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The Aftermath


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Alright. So after blowing up a great number of things, Malice has been captured, and is now awaiting Trial... or is he?

Basically, just collect any thread ideas for what activities Malice should be up to immediately following the events of the Trial thread and Massive Explosion. I know it's not over with yet, but I just to get the ideas flowing sooner rather than later.

If we had a Trial for Malice, it would be an actual trial. Most every villain that would interfere is currently unavailable. Knievel is underground, Ronin would probably just say "screw that" and Vestige is his own STAR for the time being. Malice has enough understanding of the legal system and enough arrogance to believe that he could get out of most of the charges or at least reduce his sentence. Plus, the chance to have his testimony/ mad ramblings be reported on throughout the nation would be too good of an opprotunity to miss. Going into this thread, it is a certainty that Malice will serve jail time. However, he likely won't serve the maximum sentence, the defense he would put up is too good.

*Points at Benefits, Connected, Contacts, Master Plan, Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Knowledge: Civics, and last but not least, 13 unspent power points*

Then there are a number of threads where other heroes would like to have some "choice words" with Malice. I know Doc has been thinking about taking over Malice's company and repurposing it now that Eric is out of the way - I mean, to undue the horrible nastiness that evil, evil man has done with the company. :? Giving on how Massive Explosion started/ended Dark Star, Scarab and possibly Arrowhawk might want to talk to Malice, if for no other reason than to say "nyeh, nyeh".

I also think having a thread where Malice talks to a shrink to due a psychiatric evaluation and then to work past his issues would be pretty neat. There could also be a few general jail-time RP threads. Mostly just interacting with the other prisoners and the guards, getting adjusted to jail life and all that mess.

For all these threads, I don't think Malice will have any chance to even attempt an escape attempt. So we could pretty much do them at the same time, because at the end of the day, he's still going to wind up in the same cell.

But inevitably, there has to be a thread about Malice getting out of the joint. This could either be a true breakout attempt or a Task Force X/ Suicide Squad sort of deal.

So if you have any thoughts, questions, comments or ideas on what Malice should be up to immediately after being carted off, please share them.


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If my understanding is correct, Malice would likely find himself being hounded by Aegis or STAR, but I believe the former would want this case for themselves as they are a federal level, and Malice would probably be labeled a threat to national security, if for no other reason than irony's sake.

Assuming they don't chuck him in their own facility, he might wind up in Blackstone, likely in one of the levels closest to the surface. While they could pretty much just throw him in any old jail cell and call it a day, they probably don't want to take the chance of him getting out anytime soon.

Also, I would very much like to converse with DS, Doc and whoever Doc has cooked up for me in jail.

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There would eventually be a trial (assuming you are interested in doing a Trial thread), but it won't be for a while. They're still cleaning up from the mess Knievel, Malice, and Warmonger made at Knievel's trial, and while Eric isn't a huge threat without his suit, he's still dangerous, so they're going to toss him in jail while they sort things out and set up some new guidelines.

Normally he'd go to South River State Penitentiary, but it's terribly overcrowded & he is charged with several felonies, so they're sending him to Blackstone Federal Penitentiary. He'll be on the higher level, with other powerless-without-their-gadgets criminals and low-level metahumans. Blackstone's in (well, just off of) Lonely Point.

Doc's meeting with Eric while he's in Blackstone: "Stocks & Bonds"

Dark Star & Eric's meeting: "Stars & Bars"

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