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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)

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Gather Information

DC 10: Arrowhawk is an experienced archer superhero who primarily operates in the Boardwalk and Southside.

DC 15: His efforts seem mostly targeted at combating the preponderance of organised crime in that area. His arsenal includes an assortment of trick arrows, like smokebombs and nets.

DC 20: This is not only the same Arrowhawk famous for fighting organised crime in Britain, but is one of the greatest archers, infiltrators and tacticians around.

DC 25: Some of Arrowhawk's arrow technology is seriously advanced. He's been spotted using miniaturised EMP technology to knock out electronics.

DC 30: There are some rumours that Arrowhawk is somewhat alienated from much of Freedom City's superhero culture due to some unknown slight. This may be linked to him membership in the now-defunct Knights of Freedom team.

Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC 15: Arrowhawk is one of Scotland's most feared and respected superheroes, now operating in Freedom City, NJ.

DC 20: After a brief period of popularity in the mid-90s, Arrowhawk become second fiddle to more publically friendly superheroes, although his presence in Freedom City has re-established him on the radar.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Arrowhawk's one of those night-time superheroes who patrol the Southside.

DC 15: Word is, he's got a grudge against the Mafia. He seems to sniff around their operations a lot.

DC 25: Only rarely does he work with other heroes, 99% of sightings seem to be of him on his own.

DC 30: Boardwalk's Lenny seems to be his regular snitch.

John Fraser

Gather Information

DC 20: John Fraser's just some nobody living in cheap lodgings in Southside. He works as a lab assistant and scientific consultant when he can.

DC 25: He was present at Jack Faretti's wedding, where he seemed to react in a practiced way to a supervillain attack.

DC 30: He moved to America roughly at the same time Arrowhawk did.

Knowledge: Life/Physical Sciences

DC 25: John Fraser was respected in the early 90s for his work on biochemical tranquilisers, although he hasn't done much of note in nearly two decades.

DC 30: His anticipated career in biochemistry dropped away after an incident at Aberdeen University where loan sharks killed his flatmates.

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Tarrant McLeod

Gather Information

DC 10: "McLeod? Yeah, he's that new professor up at FCU."

DC 15: "What, him? My cousin's in his class. Says he's new to the city...mostly teaches geology. Supposed to be pretty good at it!"

DC 20: "The guy seems to be unavailable a lot of the time...late to class sometimes, too. Once he showed up with some bruises or whatever that he just laughed off."

DC 25: "So this friend of mine, he digs into this McLeod guy's history, and get this: the guy BLAZED through his degree, but doesn't seem any smarter than any other professor."

Gaian Knight

Gather Information

DC 10: "Oooh, yeah, that guy! Some hero with earth-based powers, right?"

DC 15: "I saw him just the other day...seems to spend a good chunk of his time helping out with road repair after fights."

DC 20: "Yeah, I know him. I hear he's been seen over on the north end of Downtown a lot." "Really? My aunt said he rescued her from some thugs up near Kingston and Hanover...."

DC 25: "So get this: my sister's boyfriend dabbles in magic stuff, and he says everything this Gaian Knight guy does is just full of 'magic energies' or whatever, but he never seems to cast any spells!"

Knowledge (History)

DC 25: Apparently some archaeologists think there was some old civilization that had a way to empower some of their people as champions - references to 'striking with the earth itself'.

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Mara Hallomen

Gather Information

DC 15: A young lady by this name has recently taken up living in a warehouse in a bad part of town. After a couple of nights, none of the local gangs or crime organizations wanted to go anywhere near the place.

DC 20: There's a weapons dealer who runs in some circles by the name 'Hallomen'. He has a reputation for being ruthless, but can get you all kinds of weird tech you can't find elsewhere. Refuses to give up his sources.

DC 25: Besides a birth record and a G.E.D., there are almost no records of a Mara Hallomen ever existing, anywhere. No medical records, no school records, no nothing.


Gather Information

DC 10: New to the hero scene, Dragonfly's a technology-based hero with a lot of brains.

DC 15: Dragonfly seems to be found in Greenbank, more often than not.

DC 20: Word on the street is that she's making some of the local weapons dealers and crime bosses a little nervous - seems to have an axe to grind.

DC 25: The right scientist or dealer could tell you that some of her equipment looks suspiciously like some highly illegal tech that started circulating through the black market a decade ago or so.

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 'Huang' aka Jack Huang Faretti Jr.


Gather Information

DC 20 Student at CLaremont Accademy.  Given name Jack Huang Faretti Jr.  Goes by his middle name Huang Faretti.

DC 30 The only Records of Jack Huang Faretti Jr. prior to July 2015 are in reference to an Infant born in April of 2010.

DC 35 Huang is attending Claremont payed for by his parents (who are oddly obfuscated on the paperwork) though no prior school records can be found

DC 40 The Jack Huang Faretti Jr. attending Claremont is a false Identity crafted expertly but lacks the finer touches of a real life lived. For all intents and purposes he sprung into existence fully formed as of July 2015.




Gather Information

DC 10 A skilled magician calling himself Ouroboros travels the byways of Freedom City as a super hero, he seems to focus on occult crimes.

DC 15 There is no record of this mysterious arcane hero prior to July 2010.  His activities dropped off precipitously in the early summer of 2015.

DC 25 He is skilled enough that he must have had training but no one seems to know from who or where.

DC 35 He seemed to have some sort of working relationship with the Midnighters though is not a member.


Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 10 He is skilled in hermetic magics that would take years to master under even the best of teachers but has no known connection to any other than Phantom and that only relitively recently.

