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In Sheep's Clothing (OOC)


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Okay. Sorry for the delay. I think I have an actual plan for this. So as you infiltrate one of the top floors of the building, I need you to roll two stealth checks to get to the location where you will plant the bomb. Then I need whatever skill checks you feel like making to appropriately place the charge, followed by another stealth check for every minute it takes you to do so.

This reflects getting past people on the way in, and staying out of sight of any patrols while you arm the bomb.

sound good?

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only the second out of three guys can pass this, DC 22 (1d20+4=24)

someone else tries to notice you. (1d20+8=28)

Okay so, one of the "mooks" notices you (the first check, opposing the second of your rolls). However, in the interests of moving forward, I will let you try and "shut him up". So make an attack roll, and if he fails vs. the damage, I'll let you proceed unobstructed.

The second notice check is for someone else who tries to see you (opposing your last roll). This character has skill mastery on stealth. and hits a DC 21. You can try and Notice him if you want.

make these rolls before you post IC so I can sort out what happens.

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