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House Party (IC)


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(titled for Fred Wesley's House Party (1980))

"Alright, I think I have everything ready..." Eddie stood in his house, and surveyed his handiwork. The refrigerator was full of beer and alcohol that he had managed to buy with his fake ID. He had also packed a ton of soda, just in case. The stereo system that was nothing less than obligatory in his house was set up to be playing music all night long. Now he just had to wait for people to start showing up. "Oh yea, We're ready." Eddie looked down at the clock on one of his iPods. "Eight o'clock, any minute now..."

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"Hey, man, you're the first one here. Come on in." Eddie knew that he had done enough advertisement about this party, so he wasn't worried about people showing up to it. He just knew that people usually didn't show up until much much later. His closer friends he could expect at any time. Especially the members of his band. He figured he would give Alexis the heads up about the party as well, and they might be able to play a few songs for the crowd. It could be their first real show. It also brought some live entertainment to the part basically for free.

"You ready to have an awesome time tonight? Did you bring that awesome keyboard of yours like I asked?"

Alexis would should have been arriving at any time. Frankly, Eddie was surprised he wasn't here yet.

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As soon as the words had left his mouth, JJ had realized he spoke too soon. A pickup truck pulled up out front of the house, with a familiar set of drums in the back. Soon enough, Alexis stepped out and was carrying some equipment up to the house. "So it looks like we're just waiting on those other two stragglers, huh?"

"Sounds like it," Eddie replied, he went to the fridge and pulled three beers and distributed them to his friends. "I don't think they'll be too long." The three spent the next few minutes putting up the drum equipment. "Oh, yea, Alexis, if you don't want to drive that clunker home tonight, you could always crash here. My folks don't get home for another few days."

"Alright, thanks. I'll probably see how the night goes, but I'll definitely consider it." he said as he finished setting up his drum kit.

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The Entropic Cerberus Aka Jason Thatcher was moving through the air at a decent pace. it was only a short distance he was traveling but the breeze was pleasant flowing over him. He soon landed near a clearing at Eddies house. He then Stealthily changed back into his civilian cloths. He came up towards the front door and knocked. This should be fun

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"Sure do!" Eddie replied cheerfully acknowledging the knock at the door. He placed his own beer on the counter top. He handed the spare one to JJ anyway. "Here, take this. The soda's in the refrigerator. Can you just stick this back in there when you go? That way I can grab the door."

Eddie made his way out of the kitchen towards the door. The entrance hallway was a straight path right to the front door. He gave a look through the peep hole to see who it was. He didn't recognize the kid that stood at his door, but he looked to be about their age, and he had invited all of Claremont...

Eddie opened the door and blocked the newcomer's entrance into the house. He wasn't being mean, he just wanted to know who he was letting into his house. With a smile on his face, he greeted the kid, "Hey, name's Eddie. Welcome to my house. You are...?" Eddie planned on moving and inviting the kid in as soon as he got an introduction.

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Eddie and Jason both felt a gust of wind blow by them through the front door. A familiar-looking guitar case appeared on the floor. A few seconds later, Zöe appeared on the front steps, a large guitar amplifier cradled in her arms.

"Hey, can you guys clear me a path? This thing is awkward as fark."

As soon as they stepped aside, she vanished again. They felt another gust of wind. The amp appeared on the living room floor, next to the guitar case. A couple of seconds after that, a couple more pieces of equipment blinked into existence.

Zöe reappeared at Eddie's side, a cold beer in-hand. She wrapped that arm around his waist, and used her opposite hand to pull his face down toward hers. She closed her eyes and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Hey Babe." She rested her hand on his chest and nuzzled her face under his arm. "You need anything from the locker? I just kinda assumed we'd jam tonight."

She turned her head back into the house. "Hey JJ! Hey Lex! James here yet? Or did he have a hot date?" Then she turned to the new arrival. "Hey! I'm Zöe." She lifted her beer up behind Eddie's back in a salute.

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"Woh!" Eddie stepped aside, and motioned for the new guy to come in as well just to get him out of Zoe's way.

Unfortunately he didn't have any time to react before the rest of her loading or unloading occurred. He was never really sure which it was. "Hey you," he said, returning the kiss and seeing the beer in her hand. "Help yourself, beer's in the fridge." he smiled sarcastically at her.

After he watched her zip in and out a few more times. Because he knew she was going by, even if he couldn't see it, he all but forgot to be careful about who he let into his house, and all but lost track of the 'new kid'.

"You need anything from the locker? I just kinda assumed we'd jam tonight."

"Naa, you know me, babe," He lightly pounded his chest, "Got everything I need right here."

"Hey JJ! Hey Lex! James here yet? Or did he have a hot date?"

"Knowing him? He probably had four."

