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West End Warriors [OOC]


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Alright, it's team-up night in the West End! Jack of all Blades, Leon Mighty and Mongrel Angel run into each other just in time for Captain Knievel and Zealot to crash the party! If anyone else is interested in joining in, just give a post here, and we'll see what we can work out.

I figure the heroes can make a rout of the chop-shop, purely for storytelling purposes, then the villains can roll in and the real combat can begin. Work for everyone?

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I suppose he does, as this takes place on the 22nd and the tour has taken place at the beginning of the month, at least a few classes have been underway, but I guess we should ask Sand about that. Let's say just for this that he's in your class, you just haven't taken the time to notice him yet. That might work right?'

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Sorry it's taking so freaking long for me to post. The board going down for a few days basically wreaked my train of thought across the board since my leaky memory was devoted to making it through a pair of hurdles in my studies, and then the huge update occurred. And combined with my recent delving into religious studies this made my mind race of with plans for a replacement (Uller, Modi, Bast, Odur, Magn- no wait he's accounted for, Skadi; hmmmm)

So, once again I apologise for taking so long. I've now got this as my priority thread to post in, but it's nearly midnight and I really should have been asleep about two hours ago.

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