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The Heist (IC)


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GM Post

It’s a fairly ordinary afternoon at the central branch of the Eastern Seaboard Bank in downtown Freedom City. You’ve stopped by to handle some routine banking, but it turns out today is anything but routine.

A group of armed men suddenly burst through the front doors of the building and into the lobby. They order the bank patrons to lie on the floor and clear the way for a man and woman to enter behind them. The pair is in their early 20s, both are dressed in raver-style clothes. The woman’s hair is long and flowing and the man’s short and spiky. There’s a definite family resemblance.

“Rant and Rave are in da house!†the man says with a smirk. “Nobody messes with us, nobody gets hurt. Got it?†For emphasis he turns toward the bank guard edging toward the alarm and gives a loud shout. The man goes flying up against the wall and slumps to the floor, unconscious.

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Of all the banks in freedom, you had to make the deposit HERE, didn't you...

Yuki silently cursed her mother, who insisted on cashing the check here rather then all the other branches in Freedom. Now Yuki was amidst the dozens of hostages in the bank. Even though she was sitting off in the corner waiting room with others, it was only a matter of time before she was spotted. If she needed to act it was now.

She peeked around the corner in time to see the security officer get blasted. She _barely_ restrained her self from blasting the punk with a web-ball between the eyes. She counted to ten and instead scanned the whole lobby, before spotting an ajar door to a nearby office.

If I can slip into that office... and hope it's empty... I might can slip into something a bit more comfortable...

Yukio Mishka was already gone. But the change had to be official.

From here, through the door, close it and change. On three.




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Angel Marks was in her civillian identity. She didn't look much different from the two robbing the bank. This wouldn't look suspicious, she thought. Luckily, she had learned a lesson from before: Pack an extra set of clothing and bracers for this type of thing. Weighing her options, she saw a door open right next to her! now if she could only slip in unnoticed.

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The shirt was already off. Now one hand was undoing her hair while the other was working on the button of her jeans... stubborn button. She hated these jeans. Even after her hair was undid, the button persisted. It gotten to the point that she needed to hands to unfasten them. She finally did and she lowered them...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Someone was entering the room!

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Yuki eyes widened as she was bent forward with her pants around her ankles, meeting eyes with the new comer from between her legs. Even though she was wearing her costume underneath, it was embarassing. And just as compromising as being naked.

"...Uhm... Hi?"

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Angel did not know this room was occupied. And by another hero, no less! At least she thought the red clad girl was a hero. She hoped she was a hero. "So, come here often," Angel quipped as she pulled a vacuum packed set of clothes out of one of her deep pants pockets. "I really hope you're here to help these people out. I mean I'd hate to have to take you all in."

While waiting for the girl to answer, Angel hopped up on the desk and sat. She easily dropped her baggy pants and stripped the midriff shirt, revealing a pair of boxers and support undershirt. Out of the vacuum sealed pack popped a pair of baggy pants and a midriff shirt of another color. Where the first outfit was a vibrant blue, the replacement was a dark military green. Out of the green pants pocket she pulled a pair of leather bracers and slipped them on. To complete the look she pulled a domino mask out stuck it to her face. Hopping off the desk she put the blue suit of clothes in the vacuum sealed pack and back into her pocket.

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Another hero or not, Yuki didn't like being caught with her mask down. Kind of beat the purpose of a secret Identity. But now wasn't the time for embarassment. The hostages...

"You'd think I would get privacy in a random office.... but nooooooooo!" Yuki slipped the jeans off and gathered them with her sneakers and shirt. "I'm headed for the roof, then I'm sneaking through a window on the other side, just so you know. If I got those two band rejects figured, the may go for the money themselves, leaving the men with guns to look over the hostages. Divide and Conquer?"

Yuki formed a web pack to stuff her clothes in. Another reason she was going to the roof was to stash her civies out the reach of prying eyes.