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James walked through the crowd easily, well dressed and relaxed as always. Some of these people he knew, some he didn't. Not that it mattered much to him. He walked up in time to catch the last few words. "Four dates at once? That's a horrible waste on so many levels. Please, I give a girl my complete attention when I'm on a date. And for the record, I've only had two dates today. And," he glanced at his watch, "the third doesn't start for a couple hours, so I've got some time." Grinning, he looked around. "So we planning on doing a little jamming here or what?"

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Hey, name's Eddie. Welcome to my house. You are...?"

Jason extends his hand and says Pleased to meet yea, I'm Jason am I early or something?

Then she turned to the new arrival. "Hey! I'm Zöe."

Jason Smiles at Zoe and says: "My name is Jason, Pleased to meet you"

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Chris appeared in the doorway. "You know how long it takes to walk to your house, dude?" he immediately griped to Eddie. "I had to go see Liz off to visit her mom, but can't fly since I still haven't told her I'm Geckoman. Sucks."

He looked about to see all the instruments. "Damn. And I forgot my harmonica."

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Eddie laughed and clapped James on the back when he prattled off his exploits for the day. "And here I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. You sandbaggin' sonova' gun! Of course you'd be the gentleman and take them one at a time. So are you shipping of to see this other girl later or is she gonna come here? I wanna know what time you wanna jam in case you have to leave."

Eddie took a sip of his beer as he shook Jason's hand, "Nice to meet you, Jason. Make yourself at home. Drinks are in the fridge. Help yourself. You bringing any friends with you?"

Then he turned to Chis and greeted him with a hearty handshake. "Hey, man." he listened to Chris' complaints about his girlfriend. "You know, I still haven't met this girl. But honestly, why not tell her. Most girls I know would love to be going out with a super hero! Especially the Gobsmacking Geckoman! I mean at least as far as my experiences go. Right, Z?" He smiled at her...wherever she had zipped off to now. Then took another swig of his drink.

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"I recreationally drop off buildings, get shot, stabbed and blown up and then sometimes get shot again for good measure. Oh, and was once targetted by sexual predators. I don't want her near all that stuff. Maybe I'll tell her eventually, but not at the moment."

"Besides," he said, sticking his tongue out. "At least she doesn't vanish at superspeed to avoid me"

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Mike was uncertain about this whole party, word on campus was it was going to be pretty extreme, but Eddie had asked him specifically and it was his bands first time playing for an audiance. He'd had no real idea what to wear and eventually settled on his usual boots jeans and black t-shirt but topped it with a black cotton dress shirt but left it loose and unbuttoned. He figured it gave im some options once he saw what it was like there. He still didn't know if Alex and Mark were coming or not, He figured if they didn't show he'd hang for the first bit and head out before things got too wild.

It took less than a minute to get to the neighborhood, though it took a little more time to find the spcific house as he dropped out of the sky and strolled as casually as he could manage up the street to knock on the door.

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Eddie laughed at Chris' account of his daily activities. Anyone else he would have questioned, but he knew for the fact that he did all those things. Why else would he come home so late at night? "All in a day's work my friend. All in a day's work."

"Hey man," Eddie smiled at Chris' retort. "You shouldn't really talk about Zoe like that. You never know when she could be...standing right behind you!" Eddie pointed over Chris' shoulder to try and fake him out. It wasn't very believable, though. Eddie wasn't much of a liar.

Another knock at the door prompted Eddie's attention. Good! Things are starting to heat up!

Opening the door he smiled wide. "Mike! Glad you could make it! Come on in!" He beckoned Mike through the door by waving his hand. "Most of the gang's already here, and we've started setting up the stage. We're still waiting on Alex and Mark. And I'm not even sure if Erin is coming or not." Under his breath, Eddie added, "Hey this is a great way to meet a girl if you've got one in mind."

At that point Eddie spotted a small group of girls walking up towards the house behind Mike. "Hey girls, welcome to my party. Name's Eddie. Make yourselves at home. Drinks are in the fridge." After a few introductions Eddie now had more people to add to the list of Claremont students he knew. He loved meeting people at parties. Whenever you talk to someone, they always spit out whatever they think is most important about themselves first. So you really get to know what they're all about really fast. And if it's your party, it comes with a certain level of respect.

Soon I'll be throwing parties for other people. Yet another way to make money!

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Zöe vanished and re-appeared in several different places in rapid succession, responding to each person in turn.

"Welcome to the party, Jason. Jason, meet Jadon. Jadon, Jason. Jason, Jadon, James. Yeah, you guys need nicknames." She took as swig of her beer, which promptly emptied the bottle.

"Hey Chris! Wait, why didn't you just fly The Pitchoo up into the clouds and just ride the Light-Flyer down here?" She made a fist, let her thumb hang free, and jerked it upward a couple of times to emphasize her statement.

