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I have an idea for a character that can give a character any power they want, but they have to give up equal amount of power or ability to the character. Say someone wanted Trader to give them them Blast 12, well they would have to give Trader 24 points of their character. They would have Blast 12 and Trader would have whatever they gave Trader. How would I do this?

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That sounds like a really weird version of Transfer, which itself is a Boost effect Linked to a Drain. It could also be a Mimic of sorts too for that matter, with a dash of Empowerment.


Ya know, the more I think about this power, the complicated it seems to get. I'll let you know if I have any inspiration.

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Transform (person to person with different stats) (5pp/rank) would cover "you gain X, but have to lose enough pp to actually buy X" (It's what I based Belphegor's "buy your soul" ability on [well, the non-Plot Device version]).

If you want Trader to actually gain what the other gives up, though... probably some form of Linked Mimic (any trait one at a time) (2pp/rank).

And both should probably be Continuous.

So that's something like 8pp/rank.

EDIT: As Geez points out, it does sound like Transfer -- except you'd need to Drain the target, and Boost both yourself and the Target. That could work, if you want the Trade to eventually wear off. If you want it to be a more-or-less permanent thing, you need Transform.

But this all sounds really clunky.

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