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Colt stood on a busy street corner in downtown freedom. His cycle stood propped up on the kickstand on the sidewalk nearby. So this here's what they call coffee... *sluuuurp* Colt sipped the piping hot brown liquid out of a paper cup as he leaned up against a building. Ain't half bad. I reckon nothin' beats the coffee back home, but if'n I'm stuck here, I best make due. Shame the vendor shooed me outta the store when I tried to pay'em. Colt pulled a few silver coins out of his pocket. The strange designs on the sides of the coins were nothing like the standard currency of freedom city. 'Make some real money' 'e says. If'n this coin ain't no good here, I best find a way to find some that is.

Fortune had a funny way of striking just when he needed it to. A large black van screeched to a stop in front of the building across the street. Two brightly dressed individuals and a number of other men in dark clothes made their way up the steps and entered the building. Colt glanced upward. Seeing the word, "BANK" carved into the stone above the doors, he smiled. "Well ain't that amusin'. I reckon a bank heist like plain the same near any world yer on, fer certain." He took a big swig of the coffee - "Ahh! Hot!" - then tossed the rest of the cup into the gutter. he vaulted onto his cycle from the back almost like it was a horse. He slammed it into gear and began spinning the tires. Many of the people stepped back away from him in fright. "Clear away! Comin' through!"

Colt peeled out and left a line of burnt rubber that stretched halfway across the three lanes of traffic on this side of the street. Swerving and weaving through the traffic, he quickly drew Jericho with his right hand, tossed it above his head, and caught it with his left. Operating the cycle with just his right hand, he hit the medium strip that divided the traffic that was going different directions. He launched off of it, sailing through the air, his rear tire came down on the roof of a car on the other side of the street. Bouncing off the roof of that car he was once again airborne - and passing right in front of the black van!

Everytime he took a shot, time seemed to slow down, just for him, just so he could get off the perfect shot. Flying through the air in front of the van, it was the same as it always was. He couldn't have spent more than a second in the air, but as he lined up his shot with his left hand by tucking it under his chest as he stood up in the saddle (so to speak) he had the driver of the black van in his sights. "Bullseye!" *bang* The bullet cracked the window and hit him straight in the chest. Luckily for the driver, the bullets were rubber, armor piercing, but rubber.

Confident that his shot had found it's target, Colt returned his attention to landing his cycle on the pavement. He continued speeding up the Bank steps and crashed through the front doors. He slid the bike to a stop right in the center of the lobby.

He sat on the cycle, propping himself up with his left leg. Tossing Jericho back to his right hand he dipped his left into a jacket pocket. All in one smooth, lightning fast motion, he ejected the revolver's chamber, 8 shells all clattered to the floor one by one, he drew out a set of 8 bullets from his pocket, he popped them into the revolver's chambers, and spun the wheel. *Whzzzzz-Snick* it snapped back into place.

With his weapon loaded he addressed the two brightly dressed individuals. "Howdy. This here ain't yer bank. I reckon y'all're in the wrong place!"

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"Divide and conquer it is," Angel nodded. "Meet you in there. Now to get out there." Angel gracefully bounced up and down, as if to a beat. She quickly opened the door and heard a crash! Her jaw dropped when she saw something like out of a space western. This hero business was getting weirder and weirder each day. "Looks like we dont have to divide after all," she smirked, "just conquer."

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GM Post

Rant and Rave deftly danced a close waltz around the downed patrons, not noticing the two female heroes slipping into the empty office. They directed two thugs to guard the door, and the rest to the teller stands. The tellers quickly emptied their registers into the bags that the thugs gave them as they were held at gunpoint and told to do so. Rant and Rave made their way to the vault. by the time they got there they heard a crash. Some madman on a spacebike was here to stop them! Before they could even get to the good stuff! The two rushed back out to the lobby, hand-in-hand, to greet their guest when they saw an office door open. Another hero! Would there be more? they were ready to face the world!

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"Sounds good to me, race ya!"

Like a ball of greased Lightning, Yuki was out from the office and into the air...

" Hi, I'm tarrantula, I'll be your duly deputised foil for thgis afternoon. What about it? Shall we start with names and introductions, or should I just skip the foreplay and take you to jail now?

Pulled an impossible twist in mid-air, planting her feet into the cieling before launching her self fist first into the jaw of one of the thugs.