"Besides," he said, sticking his tongue out. "At least she doesn't vanish at superspeed to avoid me."

"Hey man," Eddie smiled at Chris' retort. "You shouldn't really talk about Zoe like that. You never know when she could be...standing right behind you!" Eddie pointed over Chris' shoulder to try and fake him out. It wasn't very believable, though. Eddie wasn't much of a liar.

Which made all the more strange when she smacked Chris on the ass, letting him know that she was there. She hadn't planned on it originally, but she heard Eddie as she was coming back, and couldn't resist. "Gotta stay alert if you're gonna be a supehero when you grow up, Chris." She walked around, pointed two fingers at her eyes, then moved them around to his. "Eyes on the prize, Gecko-Boy. Eyes...on the prize."

She had reappeared with a fresh beer, and an entirely new outfit. The simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers she'd been wearing when she first showed up toting her gear were replaced with her combat boots, plaid pleated skirt, torn fishnets, spiked belt/choker/bracelets, and a black spaghetti-strap blouse with a picture of a happy cartoon marshmallow roasting several humans impaled on a stick over a campfire.

She sauntered uncharacteristically slowly back to Eddie, slowly enough that people could actually see her clearly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. A long one. The kind that made 1980s television audiences shout "WHOO-OO!" Then she turned to Chris and grinned as she hung off of Eddie, popping open her beer. "Besides, does it look like I'm avoiding him?" She took a more restrained sip this time, only downing half the bottle in an instant. "That's part of what I like about you - you're totally laid-back. I don't have to avoid you."

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JJ gave a polite nod and smile in greeting to those he knew, but for the most part didn't mingle to much. In all honesty he didn't really know what to be doing he'd never been to a party before, much less one that he was also going to perform at.

Crunching his eyes he reached into his backpack and pulled out some Aspirin, He'd had the headache for several day's now and it wouldn't go away, but the med's seemed to help it a bit and nothing was going to stop him from enjoying the party...

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James nodded, shaking hands with the new kid and greeted Chris with a chuckle. "How goes it?" He turned back to Eddie. "Think I'm meeting her for dinner. No worries dude, I'm here for a couple hours."

He looked over as Mike arrived. "Hey Mike, nice to see ya." A little surprised too actually. James genuinely really liked the super-strong student. Mike was just so...good and innocent (not really but it seemed that way) it was hard for James to not like him. He was so different from James after all. Emphasized by the fact that James grabbed a couple bottles of beer. He drank down the first one in one long swallow before slowly starting on the second. It wasn't like it was going to do much to him after all. He eyed Zoe appreciatively because she was worth looking at. But as she was taken, he let his eyes wander to the newest set of lovely ladies who wandered in. The dates were just casual things, no strings attached after all. And he did have some time...

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Zöe's eyes bugged out of her head when Mike walked through the door. "...Mike?! Fark me, I totally never expected to see you here!" She ran across the room, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Take a load off. Is Alex with you?"

Maybe he's not as square as I thought. I knew some of that '80s sitcom crap had to be an act! Finally, I get to see what they were really like!

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Jason moves to the fridge and acquires a drink. He then heads back into the main room to greet other guests and schmooze with the current crowd. He had never been to a party with a live band before. It made him felt at ease. He wondered always wondered what it was like to be in room full of super powered beings. And now that he was it was not as weird as he thought it would be.

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Eddie was all smiles after the kiss from Zoe. He shrugged, and looked up at Chris. "Case and point, man!"

Eddie only kept laughing as he watched Z and her antics. The two of them shared something special, and laid back as he was he didn't mind seeing her smack Chris, or kiss Mike. Didn't mind at all...

Eddie simply stood and enjoyed his beer as he welcomed a few more people through the door. Then when the room seemed to be full enough, he decided he would make an announcement.

"Attention, everybody! I just want to say thank you for coming! Now lets get this party started. I would like to show you all a new trick I managed to pick up the other day." He set his beer down and tugged at the sleeves of his short sleeved shirt. "Nothing up this sleeve. Nothing up this sleeve. Observe!" He simply pointed at the tuner of the stereo system, and it flicked on!

The music the played out out a set of speakers so powerful and crisp that it was like listening to a live concert and being in the front row. Anyone at the party who knew Eddie should have expected nothing less.

"Let's have some fun!"

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Mike returned the assorted greetings with only nominal nervousness, he frowned slightly at Zoes outfit but knew it wasn't his place to comment, and looked away uncomfortably at her extended kiss with Eddie.

When she turned her attention to him he stiffend slightly but wrapped on long arm over her shoulder to return the hug. "Well, it is all of your first performance so I figured I should check it out." He offered a weak smile and was deffinately doubting that this was his scene but it was important to support his freinds even if he didn't approve of all of their behavior.

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