DC 20 He has exhibited abilities beyond spell casting. Mostly in matters of stealth and evasion. Able to vanish from all but the most astute viewers without a spell and to travel in a form of mist.

DC 30 Several of his abilities seem to be necromantic or dimensional in origin in addition to traditional spell casting.

DC 35 His odd combination of powers suggests he may be a dhampir as well as trained magician.

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Gather Information

DC 5: Sparksmith is an energy manipulator. He's most commonly known for making weapons out of pure energy and putting the innocent first.

DC 10: Kurtis Smith made news headlines in May 2010 when, upon graduating Colombia University's General Studies program, revealed to the world that he had super powers and would fight crime under the name of Sparksmith. He moved to Freedom City soon after. He frequently uses his powers in public.

DC 15: Kurt still lives with his parents. His father's a doctor and his mother's a defense attorney. They moved when his father was offered a job in Freedom City, and his mother happily moved her offices.

DC 20: Kurt traveled abroad a great deal during his college career. He's spent time in over 50 different countries. He studied different weapon fighting styles in each, giving him the ability to wield almost any weapon with great efficiency. This is the basis of his Energy Weapon fighting.

DC 35: Kurt inherited the mutant gene from his parents. His father has amazing healing abilities that he uses to help heal extreme injuries that have been caused by villains or any other outside influences, but ONLY in extreme cases. Kurt's mother is a telepath, but instead of reading minds, she prefers to sense when someone is lying. With this power, she only defends those who are actually innocent. She won't take a case to defend a criminal. They keep their powers secret, just as Kurt's family has done for years.

Knowledge (Current Events)

DC 5: Kurtis Smith made news headlines in May 2010 when, upon graduating Colombia University, revealed to the world that he had super powers and would fight crime under the name of Sparksmith.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Grimalkin is an attractive young crimefighter, mostly active in the Fens and West End.

DC 15: Grimalkin, who likes to be called 'Grim' for short, was a member of the Interceptors, along with Jack of All Blades and a cowboy named Colt. She and Colt left active duty in the summer of 2011, but she returned to active duty in 2014.

DC 20: Grim is a stealthy fighter who seems to appear out of nowhere, and attacks with a wicked set of claws.

DC 25: Sometimes Grim takes on a faerie-like form, and flies about.


Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Grimalkin was an active vigilante in the West End and the Fens. She was part of the Interceptors.

DC 15: She's extremely stealthy, very athletic and uses vicious claws in hand-to-hand combat. She hadn't been seen on the street since 2011, but recently returned in 2014.

DC 20: On occasion she turns into a small Tinkerbell-like form, but she still hits just as hard. She used to work with Nightrival (who mysteriously disappeared several years ago) on the Southside.

DC 25: Grimalkin seems to be some sort of shapeshifter, and might take on other forms.


Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 15: Grimalkin is a West End-based shapeshifting heroine who often investigates supernatural crimes and events.

DC 20: Grimalkin's shapeshifting appears to be magical in nature. Her appearance and abilities suggest she might be some sort of fae.

DC 25: She can produce objects out of thin air, a trait associated with residents of Avalon.

DC 30: Grimalkin seems to have problems with wrought iron, and will avoid it at all costs.



Gather Information

DC 10: Silberman’s Books is an excellent used bookstore in the West End. It also serves coffee and pastries, which are both very good. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

DC 15: Silberman’s Books was originally opened back in the 40s by Ira Silberman, and was run by his son Louis for many years after his father’s death. It was recently reopened by Lynn Epstein, Ira’s great-granddaughter. Lynn is very pretty and friendly.

DC 20: Ira Silberman used to be a stage magician known as ‘the Amazing Al-Kazar’ before he retired. Strange things sometimes happen at the store, though no customers have ever been hurt. 

DC 25: The Amazing Al-Kazar used to help the Liberty League back in the 40s. After the War, Ira Silberman tracked down fugitive Nazis, but he disappeared in the late 50s.


Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 15: Silberman’s has always been friendly to practioners of ‘the Craft’, and has a decent collection covering magic and the occult. The current owner, Lynn Epstein, is knowledgeable about such matters, and is willing to make special orders. 

DC 20: Actual magical tomes are occasionally available for sale at the store, though Lynn is careful who she sells to, and refuses to carry ‘dark’ materials.

DC 25: Ira Silberman, aka the Amazing Al-Kazar, was a practioner of real magic, though he didn’t use it in his stage act. He used to help the Liberty League with supernatural cases, especially if the West End was threatened. He disappeared in the late 50s while tracking down former members of the Thule Society. 

DC 30: Supernatural forces are definitely at work in the store. Ira’s great-granddaughter may have magical abilities of her own.

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DC 15: Blitz is a young hero who has been beating the streets of Southside since 2009.

DC 20: This “young hero†is actually no more than a kid with more speed than he knows what to do with. He also is rumored to be a bit of a smart ass.

DC 25: Blitz seems to be running his own private conflict against the gangs of Freedom City, specifically the ones most active in Southside.

DC 30: The hero seems to run out of juice if he exerts himself too much, leaving him powerless.

DC 35: Blitz may have been involved in the accidental death of a member of the Southside C’s at the airport.

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DC 10: Cicada-Man is a man in a bug suit who thinks he can stop crime in the city with a boombox.

DC 15: Cicada-Man isn’t actually a “guy in a suit with a boombox†he’s actually a large humanoid bug.

DC 20: Cicada-Man first made an appearance in Freedom City in July of 2010 where he revealed that he was capable of “making some noise†in the city.

DC 25: Cicada-Man seems to spend most of his time around the theater district of Freedom City, but he also isn’t afraid to go outside of this “comfort zoneâ€.

