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Rolling right along IC


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The following occurs between 7am and 8am

In a long dark ally hides the great Dr. annihilate. waiting in ambush. "Drat, so this is what Dr...Annihilate! has been reduced to. waiting to accost a lowly pedestrian so as to maintain a degree of Equivocation! When I was known on Enigma a scientist of my superior caliber could get more respect then this!" He was crouched behind a dumpster just at the entrance of

As he watched the entrance to the ally-way he saw a business man carrying a briefcase. "Yes this shall do nicely" with that Dr. Annihilate emerges from the shadows and says "good sir, a word if you please" The business-man looks up and adjusts his glasses and says with a slight uncertainty "oh, uh sure what do you need?" he then walks into the ally. "hey what..."

The sounds of POW! and WHAM! and KAPOW! are suddenly heard from the ally. Soon Dr. Annihilate appears wearing a bussiness suit and stuffing the remaining parts of his costume into the suitcase by flattening his top hat. He then closes the dumpster lid behind him, straightens his tie and heads for the monorail.

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