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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)


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DC 10: Geckoman is a fairly young superhero who has been seen active in various parts of Freedom City.

DC 15: Primarily seen in the Downtown area, Geckoman is a loud-mouthed, green-clad vigilante who seems to take pleasure in taunting his foes in combat. He is also known to possess a large airship.

DC 20: While he seems to have no real offensive powers, he seems to have a utility belt of gadgets and some form of blaster weaponry. He has also been seen to scale sheer surfaces and cling to them, and heal swiftly from knife and gunshot wounds.

DC 25: After an incident at an attack at the baseball stadium, Geckoman was seen with a large group of other young heroes calling themselves "Young Freedom", but as of yet seems the most public member of the team.

DC 30: During a bank robbery, witnesses reported a supervillainess calling herself Spellbound claimed she built his airship and gadgets, and he stole them. This claim is as of yet unverified.

DC 35: There have been rumours that a kid named Chris Kenzie may be the Geckoman, due to extremely similar manners of speech and personality, as well as appearances in the same place at similar times. Again, these claims are as of yet unverified, but the connection seems likely.

Knowledge: Life Sciences

Gaining this information requires an examination and analysis of Geckoman and his powers.

DC 10: It is obvious with examination that Geckoman heals a lot faster than a normal human, and can stick to walls.

DC 15: The reason behind his accelerated healing is that his cells undergo mitotic division at a speed greatly above that of a normal human, and at a reduced energy requirement to compensate. His wall-crawling seems to be electrostatic and works by the skin cells of his hands being slightly tougher and able to form van der Waals attractions to nearly any surface. His other powers seem to be reflexes slightly above the average without being superhuman, and heightened visual and olfactory senses.

DC 25: A deep examination of inside his cells reveals he doesn't just undergo mitosis quickly, but can heal damage on an intra-cellular scale, even chromosomal damage. Theoretically, this means his telogenes will degenerate a lot slower than usual, and his lifespan may prove to be quite extended.

Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC 15: As a fairly public hero, video footage of Geckoman is pretty widespread, if not as popular as that of more famous heroes.

DC 25: A website has been set up anonymously asking for information on the whereabouts of Geckoman, and warns the public he is a dangerous thief only masquerading as a hero.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

Gaining this information requires an examination and analysis of Geckoman's gadgetry and Pitchoo.

DC 15: The power supply of Geckoman's blasters is ingenious, being able to interface with most kinds of battery and amplifying the electrical output massively to produce electric blasts. The Pitchoo has similar ingenious features, including a larger-scale version of the blasters. Its design renders it undetectable by radar.

DC 25: The Pitchoo's engine is incredible. Fuelled by fission, it creates all the energy it needs by breaking down molecules in the air into hydrogen. The efficiency of the process is such that refuelling it should only need to be done once every few years.

DC 40: Troubled prodigy Elizabeth Lawlett is known to have worked on similar fuel sources before her spell in a juvenile detention centre.

Christopher Kenzie

Gather Information

DC 15: Christopher Kenzie is a student of Claremont academy.

DC 20: He lives on campus, with visits to his Freedom resident parents at weekends.

DC 25: In the past, he has been noted as a bright student who didn't apply himself despite aptitude for anything he did deign to work at. However, he is now a student at the prestigious and selective Claremont, and thus may not have this attitude now.

At present, he is dating Elizabeth 'Liz' Lawlett.

DC 35: There have been rumours that Chris Kenzie may be the Geckoman, due to extremely similar manners of speech and personality, as well as appearances in the same place at similar times. Again, these claims are as of yet unverified, but the connection seems likely.

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Tarantula (Yukio Mishka)


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DC 15: Amidst her school mates, Yuki is rather nameless. She is known mostly for her tardiness and irresponsibility then she is about anything else.

DC 25: Yuki's Tardiness at school is chronic and very irrational. There are even times in which she appears at school then 'disappears'. She is known to inexplicably cut detention, walkout on class trips and show up late to classes without a hall pass or parental excuse. She is _barely_ keeping a passing gpa and this irritates teachers due to the fact that her slipping grades are from missed assignments... NOT a lack of work ethic.

DC 35: Some of her students questions Yuki's... activities. She comes to school often sweaty and stinking of exhertion. Some even notice that she slightly limps, or holding her arms and or stomach like she was in a fight or something. She is very good at hiding it, but some students are convinced that Yuki may be doing something illegal... and THAT'S why she's been late to school.