Carlan Moore

DC 10: Carlan Moore is a singer in a band.

DC 15: He is actually the lead singer and bassist in a “metal†band.

DC 20: “Substantially Hollow†is the name of the band.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Supercape is a new hero of Freedom City, known for his huge, magnificent cape!

DC 15: Supercape's powers appear to revolve around causing radiation effects.

DC 20: Supercape tends to try and solve problems with persuasion rather than violence, although sometimes he has been shot at just for droning on too long.

DC 25: Supercape appears to shun publicity and attention. He never gives interviews, or poses for camera's, and seems to get uncomfortable around crowds. In these circumstances, his cape and costume can actually expand, shift colours, and cover him up from scrutiny.

Knowledge (Physics)

DC 20: Supercape can cause objects to become radioactive and emit radiation, which can potentially cause small explosions of energy. He does this by directly exciting atoms.

DC 30: His power's seem to relate to manipulating quantum events at the sub-atomic level. There is a process of quantum entanglement between these events and his own status as observer, suggesting his thought patterns can influence these events.

Quentin Quill

Gather Information

DC 10: Quentin Quill lectures at Freedom University

DC 15: Professor Quill teaches Physics at the University, particularly Quantum Mechanics and Particle physics. He also performs research there. He is English and has an educated accent. He is known for partaking in academic debates, normally doing quite well at them.

DC 20: Professor Quill lives near the University in a comfortable house, and usually cycles to work. He wears tweed and a bow tie, and is considered an eccentric, but impressive, academic. Aside from his work in physics, he is also an expert in biology and psychology. He has no living relatives. His students rate him as a persuasive and kindly man, better at seminars than large lectures. He is a member of secular and socialist societies.

DC 25: Professor Quill was kicked out of Cambridge the year previously due to radical idea's about the relationship between thought, the mind, and quantum events.

Knowledge (Physics)

DC 10: Professor Quill is an expert in Quantum mechanics and Particle Physics.

DC 15: He has published papers both in America and Europe.

DC 20: He has held a post at Cambridge, and currently at Freedom University. His prior research looked at the relationship between cognition and quantum events, and was considered radical.

DC 25: His work is very complex and references cognitive neuroscience, parapsychology, and neurophysiology, all of which he is quite grounded in. He still teaches around these subjects.

DC 30: Quill's theorem's are radical, suggesting that the mind, or the observer, is somehow entangled (at a Quantum level) with subatomic events. The equations and theories are extremely complex and the mark of a very clever man.

DC 35: The theories and maths are correct!

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Lady Winter

Gather Information

DC10: Lady Winter is a Russian Superhero currently living in Freedom city. Bares a resemblance to the insane super criminal Glacier due to her Blue Skin.

DC15: Lady Winter is capable of incredible feats of strength than her her body would suggest. Claims to suffer Amnesia

DC20: There have been rumors that Lady Winter can recover from grievous injuries and even come back from the dead.

DC30: There are hints that Lady Winter knows a lot more about her past than she lets on, but it does seem that she genuinely cannot remember how she became Lady Winter.

Knowledge (Life Sciences)

(Note: You need DNA samples and X-Rays of Lady Winters body to find out about this)

DC10: Lady Winters DNA appears mostly human, though there are traces of DNA smiliar to Glacier and another source is present

DC15: Further analysis reveals that Lady Winter contains DNA of not only Glacier, but also Madam Zero and disturbingly enough, Grue DNA.

DC20: X-Rays show Lady Winters body is slowly becoming Self sufficient. It already produces its own Oxygen. She technically doesn't need her lungs anymore, if only to operate her vocal cords. Its unknown what else might happen next.

DC25: Lady Winters Biology suffers the same problems as Glacier, She cannot handle fire very well. She seems to lack Madam Zero's problems of existing outside of sub zero temperatures however.

DC40: There is extensive signs of Genetic tampering, including those of a more refined and experimental version of the DNAscent Process.

Dasha Morozov

Gather info

DC15: Dasha Morozov is a Con Artist wanted in Russian and the United States for theft and other crimes

DC20: Dasha worked for some time with the Russian Mafiya in Freedom city and even gained some important jobs with them

DC25: It was known amongst members of the Mafiya that she was jealous of superheroes and annoyed by the fact they interrupted Tasks handed to her.

DC30: Last time she was seen, she was talking about receiving a letter about "solving her problems". She has been missing since then and its been assumed that she is dead.

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Gather Information

DC10: Scraper is Luke Lafayette, a teenage pop star who gained superpowers quite publicly during a concert when he was seventeen. He grows to giant sizes.

DC15: Lately Scraper has been having problems with his record label, because of too much time spent being a super-hero and not enough spent on his career.

DC20: Scraper has had some issues with his mother in the past, and in fact is legally seperated from her after she was accused of stealing from him.

DC25: Nothing is known about Scraper's father, but oddly given his fame, no one has ever come forth claiming to be the man in question.

Knowledge: Popular Culture:

DC10: Luke Lafayette is a fairly successful Pop Musician with two gold albums and one still on the charts, "Endless Chains". He recently canceled a world tour, wanting to focus on a big move he was making.

DC15: Before he was a musician, Luke was on a show entitled "Just So Random", a sketch comedy show with some musical acts, where he was discovered.

DC 20: Before "Just So Random" he had a variety of minor, walk on roles in pre-teen television shows and one or two minor roles on primetime shows such as police procedural Justice and Freedom.

