fun mind you, outside of the baseball-sized mosquitos anyway. But I'd like to know before hand if we're taking another trip."

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"It vas... dis!" Archeville said as he pointed to the Star Trek-like transporter on the roof of Claremont's cafeteria.

Is that everyone? Did they all get back safe?

More importantly, did they bring us back anything cool?

"It vas built here, by a student, but activated by somevon from de other dimension," the super-scientist explained, "by a Grue signal from dat other vorld. Did you encounter any Grue dere?"

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"Oooooh," Alex made the appreciative murmur as she crouched down next to the object with wide, curious eyes, "We saw no Grue although we did encounter similar technology. We aprehended a scientist from whom I accessed the information on how to manipulate and utilize the device over there. I still have the memories if you'd like access to them, Doctor."

She made the last offer easily, her hands carefully behind her back as she looked the transporter over for similarities.

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'Come into my parlor,' said th spider to the fly.... muah hah hah hah hah!

Ohhhh, crud... we could really use that information, but I do not want her to sense you!

Yeah, have fun figuring that one out, smart boy.

"I... er...," the super-scientist starts to reply, "vell, not right at dis moment. Let us vait und make sure everyvon gets back first, und de excitement level dies down."

He went back to checking over the teleporter, a slightly worried look crossing his face.

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Alex watched the tense expression cross his face and followed the Doctor over to the teleporter as she volunteered very quietly, "I'm not prying, but it's, uhm, pretty obvious that made you uncomfortable. I have a very light touch and I can send stuff without reading you at all. I know that's slim comfort, 'cause you only have my word that it's not more invasive than that. If not, I'm sure I can write down the notes longhand. I just thought you might prefer it in a quicker format. I'm not offended, or anything."

She looked up at him very earnestly as she twisted the hem of her shirt.

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"I miss the old days," grumbled Chris as he tried to stop himself vomiting. "No dimensional travel, no Nazi robot legions, no strange telepathic terminology... Good old days. Now I think I need some food. I'm not sure the food from there crossed over. If it didn't, that'll look... ick."

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He looked Chris for a moment. "You ok there? Don't you know you're not supposed to eat a half hour before stepping onto a strange teleportation pad to access dimnsional travel." James chuckled. "What? Beside the giant bugs, it was kind of fun. We didn't get to fight Nazi's though. Actually we really didn't get to fight anyone. And me knocking Ant out doesn't really count. Though freeing the Gigantasor thing was still fun."

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"Oh man! Talk about a sweet road trip!" Eddie said as he was materialized. "You know, H, Despite all of the horrible horrible monsters and evil robot-nazis, your home is a pretty nice place!" Eddie said with a smile.

He stepped down off the platform. "Oh Hi! You're Dr. Archeville, right? I've heard about you. How are ya, doc?" Eddie put his hand out for Dr. Archeville to shake. He was a little bit more brash than Alex.

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Erin was quiet for the first few minutes after their return, trying to get her bearings after once again shifting between worlds. At least this point of return was familiar. She was just tuning back into the conversation when she caught Eddie's rambling to Hope. Grimacing, she stepped forward, also interposing herself between Eddie and Hope, but on Hope's side. "God, Eddie, you're such a jackass. Can we do this debriefing later?" she asked the adults in the room. "It's been a long couple of days." Without waiting for a reply, she gave Hope a nudge towards the door, hoping that the sometimes volatile heroine would take a graceful exit instead of a fight.

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Hope let herself be pulled along by Erin, after shooting a single murderous glare at Eddie. She'd had a rough couple of days too on the spectacular return to her homeworld, and was in evidently no mood to get into yet another violent confrontation. She staggered briefly as she stepped out the door, but kept her feet as she walked away with her head high. The music in Eddie's ears, having briefly returned upon his return to the familiar radio waves of Freedom City, abruptly stopped. Every piece of machinery on his body more complicated than the ties on his shoes was suddenly non-functional.

Meanwhile, the fully in-costume, though somewhat grimy Edge, stepped off the platform. "Uh, no Grue, sir, just a lot of Nazis." He shuddered, even Edge's usual cheerfulness dimmed a bit by the grim place they'd just left. "But we did what we could to help those people. And we did. That's what counts."

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"Oh, man, H! I so sorry. I didn't mean it like that." He looked down as Erin led her out of the room. "Man, I was just trying to be cheerful..."

Eddie perked up suddenly at the odd silence. "Huh, that's weird." He pulled his headphones off and looked at the speakers. He even went as far as checking his ipods. As far as he knew it was working... It just wasn't....

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Ah, I know! We'll tell her it's hazardous for her to access our mind, that it's so advanced and so fast it makes telepaths nauseated, like riding a tilt-a-whirl!

Lying? Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk!

"I am sure you vould be gentle, Frau Albright" he replied to Psyche, "but... vell, de last few times I engaged in any sort of telepathic activity, it proved... unpleasant. Mostly for de telepath involved. Mein brain, you see, tends to, vell, 'overload' others vhen dey try to interact mit it, even if only to put information into it."

It wasn't a complete lie... but it wasn't the complete truth, either.