DC 45: Yuki's personal records are spotty at best. While her mother has sent the proper records of Yuki's immunization records doctor check-ups, they are referenced to hospitals that are either closed down or were liquif9ied into larger hospitals, causing huge difficulties in tracing them. It's a huge quetion on whether or not these records are real... but they can't be proven.


DC 35: Yukio Masters is lacking an immigration record. Her medical records and immunizations are forgeries that were taken from other children who have either died or were deported. This has escaped attention thanks to the fact that the source of the records have been collecting dust in a box of te archives of a now severely underfunded medical clinic ten miles of Freedom City.

DC 50: Sarah Creed, Yukio's mother, doesn't exist. Her Real name is Pamela McCarthy and she is/was a Double Agent workng for the Illuminati who was acting as a plant for AEGIS. (Translation: Her Loyalty was to the Illuminati, yet she worked for AEGIS, who sent her to be a spy working for the Illuminati). Pamela is now wanted, both by the Illuminati ANd Aegis. The Illuminati even went so far as posting 2 million dollar bounty on her. Alive if possible, dead if neccesary. Aegis also is pulling out all the stops. Pamela's face is on almost every military and mercenarty's list in all fifty states and some countries outside the US. Neither know that Pamela has changed her appearance. But her weakest link is that her signature she used to sign off on Yukio's fake residency is the perfect match (how she loops her "a's" and "e's") to her signature as Pamela. If the Signature was ever compared, red flags would go off.


Gather Info

DC 10: A female, dressed in a full red and white body suit, has been kicking the crap out of criminals all over Southside, dwownton Freedom and North Freedom. Most have caught that her name is Tarrantula, but not much else. Her 'victems' have been seen webbed to walls or lampposts.

DC 15: Tarrantula seems to have another habit: She doesn't shut up. At all. Many people have stated that desptie her fearsome appearance, she seems to have the maturity of a child. Some would even have sworn that she's fourteen years old if it wasn't for her obviously mature body shape.

DC 25: Tarantula is rather... odd. If she isn't fighting crimes, she is often seen talking on a cellphone, writing in a note book, riding on top of trains or cars while doing one of the above and other weird things. Some people guess that maybe she is living out her civilian life in costume perhaps.


DC 25: Tarrantula's fighting style is weird. Her leaps are seemingly random, but upon closer inspection, are controlled. If you look past her motor mouth (which seems to be designed to throw off your concentration), it ecomes obvious that Tarantula's tactics are rather basic. Stick and Move, force you to miss, and hammer you. Ignore her banter qand keeping an eye on her will do wonders...

DC 40: Tarrantula fast movements and reactions are uncanny. Seriously uncanny. The way she dodges things without looking or even showing signs that she knew about it before hand shows that she may posses some sort of psychic 'sixth-sense'.

Physical Science AND Tactics

DC 45: Wall Crawling? Superhuman Agility? Being able to doge unknown dangers? This almost matches the rumour of a secret super soldier project that has made it's rounds all over the medical community (mostly military). This can't be a coincidence...

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Gather Information

DC 10: A blue, gold and white clad super heroine named Fulcrum appeared in Freedom City in early November 2009. Sightings suggest she is a giant or has the ability to increase her size.

DC 15: Fulcrum possesses immense strength, nigh invulnerability, the ability to fly and stands over eight feet in height. She has been sighted in major U.S. cities, including Chicago, Denver, New York and Seattle, and began using the name Fulcrum in late 2008. Fulcrum is known as a fair and protective hero that doesn't enjoy the limelight.

DC 20: Her real name is Mona Teymourian, a Freedom City native that survived the Terminus Invasion and developed powers about four years ago. She currently resides in Riverside and works as an artist. As Fulcrum she is inspired by her hero, Centurion, and seeks to protect the world as he did, going so far as to adopt a similar costume.

DC 25: Fulcrum deliberately adopted Centurion's colors for the purpose of honoring the fallen hero and not to capitalize on his reputation. She has always sported a white cape similar to Centurion's because it was his cape. The cape was lost during the battle with Omega and vanished despite heroic efforts by AEGIS to recover it.