DC25: His first real break, though, was playing the Cute Kid character on a sitcom in 2002.complete with hilarious catch phrase, "It wasn't me this time!", said whenever something bad happened to someone else.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Estelle de Havilland is the real name of Gossamer, a beautiful blonde superhero with some sort of living hair. Her family is very wealthy.

DC 15: Doctor de Havilland used to work for her family's chemical company, a branch of the De Havilland Corporation. She now works at ASTRO Labs when not fighting crime or doing other heroic things. She was in a brief same-sex relationship with Divine during the summer of 2010.

DC 20: Estelle was fired by her father after a lab accident led to an investigation, which implicated her brother Jason and exposed several unpleasant family secrets. The lab accident lead to her powers in some way.

DC 25: Estelle is still close to her sister Sunny and her mother, but is otherwise persona non grata within her family.

DC 30: The lab accident is rumored to have involved samples taken from dead Grue.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)

DC 10: Dr. Estelle de Havilland is a respected organic chemist and a Harvard graduate. She has published several papers and currently works out of ASTRO Labs.

DC 20: Several of her patents are currently the sole property of her former employer, the De Havilland Corporation, but she is suing them to retain the rights.

DC 25: Some of the last work she published before her father shut down her lab was pretty out there, and looked like it might yield real breakthroughs in the treatment of burns and other skin conditions.

DC 30: Apparently her work was based on illegal samples of Grue tissue, though Dr de Havilland swore in a court of law that she had no idea about the true nature of the samples.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Slick is a shapechanging hero(ine) who patrols the Streets of Freedom City

DC 15: Slick's name comes from an oily secretion that means (s)he is hard to grapple and tie up. Slick has remarkable strength and vitality, and fights hand to hand with thugs. Slick isn't always in costume, often attacking a surprised crook disguised as a vagrant, a passer by, or even a friend of said crook!

DC 20: Slick has had some particularly brutal fights with human experimenter's (mad scientist drug dealers, grave robbers, etc.) Slick seems to be on a campaign against any such activity.

DC 30: Slick has a slight German, or European accent and speaks several European languages. Due to Slick's secretions, (s)he is slightly vulnerable to fire.

Knowledge (Life Sciences) or Knowledge (Physics)s)

DC 20: The oil secretions of Slick are highly lubricating and will burn as petrochemicals

As Felix Fassbinder

Gather Information or Knowledge (Business)

DC 10: Felix Fassbinder is owner and CEO of Fassbinder Pharmaceuticals, a multi-national and wealthy drugs company.

DC 15: Mr. Fassbinder is extremely wealthy and something of a recluse. He hands day to day running of the company to subordinates.

DC 20: Mr. Fassbinder is the son of a respected german chemical engineer and pharmacist, and together they built the company. The Fassbinder Co has a reputation for campaigning against human experimentation and a high standard of medical ethics.

DC 30: In starting the company, Fassbinder seemed to get remarkable sources of information, and was accused of industrial espionage, although nothing was proven.

Knowledge (History)

DC 30: Fassbinder senior was a Jewish Resistance Fighter who helped take down an infamous Nazi human experimentation facility in WWII.

DC 40: The facility was headed by one Doctor Hans Hirschbeigel (who was never brought to justice). The facility apparently had at least one subject who was a radical success. Prenatal experimentation was amongst many of the horrors that were performed.

Knowledge (Life Sciences) or Knowledge (Physics)

DC 15: The Fassbinder company specialises in biomedical chemicals

DC 25: They also have some history in developing alternative biofuels, some of the chemical compounds and genetic data could be used for both purposes.

DC 40: The chemicals produced are probably derived from cells that have at least some human DNA codes.

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Kid Cthulhu

Knowledge: (Arcane Lore)

DC 15: About five years ago, a rift opened between our world and the world’s beyond.

DC 20: A fragment of the horrible creature known only as “The Unspeakable One†came into being somewhere near the Riverside.

DC 30: The Unspeakable One can only be summoned to this realm by a powerful tome of magic, namely the Necronomicon.

Gather Information

DC 10: A strange hero called Kid Cthulhu roams the streets of Freedom City. He also has a strange creature called a “shoggoth†that he sometimes brings around with him.

DC 15: His powers are mystical in origin, and probably the source of some magic gone bad.

DC 20: It is rumored that he has a copy of the Necronomicon.

Knowledge: (Popular Culture)

DC 10: The character that Kid Cthulhu refers to in his nom de plume is a sanity-warping monster from the author H.P. Lovecraft.

DC 20: Kid Cthulhu’s insignia is the Elder Sign, a powerful magical symbol in his stories.

Knowledge: (Art)

DC 10: A husband and wife art team: Herbert and Lavinia were known for making strange and provocative art, and enjoyed mild success.

DC 15: It was rumored that they dabbled in the mystical arts from time to time.

DC 20: They were also heavy drinkers and users of drugs, and Lavinia died from an overdose. Herbert died soon afterwards.

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Nick Cimitiere

As Eric LaCroix:

Gather Information

DC10: Isn't he that guy down at that coffee shop in Riverside/the frontman for that band that sounds like Buddy Holly wailing about death?

DC15: Eric LaCroix fronts for a "psychobilly" band known as Carnival of Souls that's started getting some play at clubs in the West End. When he's not doing that, he has a job as a barista at the Black Petal Cafe in Riverside.

DC20: Eric was born in Freedom, but went to school at the Savannah College of Art and Design down in Georgia.

DC25: Eric made local news in his small suburban town for getting in a bad car wreck and "dying" on the table before being revived.

DC30: While down at SCAD, Eric took frequent trips out of town to various points all over the South.