"As you can see, if you all surrender now, a TON of embarassment can be avoided..."

She planted a hand to the floor, cart-wheeled to her feet and was in the air again. All in one motion, never stopping... nor shutting up...

"So what was it? Beavis and Butthead? Cheech and Chong? I'm not really to good with names..."

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Colt turned to look at the newcomer back over his shoulder. From her perspective, his face was partially masked by both his shoulder and his hat. "I reckon that's a mighty fine assist, little lady, I'll be thankin ya proper fer that later. Fer now, hows about you go ahead an' leave the rest o' these varmints ta me." Colt swung his right leg off the cycle, held it for just a second while he kicked the kickstand down so it would stand on its own.

Silently, he took four steps away from his motorcycle into the very center of the room.

*Clomp Clomp Clomp Clomp*

He raised Jericho to the height of his shoulder and gave the chamber a spin.


He turned his head, looking from side to side...then he fired! His right arm had moved with like machine-like efficiency. First he fired at the brightly dressed man in front of him.


Then he pulled his arm behind his back and fired at one of the thugs standing at the door.


Swinging his arm again he spun in place to face the opposite direction and fired at a thug near the teller's booth.


He raised the gun above his head and fired over his shoulder without looking and took out the other thug near the door.


He finished by throwing his arm out to the right and firing another bullet at the thug near the door where he took note of another woman entering the room.


Colt moved so fast his entire body turned into a blur. In the space three seconds he planted five bullets in five separate targets in five different directions.

*chinkchinkchinkchinkchinkchinkchinkchink* Eight more bullets poured out of the revolver and onto the floor. *Slack* More bullets entered the gun's chamber. *WhzzzzClick* and it was loaded and ready to fire again.

"An' you." He pointed the revolver at the one individual out of the criminals that he had did not shoot at, the woman. "How a pretty little thang like ya got mixed up'n all this, I ain't lookin' ta know. If'n you leave now, I won't be lookin' ta follo'."

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Angel watched the spidergirl and the cowboy work their magic. It was like watching an action movie in real life! Now it was her turn.

With all the thugs down she had a choice of the guy or the girl. "In da house," she chuckled, "Well you just happened to walk into my house! And you owe me some rent!" Angel charged the two standing villains with a cartwheel. "You have to tell me where you shop," she addressed them both, doing a handstand she delivered a full force kick with both of her feet together to the lady villain's jaw, "So I never shop there." She followed it up with the same kick to the girl's stomach.

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GM Post

Rant roared haughtily at the shot to his chest. It bounced off of him! "Yo man, take your popgun back to the store!" Though he was less than pleased to see his sister getting the lumps from the deft capoeirista. "Let's get outta here, sis," he said as Rave stumbled around. He put he on his back and headed towards the dooor. He stopped for a second. He didn't need these three fools following him. His eyes began to glow green! And out of his eyes shot green beams! He didn't aim at anyone in particular, but he spun around a few times, disintergrating the pillars that support the bank and an through the closest wall. "Now you suckas gotta choose between gettin us or savin these poor saps on the ground! Sayanora, foolios!"

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Yuki saw the heroine. One was a dancing fool, kicking the crap out of the other female. Literally. She didn't see Colt's handy work. He was too fast. All she knew was that she mised her flying scissor kick courtesy of the thug dropping from the rubber bullet.


"Let's get outta here, sis,"

"Now see that's rude!" Yuki was already swinging after them. "You have no idea what a show we're putting for you and you don't even leave a tip?"

She barely dodged the Green beam... sad thing was, it wasn't aimed for her....

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

The blast dislodged a huge chunk of masonry... and the Mother and child underneath didn't notice it....

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Yuki didn't catch what the jerk said as she fired a webline to cut into her earlier swing, pulling a 180 that landed her next to the Mother and her kid. "HANG ON!"

With a mighty leap, She tossed herself out through a closed window (the nearest one) and rolled onto her body as she did her best to protect the two riders. "Thank you for riding Tarantula Airways. Please remember to return all trays to their upright posisiton. Please be patiant as I rescuew the rest of the people."

Yuki rolled to her feat, swallowed, and leaped back into the building...