As others arrived and talked about heir exploits, Doc noticed Erin and Hope edging towards the door, and the venom they seemed to have towards the young man, Eddie, who had tried to shake his hand. Looking back to Ms. Harcourt, then the assembled teens, he spoke up, "I am sure you haff all had a difficult und trying time, und certainly deserve a rest. However, for those of you who can push on just a bit longer, I am sure Ms. Harcourt und Mr. Summers vould like reports from as many of you as possible now, vhile all de events und details are still fresh in your minds."

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Mike shrugged and stepped forward, "I'm sure Mark and I can explain what happened with our group, and Alex is probably the best source for the others." He said knowing Erin and Hope should get out while they could and Eddie talking more at this point was a bad idea. He figured James and Chris could be trusted to decide on thier own if thy had more to share.

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"Normally I would have no problem staying and helping out with retelling the events, But I really need to get home and figure out what's wrong with this thing." He shook the pair of headphones in front of himself.

Eddie turned to Chris, "Hey, would you mind giving me a lift back to school? I can't fly without my music."

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Hey! Now there is a problem we can solve immediately!

Oh, joy.

Archeville waved Eddie over, "I may be able to help you mit dat. I vould velcome de break, in fact, from vorking on de unfamiliar technology in dis transporter."

"Und vhile I vork on it," he added, grinning, "you can tell us vhat all you experienced on Erde."

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"Well in that case, I'd be glad to stay, Doc." Eddie said as he handed over his musical assembly with a smile. "Careful with that stuff, though. Music is my life. And well, I've got most of my music on those things."

Upon closer examination, Dr. Archeville could not remember ever having seen a more meticulously organized file system than he found on Eddie's devices. Which was saying quite a lot! Clearly Eddie was very careful about his music.

The transmission device itself was also interesting in nature. It was constructed of a set of short wave radio transmitters which all fed into the headphones. The headphones had a wireless switch installed in the sleeve of Eddie's jacket, so he could easily switch modes without having to touch the headphones. The whole thing was quite well thought out. From the simplicity to the lack of wires, it kept the system working quite well.

"Maybe it's just out of batteries?"

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Mike shrugged, hopefully Eddie would be distracted enough by his malfunctioning Ipods not to talk about how 'sweet' Nazi rule was.

"Well Me, Mark, Erin and Chris all ended up in the other version of Freedom. Some scientists for the resistance there were trying to contact Hope I think." He explained clearly not understanding the intracacies of the process, "They said something interfered witht he signal and thats when it all went bad I guess, grabbing all of us up and dropping some of us on some Jappanese occupied island, whatever interferance there was also brok their teleporter."

As he spoke he mostly addressed the school officials but made sure to speak loudly enough for the scientists to hear as well.

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"Daikaiju Island." Alex volunteered, picking up the thread of conversation automatically. Her expression at the doctor's explanation had been politely dubious but, of course, she hadn't voiced any disagreement.

Wrinkling up her nose in concentration, Alex spread her hands palms up. It took a few long seconds to project the visual illusion, and although it was a strain, she managed to generate a miniature visual of the island between her hands.

Keeping her focus tightly on it, she replayed the images from her perfect recall between her hands. "We located the base on the island and made our way there once we knew they had transporter technology."

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Someone's batteries are dead; I'm not seeing many lights on in this Eddie kid.

Oh, be nice, he-

Did you see the junk this kid listens to?!

Yes, and I also saw a few thing we have in our own collection so don't be so quick to-


Archeville looked to Mike and Alex as they continued, "so de resistance forces in Erde's Freedom City tried to teleport Hope dere, from here, but instead Grue interference caused the teleporter to nab all of you und sent you to an island on de other side of de vorld? Und none of you saw any Grue, or anything that seemed nonterrestrial in origin?"

"It cannot have been just a random fluke dat interrupted de transporter... could it?"

Is Alex making a true hologram, or is that just a mental image? If the former, then she's not just telepathic, she's telekientic, or at least photokinetic.

Gee, if only our hands weren't full of some kid's iPod, we could use our Electromagnetic Screwdriver to scan it!

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"We were all over that island, Doc." Eddie said, warily watching how Dr. Archeville handled his electronics, "Alex and I were able to obscure our locations from the personnel and from cameras, so we pretty much had the run of their base for a few minutes. No Grue anywhere." Eddie scratched his head, puzzled. "Maybe some of the interference got passed on to my electronics. Did you try scanning it or anything?" He pointed to his set of iPods. Eddie did come up with a decent idea here and there sometimes...

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Mike nodded thoughtfully for a moment before replying, "Well they seemed to think the interfearance to their teleporter came from something on this side." He shrugged looking to Mark and Chris for confermation, "All thier stuff was stolen from the Nazis so the Nazis may have had the grue stuff and the resistance stole it?" he opined.

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"I'm not surprised that the signal got all degraded. Considering the jurry-rigged nature of technology I'm not entirely sure that they ever understood, we're lucky we didn't end up splinched in a wall somewhere." Alex volunteered helpfully, "Mike, what about the base you guys fought in. Anything alien there?"

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