As Nick Cimitiere:

Gather Information

DC10: Nick Cimitiere is a superhero whose operations take him all over Freedom City. His powers seem rooted around death, and he frequently confronts those responsible for the deaths of others, claiming that he's acting on behalf of the ghosts of their victims.

DC15: Powers ascribed to Nick include telekinesis, the ability to exorcise with a glance, summoning up ghosts of the restless dead to serve his will, an unearthly howl that instills fear in others, and the formation of strange, ghostly claws. Before he came to Freedom, he kept popping up all over the South.

DC20: Nick tends to hang around Lantern Hill Cemetery, which is also known to be a haunt to Freedom Angel and Dead Head, as well as receive the careful attentions of Fleur de Joie. During his time down South, he was most often spotted operating out of Savannah.

DC25: Nick has been seen using telekinesis, spectral howls, machine control and healing powers, among other things, but one of his favorite combat powers seems to be the aforementioned spectral talons.

Knowledge (arcane lore)

DC10: Necromancy is a form of wizardry associated with control over the dead.

DC15: Necromancy was once associated with merely calling up the spirits of the dead and communing with them to gain knowledge. Now, it's mostly associated with raising and controlling zombies.

DC25: The powers of necromancy tend to stretch beyond merely controlling the dead -- it's possible for one who knows of the ways of death to ape the spectral gifts of ghosts, maybe even learn a trick or two from the various psychopomps and/or guardians of the Underworld.

Knowledge (pop culture)

DC15: Nick's personal style takes many cues from psychobilly, a subset of rockabilly that combines the raucous sounds of the genre with morbid/supernatural themes and a somewhat sick sense of humor.

Knowledge (theology and philosophy)

DC15: The symbols on the back of Nick's jacket and all over his car are veves, symbols representing the loa, the patron spirits of voudon.

DC20: The veve on the back of Nick's jacket appropriately belongs to Baron Cimitiere, one of the Guede. The Guede are loa of death and fertility; Baron Cimitiere, in particular, is considered the protector of graveyards.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Gabriel is a white-clad superhero who operates primarily in South Freedom City, especially Southside. He seems to focus mostly on smaller-scale threats.

DC 15: Gabriel's abilities seem to revolve around the manipulation of sound in various ways, from disorienting his opponents, to knocking them out, to flying.

DC 20: Gabriel has resolved more crimes on the spot through words than use of force. His ability to negotiate is incredible.

DC 25: In the months he has been active, Gabriel has already started to have a small but traceable impact on his area of general operations. Crimes have been going down slightly, at least among many of the mundane gangs (especially teenagers).

Knowledge: Physical Sciences (Requires either direct observation of Gabriel in action, or detailed descriptions from people who have done the same)

DC 10: Gabriel's most obvious abilities revolve around the manipulation of compressed high and low frequency sounds, producing concussive blasts of sound, as well as often disorienting opponents with piercing loud noise.

DC 15: Gabriel's ability to nauseate, paralyze, and confuse his opponents stems from manipulation of sound waves inaudible to the average human. These sound waves create disturbances in the body, resulting in the intended affect.

DC 20: Gabriel's flight is accomplished in a more subtle version of his sonic blast, effectively using sound like a rocket engine to propel him through the air via alternating high and low frequency sound waves, compressed and emitted at extremely high rates.

DC 25: Gabriel's ability to calm people down and negotiate with nearly anyone actually stems from his sound control. His body is almost always emitting very subtle sound waves that, while inaudible, have the effect of calming (or unsettling) anyone nearby. These waves are felt as much as they are heard.

Knowledge: Theology and Philosophy

DC 10: "Gabriel" is the name used by one of the named Archangels in the Christian Bible. He is depicted as a Messenger, first and foremost.

DC 15: Archangels are considered the highest rank of Angel in Christian theology.

DC 20: Gabriel, the superhero, has been known to claim his powers derive from Gabriel/Gavriel the Archangel. This could be consistent with the hierarchy of angels.

Carson Finbar Keefe

Gather Information

DC 10: Carson is one of the teachers in the Drama/Theater Program at Freedom College. His focus is on teaching students to themselves be teachers.

DC 15: Carson is an immigrant from Ireland, having moved to Freedom City less than 2 years ago.

DC 20: Carson volunteers a fair amount of his time in local mentorship programs, helping teenagers who are in difficult spots in their lives. Most often, these mentorships last about 2 months, though that time can vary.

DC 25: Carson is not just a good teacher, he is an exceptionally gifted performer in the arts, able to not only act, but sing and play a couple of instruments.

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Creature Feature

Gather Information

DC 10: There have been a rash of monstrous creatures appearing very recently in Freedom City. Reports vary from case to case.

DC 15: While the usual reports of monster attacks tend to be omnipresent in Freedom City, a number of the reports include the monsters stopping crimes or helping to defeat super-villains. Again, reports vary.

DC 20: A number of reports suggest that the monsters stopping crimes also speak English, and some of these creatures are black and white.

DC 25: A handful of the monsters have been linked together. First, there is the subtle video grain, shared by both the black and white monsters and the full-color monsters. Secondly, while voice frequency tends to change between monsters, the speech patterns tend to stay the same.

DC 30: The vast majority of sightings are centered near western Freedom City, and the connecting factor between the monsters is probably residing in the suburban area around there.

Knowledge: Pop Culture

DC 15: A number of monster sightings can be tied directly to various movies. Forms and abilities are relatively accurate to their movie counterparts.

Vance Malloy

Gather Information

DC 10: Vance Malloy is a 16 year old male living somewhere in Grenville

DC 15: Vance currently attends Grenville High, a fairly run-of-the mill High School that offers little in the way of advanced academia programs. According to teachers, Vance Malloy is a generally good, quiet kid. He has recently started socializing more with classmates.

