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HUGE Announcement/Rules Change Is Here

Dr Archeville

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A ginormous change to Freedom City Play-by-Post is coming soon (as in, 12 hours from now at most, possibly much sooner), and will be announced in full once the Refs finish hashing out a few details. The change will affect almost two dozen characters, and will go into effect immediately once the full announcement is made.

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Big, Big Change to FC PbP

Many of you know the Refs have had some serious problems in keeping things moderately balanced here, with varying degrees of success. Many of the problems in doing so stem from trying to make one set of standards, one set of rules of conduct, fit two diametrically opposed groups of PCs -- the Heroes and the Villains. If we have it so no one can kill or cross certain lines, that makes the Villains somewhat ineffective (as well as completely nerfing some concepts, like "Skilled Assassin"). If we allow killing and crossing of lines by either side, there's a fair chance this site will become a PvP bloodbath, and we don't want to run that. Then there's the issue of Cardboard Prisons Villain PCs are sent to, since no player wants to have their character not interact with other PCs for months or years.

So, after lengthy discussion, and fully realizing just how difficult this will be for all involved, we are no longer allowing PC Villains. All existing PC Villains will become NPCs; the players can choose which Tier. Any threads the Villain is currently in will continue on until its end, but after that, you will need to either wait to have your Villain invited into a thread by another player, or clear any new threads you wish to start with the Refs. As NPCs, the Villains will not gain pps via monthly post count, but you can make periodic requests for upgrades as stories progress.

But wait! Don't run away just yet! You think we'd pull a big change like this and not offer something in return? Of course not!

First option is redemption: change your Villain into a Hero. Have them see the error of their ways (or the dangers of the path they're just starting down, for you newer players), and try to make amends for their past misdeeds.

Redemption isn't a viable option for everyone, of course; some are just too far gone (and whether or not a Villain is redeemable or not is going to be subject to Ref approval). Another alternative: a Good!Twin of your Villain, from some parallel world or a cloning process or duplication spell gone wrong, that arrives on the scene. Maybe they even help put your Villain away!

We know that might not appeal to everyone, either, so a third option (well, third and fourth) is to create an all-new, all-different character, of the same PL and PP total as your Villain or advance one of your other PCs to the same PL/PP total as your Villain.

In any case -- redeemed villain, Good!Twin, or all-new char -- there will be no loss of progress towards Gold/Platinum Status.

Yes, we know this is a huge change; going through and approving all the new characters will be some work for the Refs. Yes, we know some of you are very attached to your villains, but it's not like we're tossing them all to some Mummy who'll be draining their vital fluids.

Posts which you make with your NPC Villain will count as "GM Posts": each posts counts as 1/2 a post, which can be added to your PCs post count total when we calculate posts at the end of the month. So if, say, Quote's New Char has 33 posts, and he's made 34 as NPC Knievel, Quote could say his New Char has (33 + [34/2]) 50 posts. (Villains will get the normal, "PC amount" of pps for September posts.)

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