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First Day Back (OOC)


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Ever look at Captain Knievel and think, "I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley..." Well clearly Angel didn't 'cuz she asked for this one.

Premise: Captain Knievel is searching the nightlife for people who may want to add support to his cause (whatever that may be :twisted: ) when angel happens upon him. I'll leave the reasons up to her, but I presume it doesn't involve prior knowledge of his presence.

The rest of the thread is sort of up in the air right now. I'm not sure how this meeting will go down. We will just have to play it out and see. :)

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(00:15:23) Angel: quote, what does this bar look like?

(00:18:26) quotemyname: Ever been to NYC?

(00:20:58) quotemyname: In NYC there are row homes sandwitched together. In the front there are stairs leading to them. Due to the construction, the floors are usually offset. To achieve this, the entrances are usually above or below the sidewalk level. The stairs usually lead up or down to a doorway.

(00:22:06) quotemyname: I picture this bar being the converted bottom floor of one of these places. Thus the sidewalk that leads down to the doorway here. There is likely a second level to it which serves as a VIP lounge. This could potentially be reached by a door in the back of the bar

(00:23:13) quotemyname: The inside of the bar is a long thin room

(00:23:57) quotemyname: To the left, about 10ft in from the doorway is the bar. to the right, booths.

(00:24:59) quotemyname: The bar stretches about 20-25ft towards the back of the room. the booths run the entire length of the 50ft room.

(00:25:37) quotemyname: After the bar ends, there is a cut out section on that side of the room. There is a pool table here and doors to the rest rooms.

(00:26:34) quotemyname: The door to "the back" lies at the back of the room. There is another Bouncer stationed here.

(00:27:31) quotemyname: Most of the crowd will be gathered towards the front of the bar, but there are plenty of patrons using the booths, and bar stools. As you reach the back of the bar, the crowd begins to fill out.

How's that for an on-the-fly description? (It helps that this is a rough description of a bar that I was at in NYC. Also the place where I had my first IPA)

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