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The Same Thing We Do Every Night ... [OOC]


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Ok you don't know the specifics of how it works but you do know the basic specs.

The technology is supposed to be able to project black holes to a range of around 2-3 light years. The holes generated can become self-sustaining if there is sufficiant mass near the singularity point but generally will disapate within hours of generation. The Lor Empire ran the progect for a number of years as a possible interdiction technology (Drop one on a grue fleets course, no more grue fleet) But discontinued the project when they discovered that the power requirements of the device were on the order of a colapsing star, within their means to generate in a limited fashion but not cost effective in any way.

You can definately tell the device is incomplete but you are not certain what it is lacking. If they were to bring it online however it could have ramafications on a galactic scale.

Also this does not appear to be coppied Lor technology but independant develepment of similar technology.

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Heh sorry about that I missed the penetrates concealment the first time around, Take an HP for my missing that. The Scenes AA has been writing are displayed with sound in some cases on the screens around the room.

Also gonna need a DC 20 Notice check Followed by a DC 15 physical sciences check if you are successfull.

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Well only kinda a waste ;)

You notice a sudden spike and change in the gravtic fluxuations throughout the walls the energies seem to be specifically ressonant with those of your own form and serve to make those walls as solid to you as to anyone else.

You also notice a sudden build up of intense gravtic energy right behind you (have an HP for his concealment working despite your senses)

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Have an HP for the setback up him having a Nullify Dark Star Device set up and another for failing the power check to keep going anyway ;). You are fully concious as everything continues to happen while he uses you to charge his nefarious device but it is an exceptionally painful process.

AA The dream was disrupted by those events briefly before he was able to reinstate them feel free to have that come out in your posts. This iteration of the black mercy is not as robust so there may be more holes in the story than before ;)

I'm gonna give Cy a chance to have DS give the pithy "You'll never get away with this" speach then I'll intro Fluer/Phantom

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