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This is a Stick Up (OOC)


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I'm just going to say that you can sneak up on whatever mooks you want. Knievel is the only one that will have a shot at noticing you. You can also take out the four mooks in whatever fashion you want. They're not meant to be a part of this fight. Any you don't just do down will probably just run away.

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It was more of just a thematic thing. I wasn't intending to use it as an attack. It can be what explains why Captain Knievel gets the jump on the initiative order, we'll say that you take the time to catch the cashier, set him down, and that slows down you're reaction time. Say it's equal to being flat footed. This way it just looks cool :)

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(18:17:50) quotemyname: Ecal, if someone has fearless, are they immune to intimidate checks?

(18:18:01) FreedomBot: Jimb011 logs into the Chat.

(18:18:05) Jimb011: yo yo yo

(18:18:20) Jimb011: Hey hey Hey!

(18:18:24) quotemyname: yo dawg, sup!

(18:18:27) Ecalsneerg: Fearless is immunity to all fear effects, of which intimidation is one part

(18:18:37) quotemyname: okay so yes then.

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Alright, so, Intimidation countered. Now the grapple check: Grapple check vs. 46. (1d20+8=9). ...well, nuts. Toughness check, then.

Oh my goodness: Toughness save against DC 23. (1d20+5=25)! Jack steps up!

Alright, then, let's try this. Jack uses extra effort to add an Alternate Power. Since he creates his energy swords by pulling energy from his surroundings, he'll focus that as a Drain effect targeting Knievel's Adrenaline Cannon. Now, I'm looking at UP, and it says Drain can effect a Device, but I'm not sure if it needs the Affects Objects extra or not, given the descriptors. I don't want to drain the cannon's Toughness, but the Strike ranks and, by extension, its APs. I'm also not sure what save gets used, since the Captain isn't being targeted personally. Thoughts?

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If Jack is trying to drain the power from the cannon, then yes, he should be able to do it at Touch-range, since he's in melee with the energy tendrils of the cannon.

Affects Objects is a +1 extra if the Fortitude effect can affect both living creatures and nonliving objects. If it can only affect objects, then it's a +0 modifier. Technically, it's has the extra "Affects Objects (+1)" and the flaw "Limited (Objects) (-1)."

So if I'm reading your intent correctly, your power stunt will look something like this:

Drain Strike X (Extras: Affects Objects, Flaws: Limited [Objects]) [1PP/rank]

The Drain is limited by PL caps, just like any other "damage."

The Adrenaline Cannon is a Hard-To-Lose Device, meaning that it is worn rather than carried. It has a Defense equal to CapK's Defense, + it's size modifier. Since objects like pistols and gas masks are listed in the Equipment chapter as "Small," that sounds like a good size for the Cannon. So it has a Defense bonus equal to CapK's Defense, +1.

If you hit, CapK gets a Reflex Save (in the place of the usual Fortitude Save) against the Drain. Since Drain is a staged effect, you calculate by how many points he failed the save, and that many power points are drained from the cannon's Strike power. Since it is an object, it does not recover those drained points over time. It must instead be repaired.

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I should also remind you that, if you use your standard action for the round for something other than the opposed grapple check, you automatically lose it for that round. And since you can only use Extra Effort once per round, if you use it to gain the power stunt, you can't then Surge to also make the grapple check.

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You can attack it, but it has no effect. As I understand it, at least. If you're gonna make this work you pretty much have to go with what StB said...

Drain Strike X (Extras: Affects Objects, Ranged; Flaws: Limited [Objects]) [2PP/rank]

so with you're points pool that would end up as

Drain Strike 5 (Extras: Affects Objects, Ranged; Flaws: Limited [Objects]) [10PP] with two points to spare since you can't go above 5 due to tradeoffs.

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Gizmo, you might want to consider burning a Hero Point for the Heroic Feat option, to temporarily gain the Power Attack feat, so you can trade some Attack for Damage on this stunt. You also might want to consider buying it permanently when you get the chance. It's one of the best feats in the game.

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Yeah, Power Attack is definitely going on the shopping list, but with Jack's lousy ranged attack, I guess I'll pass for the time being.

Well, it's not much of a plan, but it's the only one I've got, unfortunately. Time to go down swingin'!

So, using extra effort to create the Drain 5 effect, then I'll make a Bluff check to Feint as a move action. (1d20+14=24), then spend my sole Hero Point to reroll: Feint reroll. (1d20.minroll(11)+14=34).

Finally I'll make a Ranged attack against the Adrenaline Cannon. (1d20+7=25), with a Reflex DC of 15.

Give me a sec and I'll have all of that up in the IC.

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