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The Return


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Wow it's been a while since I was able to do this :P

Captain Knievel is back in action! Anyone want to do a thread with him? There have been quite a few new members to the boards while I've been dealing with other things. So if one of you has been waiting for you're chance to get into a thread with Captain Knievel, now is the time!

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Well, I would like to get Jack of all Blades more involved! The idea is that he's been around for a little while but mostly sticking to low-profile muggings and robberies in the West End; going up against the Captain would definitely qualify as hitting the big-time.

He'd be pretty outmatched on his own; this could be a good opportunity for a few rookies like myself to team-up. Then again, being outmatched might be the point, eh? Any thoughts on a story?

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Actually, I don't know how outmatched you WOULD be. You're trade-offs would make it an interesting fight to say the least. As for story, how's this:

Captain Knievel has been around the fens lately, trying to garner support for a few jobs. He needs to get back on his feet as far as money is concerned. He plans to rob a store or two in the neighborhood. His first target is one of the 7-11 gas stations in the Fens. He will have two or three VERY low level mooks with him that can probably be either scared off or dispatched (or both) in the first round of combat. You're job is to stop Captain Knievel from getting his hands on the register inside the store, or stop him from getting away with it.

What do you think of that?

Possible Consequences:

A] Captain Knievel wins and makes off with the money.

B] You win, or somehow make it so that he cannot grab the Cash and Captain Knievel will retreat.

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Hmm, yeah, that sounds like a plan. The Fens are a bit outside of Jack's usual territory, but it makes sense if he's been gradually expanding his patrols as he gets more confident. The sleaziest part of town would be the place to head if one was spoiling for a fight. Let's do it!

Jack's 'calendar' is almost entirely free; when would this take place?

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