DC 20: In his off-time, Vance Malloy used to work as one of the few employees of Video Head, a video store on the rougher side of town. Video Head was recently closed due to an accident

DC 25: Video Head did not close down due to an accident, but rather a SHADOW attack! It is unclear whether Vance was there that night.

DC 35: Video Head is run by Lindsy Lights, a retired super-heroine (Lady Tesla) who hired Vance after he had foiled a robbery at her store. She disappeared after the SHADOW attack, and has not yet been heard from.

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Gather Information

DC10: Cannonade is a relatively new hero who tends to stick to the low-income or working class areas of Freedom, such as The Waterfront, The Fens, and Lincoln. He mostly spends his time in Southside, however. He seems to deal mainly in urban crime, but occasionally comes face-to-face with weirdness.

DC15: Cannonade's powerset seems to be that of the stock "brick" -- increased resilience, superhuman strength, and inhuman endurance. He's been seen wrestling behemoths to the ground, leaping buildings with one jump, and taking barrages of bullets with nary a scratch.

DC20: Cannonade appears to have a special dislike of bigots in general, and Nazis in particular. He has a particular dislike for the Crusaders, a band of white power skinheads that seem to idolize neo-Nazi "heroes" such as White Knight. This, despite the fact that Cannonade's manner of dress is typically associated with skinheads as well.

DC25: Yup, Cannonade's a skinhead. He's not that kind of skinhead, however; he identifies himself as a SHARP, or Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice, a sub-set of the earlier skinhead subculture that emerged in response to the growing white power sympathies within the culture as a whole.

Knowledge (history)

DC20: The steel helmet Cannonade wears seems modeled after the type of helmet associated with Trojan warriors.

DC35: Well... it's got some elements of a Trojan helmet. But it actually looks a hell of a lot like the helmet worn by Legionnaire, a military-based hero who perished in battle with Superior right before the Battle of the Bulge.

Joe Macayle

Gather Information

DC10: Joe Macayle is a steelworker at the Ambinger Plant in Greenbank.

DC15: Joe seems to have some ties to the local punk scene, and tends to dress in the style of a skinhead when not on the job.

DC20: In high school, Joe ran with a group known as the Freedom Guard, a loose confederation of punks, skins and rivetheads that fought to keep the influence of white power groups and other racist elements out of the various subcultures of Freedom City. There's also talk amongst Joe's coworkers of an incident a few months back where he got lucky and managed to just dodge a small spill-over of molten iron. Sure, he got burned, but it could've been a lot worse.

DC25: Joe signed up for a library card in the past few months, and has taken out quite a few books on the history of costumed superheroes, with a specific focus on heroes of World War II.

DC30: Joe was subjected to a bastion of medical exams when he was a kid -- examinations that never made his family's insurance history, indicating they were conducted and picked up by an outside party. Incidentally, his father, Greg Macayle, had a similar history of medical examinations when he was younger.

DC40: Joe's grandfather's name is buried deep in the archives of the Pentagon -- Paul Macayle, the Legionnaire.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Silhouette is a ninja that hangs around the Fens.

DC 15: Silhouette is a black clad vilgilante who takes out muggers in the Fens.

DC 20: Silhouette is a metahuman who deals mostly with street level crimes.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)

DC 10: Silhouette can turn two dimensional.

DC 15: Silhouette can turn infinitely two dimensional and she completely disappears when she is viewed on the edge plane.

DC 20: When flattened Silhouette limbs are incredibly sharp and could in theory slice things on a molecular level.

DC 25: Silhouette maintains her total mass when turning flat making her two dimensional form very dense and as such much more durable then her normal form.


Gather Information

DC 10: Carrie's this girl that lives in the Fens.

DC 15: Carrie does several odd jobs around the city most days.

DC 20: Carrie's full name is Caroline Angelica Wendle, and she has several family members including the owner of a local hobby shop in Riverside.

DC 25: Carrie's is friendly with, or has been seen with several different heroes around the city though she does not seem to have any powers of her own.

Knowledge (Art)

DC 10: Carrie's this girl who hangs around the theatre district.

DC 15: Carrie's a starving artist who takes up various jobs around the theatre district.

DC 20: Carrie's a girl with a degree from FreeSa who often works doing jobs like theatre tech, making costumes and painting sets.

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As Momentum:

Gather Information

DC10: "That 'hero in the tacky red hoodie? Yeah, I don't think he's been in Freedom City very long; a couple of weeks tops. I hear his name's Momentum or something stupid like that."

DC15: "Word on the street is that Momentum kid is making a name for himself by taking down petty crooks in the Downtown area, using some kind of telekinetic powers to stop bullets and throw bad guys around."

DC20: "This guy always seems to show up whenever there's a local news report; usually just before it breaks on TV."

DC25: "So, I've got this friend who knows a friend who knows a guy, and he says he's got a theory on how this new superhero finds out about what's going on before it hits the air. His theory is that Momentum's using some sort of news feed program like Twitter or something to get a whiff of trouble since word hits the 'net faster than the big screen."

DC30: "Check this out: my uncle researches superhuman phenomenon here in Freedom City, and he says that the stuff Momentum can do doesn't actually resemble overt telekinesis. He says it looks more like the kid can manipulate kinetic energy to blast gang-bangers and deflect bullets by redirecting their own kinetic energy."

Knowledge (Physics)

DC10: "Contrary to previous theories, the superhero known as 'Momentum' does not actually possess any form of psionic- or gravity-based abilities based on footage captured by amateur cinematographers and compared to records on such matters noted elsewhere. It is more probable to assume that the individual in question instead manipulates kinetic energy on such a large scale that he simply emits and draws in this energy on a whim, thus resulting in meta-human abilities."

