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New Day in the land of the Raising Sun (ic)


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Its early morning when my alarm clock goes off. The sun is only just breaking over the city skyline, the occational grumbling of an engine off in the distance mixes with the songs of the morning birds as they rost among the telephone wires and window gardens. I like mornings. Its a quiet part of the day. I feel like Im the only person alive sometimes, waking into a world of soft lights and brisk morning air. Its to early for breakfast, at least for me. Insted I quietly make my way to my closet and remove the lockbox. I slide the dial through its numbers till I here the click of the lock opening. Inside is the CORE. As always, it seems to glow ever so slightly, as if it were a sphere of luminicent water, the way its luster ripples and swirles. Stealing it away in my Pajama pocket, I take leave of my room, heaing outside. My passage through the house goes unnoticed. Its more than an two hours before my parents wake. Plent of time to get some sunrise practice in. Outside, the streets are empty, and the clatter of my jogging shoes reverberates off the walls around me. Its not far to my destination, only 8 blocks. A short enough walk. The street takes me to an old city built park. Nothing special, and rather small.But the tree's and shubbery provides enough concealment that I can dawn my armor without being seen. As always, the sensation is indescribable. Its like stepping into a waterfall, the sensation just radiates down my body, a cool rush of energy prickles agaisnt my skin as the suit appears around me. Its two hours till my parents awake. Plenty of time to practice.

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