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Opening Shots...


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Southside Palace

Six weeks ago....

He looked at the picture of the target as various pictures of different distances and angles were presented. He looked over the details of where, when, and how the job was to be done.... He then looked at his contractor. "No."

He watched as his contractor leaned forward, interlacing his fingers in front of him. "And why not, Mr. Wahler?"

"Because..." Mr. Wahler flipped through the pictures. "The target... the job itself... is too high profile, I need to stay under the radar. I can't afford to..."

"I'm fully prepared to provide you sanctuary after the job. Fake ID's are a snap to make in this city. A relic of the Moore administraion that Mayor O'Connell has yet to purify."

"And then there's The target site..." Mr. Wahler hesitated. "...a school?"

"Lot's of witnesses. Plus it'll be televised by the 'right' people."

"And the final 'part'..." Mr. Wahler looked up. "...I don't like it. It's bad for business."

"Which is why I added so many zeroes and provided them to your swiss account in advance."

"The mark is that important to you?"


Mr. Wahler looked through the file again. "Normally, I hit only metahumans..."

"Do your job correctly, and theyll be drawn to you like sweetness to honey. That's why I contacted you."

"Even so... This will not be a challenge." Mr. Wahler closed the file. "But... if you're ewilling to meet my price, I'll make an exemption."

"Five hundred million in advance isn't enough?"

"No." Mr. Wahler leaned back. "One, such a high profile job will require support. Some of your best men, preferably those that have miloitary experiance. All answerable to me."

"Please. You speak as if they're not a dime a dozen."

"Big talk." Mr. Wahler shrugged. "Two, I want a free pass to all your weapons and gear. That includes foreign imports and armor."

"Also done. The russians have shipments come in all the time. High end explosives and AK's. Occasional M16's... even high-tech weaponry."

"Now we're talking. Third..."

"Yes, Mr. Wahler?"

"...I've seen this before. You're setting up something. Something lucretive. I want in."

Mr. Wahler watched as the man across the table laughed. "So I gurantee this, and you'll carryout the job? Without question?"

"Hmph. You drive a hard bargin Mr..."

"No names. Anyone could be listening."

"Well then. In six weeks, I'll do the job. But I have to know..." Mr. Wahler stood up. "...why so much trouble?"

"...let's just say my time to reign is now. It's been destined."

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