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"Bastard!" Colt yelled at the man. "Had ta get them involved, di'n't ya?" Colt quickly holstered Jericho at his side.

"Don't matter none, though! Ya'll ain't goin' nowhere! I took out ya driver!" Colt reached up over his shoulder and grasped Marlin, swinging it forward into his hands. He turned to the bank room as pieces of the ceiling began falling onto the crowd of civilians. "I reckon this'll be like shootin' fish'n a barrel!" 12 ceiling sections fell and began careening towards the civilians. Colt cocked Marlin's lever forward and back, loading a slug into the chamber. He shot from the hip twelve times, blasting 12 pieces of ceiling completely out of the air. Each shell exploded in a burst of electricity when it made contact with the plaster that was falling on the people.

Colt flipped the rifle around with a circular motion, cocking and reloading the lever as part of the motion. Without a word he simply held the rifle vertically and blew the smoke off of the barrel.

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"Listen, cowboy," Angel said pleadingly as she picked up two people, "I'm pretty sure you're handy with that gun, but this 50 story building is going to fall. Try to focus on getting the others out while you can, not shooting things as they fall." With that she ran the two people two safety outside of the building.

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Over the sound of the panicked people, the sounds of battle and the cracks forming throughout the building, no one noticed the sound of the approaching rumble. Moments earlier, Samael had heard the sound of gun fire and the bank alarms. After ducking into an alleyway, he transformed into the hulking form of Atlas. As he approached the building he was fully intending to stop the robbers, but when he saw the crack forming in the building, he knew he had more pressing matters to attend to.

When he reached the back, he took the spot of the last pillar to fall, put his hands up to the ceiling and hoped he had enough strength for this. It was only when the sound of the imminent collapse suddenly stopped that people took notice of the red giant's appearance. He looked down at the heroes in the area. "Get after them! I've got it!"

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"Thanks partner!" Colt tipped his hat at the big red man.

This world was getting stranger and stranger by the day. Strange girls that could create webs. Very large red men. Colt shook his head to clear the confusion. He had a mark to catch.

"If'n you ladies'd be kind enough to git on ma bike, I reckon we've gat arselves a good ol' fasion chase on are hands."

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Angel gasped as the big red monsterhelped up the building with somewhat ease. "Are, are you sure," she questioned the behemoth. As if to indirectly answer her question, the cowboy on his space bike warned her of the two getting away. She nodded to him and hoped for the best for the giant.

Hopping on the bike she poited towards the street, "Let's go!"

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GM Post

Unaware of what mass carnage he had just caused, Rant, carrying his sister who was knocked silly, ran to the getaway van. He sat her in the back of the van and yelled at the driver to floor it, but he noticed that the driver was asleep or something. "Wake up," Rant yelled as he got closer to the driver. When he saw that there was a rubber bullt sticking out of the driver's chest he angrily roared and cursed the cowboy. Knocking the driver out of the driver's seat Rant started up the van and floored it.

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Yuki didn't want to hitch a ride. She was at home in the air, but despite her speed and agility, there was no way she was able to keep up. On the bike she climbed, Sitting onit in a crouch on her hands and feet.

Sigh. The things I do.

"Fine... but I have a knack of seeing danger, so If I suddenly leap off the bike without warning, read between the lines."

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"An' that there's ma cue." Colt ran the few feet to his bike and threw his leg over, his coat billowing out behind him. He sat on the cycle and revved the engine.

He looked over his shoulder at the girl in red. "Oh don't you worry your pretty little, little lady, my bike don't crash. My bike crashes? It's gonna be your fault*..." *VRROOOOOOOM*

The Stellar Cycle squeeled out of the bank lobby and down the steps. Colt quickly leaned to the right and tore off down the street in the direction of traffic, and the van!

"Hold on ta yer hats! This here's gonna be a wild ride!"

((*Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly))

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Angel held on for dear life to the cowboy as he took off. She had never seen one of these bokes before, she had to have one or at least test it out. And an idea popped into her head.

"Hey, cowboy," she said holding on for dear life still, "How about I drive this thing and you shoot?"

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