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Breakding out the Big Guns


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Well, Colt got approved in less than 24 hours. That's a new record for me! Josh seems to have beat me out though. Tarantula v2 got in in just under 6 hours, I think. *shakes fist*

Anyways, down to business: I would like to do an introductory thread for Colt. As per his back story, he's just jumped dimensions and will find himself entering the atmosphere of a planet that is almost but not entirely unlike his home world. I plan to have him "crashland" his Stellar Cycle somewhere in freedom city, most likely the city center, It would be best if this occurred during broad daylight, though I'm willing to change the time.

I use the term crash land very loosely. I've explained in his background how the Stellar Cycle SHOULD be capable of interstellar travel. (thus the name) However, I plan to have the dimension jump cause the light speed drive to malfunction. (Ignoring the obvious star wars reference we will continue...) So he will "safely" land his craft in freedom and once he catches his breath, try and figure out what is going on.

So there you have the gist of his debut thread. Hilarity will ensue, I hope.

I am an unfortunate casualty of the board's new house rule to eliminate PC villains. I would like to extend a special welcome to any players that are currently adapting to the same situation as I am. There is probably going to be an influx of "new heroes" I would like to welcome them all to this thread. I know that getting a character "started" can be hard. You guys are all welcome to piggy back on this thread as your debut as well.

Other than that, this thread will be open to anyone who would like to join.

If any refs feel like stopping by and giving us some good old fashioned villainous interference, that's fine too. Just nothing too too big, okay?

I'll probably wait until tomorrow to throw this thread up. I will post the link here when I do. If it's slow to start with that's fine. If it seems no one else wants to join, I'll progress at the rate of one post per day until someone shows.

Post here if you're interested, please :)

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