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Ghostly Highjinks (IC)


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August 31, 2009

The Boardwalk was one of the most visited areas by tourists of Freedom City. The Casinos often drew people in search of a good time. Not everyone came to gamble. The shows at the Golden Calf Casino brought both young and old to enjoy the entertainers. It was what brought Bell and her husband Jack to the area.

"I think you need to turn left on Adams, Jack."

"Honey, just let handle this. I know where we're going."

The car stopped at the light and waited for it to change colors. Bell reached into the glove compartment in search of the map that came with the rental car. She turned her head towards the window suddenly.

"What was that?" Bell asked her husband, concern in her voice.

Jack turned to look at his wife. "Huh? What was what?"

"Didn't you hear it? It sounded like something was moving under the car.

"I didn't hear anything," Jack said as he turned back to watch the traffic light.

Suddenly a small green creature landed on the hood of the car. It struck out at the windshield, its claws easily breaking through. Bell screamed in fright at the sight as Jack stepped hard upon the gas pedal. The car jerked forward into traffic only to get hit by another car coming the other way.

Nearby, a different green skinned creature watched the accident. It smiled at the destruction. Now there were two vehicles just right for the taking. It gave a high pitched screech that brought out four other creatures. The four smaller creatures moved quickly to the crash site and began ripping into the vehicles. The larger one concentrated and another smaller green creature appeared next to it.

"Feast," it muttered in its strange language before moving to join the festivities. As it entered the light, a small dark mark could be seen under its eye. The mark seemed to be in the shape of a ghost.

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The leader watched as his minions began ripping into the two wrecks. A gleeful laugh escaped its lips as it slowly began moving towards the destruction. The creature once known as ghost, jumped into the mess and began ripping into the cars. Metal seared away from like a hot knife cutting through butter. Its claws were sharper than anything it had witnessed before.

Screams from the woman inside of the car barely registered to Ghost. Flesh did not interest him while now. Only metal would satisfy his thirst. In a relatively short amount of the time, there was very little left of the two vehicles. Both the woman and her husband laid exposed to the creatures. Ghost looked down at the woman and smiled widely. She screamed once more before the terror caused her to lose consciousness.

Ghost turned his head up and sniffed the air. The smell of machine oil was heavy in the air tonight. He smiled and pointed towards the casinos. "Food."

The five gremlins turned to look in the direction their leader pointed. They jumped up and down in excitement before moving in that direction. Again Ghost followed more slowly. The night was still young and there were more delicious items to partake in.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The small group moved quickly down the street, stopping often to partake in a parked vehicle or traffic light. The creature that was once Ghost continued to push the others towards the casinos. With all the slot machines, it would be a very enjoyable dining experience.

The group passed an alley which brought the leader up short. He stopped and stared into the darkness of the alley as his companions continued moving to the brightly lit casinos. Something about the alley sparked a sense of recognition within the creature. A feeling of terror washed over the creature as a vision of a very powerfully armored man floated into his mind.

The creature with the strange ghost marking tilted its head in confusion as the vision faded. It couldn't comprehend what it saw and it didn't care. There were more important things to worry about. The creature turned and continued after his companions.

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  • 1 month later...

The creature moved quickly through the streets, following its minions. The smell of technology was all around and the bright lights of the casinos loomed in the distance.

He stopped as he caught sight of a billboard promoting tourism to Alaska. The advertisement carried an image of a couple staring up at the Aurora Borealis. Below the picture was written a message urging people to travel to the great state to see the northern lights.

The image of the lights caught his eyes and the creatures again had an image flash in its mind. Three cases of colored glass rocks filled his mind and the feeling of desire though none of the stones carried the smell of machinery upon them.

The creature shook its head and the image faded, but the feeling of desire for the stones remained. Something was changing within the creature and it was unsure how to react to the feeling.

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