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The Heist (OOC)


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I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen this way. If I would have thought of the implications this never would have happened. I was going by what the story said. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to blowup, collapse or do anything like the such. Really, egg all over my face.

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Alrighty. The bank is about 7.5% of Atlas's light load, and he's got 13 minutes before his Alternate Form craps out, plenty of time for other heroes like Dr. Metropolis to show up on scene and sure up the bank, and yet show up late enough so they don't butt in on the action of the thread; or at the very least let everyone get out of the bank. A happy ending for all.

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as discussed with Angel I'm do some cool stuff now.

Got an HP for the bike stuff. I'm at 8.

Spend an HP to pull off a stunt - Reflexive acrobatics to leap off the bike somersault through the air while firing my pistol at rant. and another acrobatics check to tuck and roll once I hit the ground. Both acrobatics checks hit DC 30 with skill mastery

As I was "aiming" last round, this round I will spend an HP on Ultimate Aim. down to 7

I'll use my full round "speed shooting" power - and power attack with it

Attack roll: 20+12 = 32// DC = 27+1 for every point I exceed his DEF up to a maximum of +10

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