DC15: "Upon further investigation, the former hypothesis is correct. By manipulating kinetic energy, the subject known as 'Momentum' can increase his own movement via bursts of the aforementioned energy, heightening both his land-based speed and leaping ability by extravagant amounts, whilst also remaining capable of expelling concussive blasts of pure force in the form of an offensive ranged ability."

DC20: "Additional research concludes that most of the abilities showcased by the subject cannot be sustained indefinitely. This is likely due to the limited amount of kinetic energy produced by the individual, which we theorize as the cause of the amount of energy present in his own physiological state as represented by potential energy in a rigid body. Therefore, while 'Momentum' holds the ability to produce bursts of kinetic energy ad infinitum, he can only do so much at one time."

As Ashley Noah Childers:

Gather Information

DC5: "That guy? I think he's in my math class. Overheard from a friend of mine that he just moved here from someplace up north."

DC10: "That's Noah over there. He's new here at FDR High. From what I heard, he just moved to Freedom City with his family from Canada, and he's living somewhere in the Midtown district."

DC15: "Did you know Noah's dad works at ASTRO Labs? I bet that's why his family moved to the United States from Ontario."

DC20: "This is hilarious. You know that guy, Noah Childers? You know, the sophomore who plays drums in fourth period General Music? Noah's not his first name. It's Ashley, man. Dude's got a girl's first name! With a name like, it's no wonder the guy's single."

DC25: "Have you noticed that Noah's been late to about half his classes since he started here? Sometimes he doesn't even show up at all, or he gets up in the middle of class and doesn't come back. I bet he's sneaking out to smoke behind the vocational building or something."

DC30: "So yeah, I got partnered up with Childers in Geography for a couple of days. I noticed he had some big bruises on one of his arms; I mean, these things were swollen. No one's actually seen the new guy get into a fight yet, but I'm telling you, that's gotta be how he keeps getting them. It's like he gets a new one every day or something!"

DC35: "You know, now that I think about it, that Canadian guy, Noah, always leaves his class after checking his phone. There's got to be some kind of connection there. Maybe he's got a job, but if you ask me I think he's doing something illegal. Maybe he's really a Zoom junkie!"

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Gather Information

DC 10: Extremely fast streaks of blue, silver, and yellow have been spotted rocketing over the skies of Freedom City, and a number of other US cities.

DC 15: Victory is a special agent of the AEGIS organization, capable to rapidly and efficiently responding to threats both criminal and otherwise throughout the country, and select other parts of the world

DC 20: Victory's true identity is Lance Factor, a former USAF Test Pilot.

DC 25: The Victory Project began in 1994, designed to create agents capable of contributing in the effort against threats like the Terminus Invasion, should such a crisis occur to the planet again.

Knowledge (Technology)

DC 15: Victory is a special agent of the AEGIS organization, capable to rapidly and efficiently responding to threats both criminal and otherwise throughout the country, and select other parts of the world

DC 25: The Victory Project began in 1994, designed to create agents capable of contributing in the effort against threats like the Terminus Invasion, should such a crisis occur to the planet again.

DC 35: Victory's body contains a special alloy created in secret AEGIS labs. While still a work in progress, it is constantly being refined to allow greater flexibility without sacrificing hardness. In addition, the alloy is also designed to have extremely low conductivity and high heat resistance, to allow for rapid and repeated atmospheric entry and exit. Victory is constantly being upgraded with the newest versions of this alloy.

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Doc Energy

DC 15-There were rumors of a lost branch of Russian nobility that had escaped the October Revolution unharmed, but it's believed that many of them were either killed in the White Russian uprising or went into hiding.

DC 25-There was a branch of the Romanov line known as the Black Royals, mainly because of their liberal tendencies towards the populace and their open hostility towards Czarina and her appointment of Rasputin as chief adviser to the Duma. Not that this saved them, since documented evidence suggests that those that weren't killed by the military during the October Revolution went into hiding never to be heard from again.

DC 35-There is an obscure daguerreotype of an individual in the Russian papers of the pre-revolution days referring to "Lord Lightning", who was rumored to be advising The Czar to electrify the cities to bring them more in line with the modern world. The daguerreotype shows a young man who looks remarkably like Doc Energy, though in more period clothing.

DC 25-Dr. Emil Romanov is the patent holder on a few innovative power designs, many of which have netted him a tidy profit. He has also invested in technology companies like ASTRO Labs.

DC 35-A telegram reads, "Dear Dr. R: I formally accept your employment as my assistant at the facility here in New York state. I am delighted to know that there is another in the scientific community who is not limited in vision and sees the application of wireless power transmission as something valuable to Mankind. With this in mind, I have a number of designs in mind for what you propose, and I eagerly await your arrival by airplane." The letter is signed, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and dated November 23rd, 1919.

DC 15-If you want to get patched up and don't have the cash, go see Dr. Romanowski at the Free Clinic. Also, he's likely to give you more than a lollipop if you're in a bad way. Don't expect him to help you get a fix, however. Doc don't play on that side of the street.

DC 25-If you've got a problem that's beyond what you can deal with, and you don't know who to turn to, Doc Energy is the one to call. He has a website for the Free Clinic that also doubles as message board and clearing house for people in trouble.

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Reputation Chart

Gather Information

DC10: The crime rate in the West End has dipped slightly and the police have no solid explanation for this change.

DC15: Gang-related crime in the West End has decreased recently. Rumors are that a new costumed hero has been seen in the area.

