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Follow Up Attack

Sandman XI

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And luck isn't allowed to be limited here.

Also IIRC Follow up allows more than one follow up attack(if you manage to crit again) whereas you can only surge once per round.

Either way though it seems more than a little counter to the whole 1 attack per round thing. Of course so is improved grab and that alot easier to ensure you manage to do regularly.

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That's not true.

Normal: You make an unarmed attack roll. If you hit your foe's Defense, then you make an opposed grapple check. If you win the opposed grapple check, you can then select one of the grapple results - Damage, Pin, Throw, or Escape.

Improved Grab: You make a normal unarmed attack roll. If you hit your foe's Defense, you inflict unarmed damage normally. Then, you also get to roll an opposed grapple check, and choose any of the normal grapple results if you win. Including "Damage." Effectively damaging your foe twice in one round.

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That having been said...I don't actually have a problem with Follow-Up Attack. I don't think it's unbalanced. Critical Hits happen, at best (because of our house rules limiting ranks in Improved Crit), 15% of the time. A character could conceivably put a power point into this feat and never get to use it.

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Sandy's interpretation isn't fair. It's just wrong. You never "grapple, then attempt a hit." You always hit, then attempt a grapple. It's just that the "hit" doesn't do any damage, while the grapple might.

I agree that Improved Grab is truly broken. It's the one core book feat I seriously think should be banned and forgotten.

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