DC20: A hero using kinetic and force powers has been causing trouble for criminals in the West End.

DC25: The new hero, Flux, has been patrolling the streets and skies of the West End, looking for evidence of gang-related crime.

Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences):

DC10: The crime rate in the West End has dipped slightly and the police have no solid explanation for this change.

DC15: Gang-related crime in the West End has decreased recently. Rumors are that a new costumed hero has been seen in the area.

DC20: Several gangs, including the Black Diamonds and the Cobras, have been hit harder than others.

DC30: Flux, a super new to the scene, has been patrolling the West End on a regular basis. His movements suggest knowledge of gang activity normally restricted either to police on gang detail or possibly a former member of a gang.

Knowledge (Streetwise):

DC10: Gangs in the West End are concerned about increasing efforts to stop them.

DC15: Some costumed hero has been causing trouble for gangs in the West End.

DC20: Members of the Black Diamonds and Cobras gangs have complained about a super named Flux hitting their shipments and interrupting their operations.

DC30: Flux has been seen in the eastern parts of the West End. Some think he may be coming from downtown to hit sites in the West End. He seems to know a lot about gang activity. Is he a cop? Or a former gang-banger himself?

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Gather Information

DC 10: Someone is putting pressure on a few of the thugs in Southside.

DC 15: A superheroine, calling herself Calliope, is trying to loosen the grip of the mob in the area.

DC 20: Calliope wears a breastplate and shield, and uses it for both attack and defense. She has no powers.

DC 25: She has shown a tendency to put herself in harm's way at the slightest threat to another person.

Knowledge (Current Events)

DC 15: A young woman dressed in green and gold is doing her best to combat the strong mob presence in Southside.

DC 20: The heroine, named Calliope, uses armor and a shield, but no weapon. She does not seem to have superpowers.

DC 25: Six years ago, during the Grue invasion, a young woman of similar description was hospitalized after trying to fight an Omnidroid by herself.

DC 30: The young woman, sixteen at the time, was in a coma for six months. Her awakening was covered in a few "feel-good" news stories at the time.

DC 35: Her legal name is Katherine Epyllia, daughter of Greek History professor Johnathan Epyllia of Freedom City University.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 10: Low-level mobsters in Streetwise are having more trouble than usual.

DC 15: The thugs are being harried by a superheroine called Calliope.

DC 20: Calliope has no powers, and has declared it her mission to loosen the grip of the mob on Boardwalk and Southside.

DC 25: Most mob bosses consider her little more than a nuisance, though there's word that one or two of them have begin to see her as a threat.

DC 30: None of the major players in the area have taken direct action against the girl yet, but a few of them are beginning to increasingly feel that spending the effort to getting rid of her would be a wise move.

Kris Epyllia

Gather Information

DC 10: Katherine "Kris" Epyllia is a young woman in her early 20s, who works at Freedom Public Library.

DC 15: She has lived in Freedom all her life, Southside, specifically.

DC 20: There are numerous complaints from her boss that Kris will often miss work, arrive late, or leave early.

DC 25: Kris was the subject of a few "feel good" stories in the news after the second Grue invasion, when she awakened from a coma that put her in the hospital for three months.

DC 30: The young woman received these injuries when she attempted to put on a costume and battle an Omnidroid, in a manner very similar to a heroine currently active in Southside.

Knowledge (History)

DC 15: Kris Epyllia is the daughter of one Johnathan Epyllia, Professor of History at Freedom City University.

DC 20: Professor Epyllia's specialty is Greek history, especially mythology.

DC 25: A high-quality replica breastplate and hoplon shield were lent to the Professor several years ago for a lecture.

DC 30: The items lent to the Professor were destroyed during the second Grue invasion, apparently after being worn into battle.

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Shockwasp / Nikolas Vespin

Gather Information

DC 10: Shockwasp is a technology-based, electricity-slinging hero mostly based in North and Center Freedom City, and the people's darling.

DC 15: Legal name Nikolas Vespin, he is especially talkative and bombastic; a people person and a man of the spotlight, who seems to be a bit too focused on the fame that comes with being a hero.

DC 20: Nick's father, Albert Vespin, is a wanted criminal who went on a 'vengeance' killing spree after his wife was killed and his son was crippled in an automobile accident, and the man responsible was let free.

DC 25: Rumors persist that Nick's father is a touchy subject and one he is loathe to talk about.

DC 30: People who've known Nikolas personally say that, behind closed doors, when no one is watching, he's a completely different person.

Knowledge (Current Events)

DC 10: Shockwasp is a tech-based hero popular with the public.

DC 15: Using a suit of powered armor, Shockwasp, legal name Nikolas Vespin, has made quite a name and fortune for himself. He has received criticism for focusing more on the spotlight than on helping people. however.

DC 20: Nick is a quadriplegic, only able to move because of a maze of wires under his skin acting as surrogate nerves.

Knowledge (Technology)

DC 10: Shockwasp is a technology-based hero who uses a powered suit with specially-designed "Tesla Emitter" gauntlets, as well as other gadgets and abilities, to fight crime.

DC 15: The N.E.S.T.E., as the system is called, becomes as a second skin for Shockwasp, and interfaces directly with his nervous system, allowing him to control the suit's functions as easily as breathing.

DC 20: This is possible because of the network of wires and interface plugs embedded into his body. These same wires allow him to move completely freely, despite being a quadriplegic. The possibility of mass-producing the system for medical use is being researched.

DC 30: Though the system is fully understood and maintained by Shockwasp, it was originally designed by his father, a former electrician and current wanted criminal.

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