DC 30: The cape drifted into her window four years ago and has some connection with the development of her powers. Fulcrum wonders if she has a destiny to take Centurion's place as guardian of the earth or some other cosmic fate. Doubts still nag her that she will be unable to uphold the mantle or gain acceptance in the community.

Knowledge: Art

DC 10: Fulcrum's civilian identity is Mona Teymourian, an artist living in Riverside and frequenting galleries and shops.

DC 15: Mona is an up-and-coming artist working in comic illustration, painting and graphic design. Stephanie Robins is her pseudonym for fine arts and non-profit work, and Cricket is her pseudonym for her commercial and comic illustrations. Her style is described as cartoony and expressive, her formal pieces as original and striking.

DC 20: Mona particularly enjoys super hero comics illustration and commissions for non-profit groups. She would like to build a relationship with Castle Comics. Other patrons include The Rhodes Foundation, The Super Museum, Fun-Time Toys and various public and private parties. Sculpture has caught her attention of late and she would like to study under Raul Diaz.

Knowledge: Pop Culture

DC 10: Fulcrum began wearing a gold and blue costume after moving to Freedom City. Her previous costumes all used the same white cape.

DC 15: Her costume is based on the one worn by Centurion. She designed it herself and had it manufactured of morphic molecules by Dr. Atom in a Chicago satellite lab. She kept her original cape.

DC 20: Some quietly speculate as to where she obtained the cape. The design is identical to Centurion's own, as his was lost during the Terminus Invasion and Fulcrum's cape seems unusually sturdy for non-morphic molecule manufacturing.

DC 25: Careful examination of the cape's twin blue stripes reveals a small error in the blue printing. The smudge is minute and little known outside of super hero historians and obsessive fans. Either Fulcrum has an exact replica of Centurion's cape or the genuine article.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 10: The subject likely demonstrates many of the classic traits of the airborne metahuman: superior strength, immunity to environmental conditions and disease and resistance to most forms of small arms fire.

DC 15: Classic traits have been confirmed by field observation. Mild regeneration has also been demonstrated by the subject and continues to develop. Exposure to Variant Terminus Energies (VTEs) during the Invasion suggests a cosmic power source.

DC 20: Cosmic energy does empower the subject, although certain traits, such as strength and size, are baseline. Upper limits of power development may reach Omega Level. Variant power development unknown.

DC 25: Subject possibly included in the phenomenon known as 'Terminus babies' despite being 12 years old during Invasion. Cosmic energy appears to emanate from subject, a reversal of standard metahuman absorption and storage of Ambient Native Cosmic Energy (ANCE). Resonance studies suggest energy emanations match frequencies of absorption for so-called 'daka' crystals.

DC 30: Subject radiates VTEs that match those recorded during Omega's attack on Freedom City. Furthermore, cosmic radiation ejected by subject demonstrates identical space-time warping effects. Conclusion: Subject is a covert Terminus energy source 'cloaked' by native cosmic energy. Possible Omega Level threat.


Additional, updated information as of 2019:


Gather Information

DC 10: Mona “Fulcrum” Teymourian is a powerful heroine operating out of Freedom City. Major operations have been reported globally. She is a mentor and vocal advocate for Terminus babies.

DC 15: Her Terminus-connected powers include immense strength, nigh invulnerability, flight, and increased size. She operated with the Interceptors from 2010-13 and joined the Freedom League Auxiliary in 2019. Her career as a visual artist has taken off since 2013.

DC 20: Fulcrum went public in 2013 about her powers. AEGIS described her as a “living Terminus reactor”. She weathered the media firestorm while expanding her operations globally. Ironically, the scandal increased her exposure as an artist.

DC 25: The gold accessories she wears are power dampeners that regulate her alien metabolism and protect others. Her adventures have taken her to space and other dimensions including the Terminus! Art collectors prize her fine art pieces, dividing them into Pre- and Post- Terminus eras.

DC 30: Her power rivals Centurion's and continues to mature. She is known to commute between Earth and alien worlds across the galaxy. Fulcrum quietly donates the vast majority of her considerable income to charity.


Knowledge: Art

DC 10: Mona “Fulcrum” Teymourian is a renowned visual artist. She has previously used the pseudonyms Stephanie Robins (fine arts, non-profit work) and Cricket (commercial, comics). She enjoys non-profit and charitable work.

DC 15: Mona has refined a distinctive style critics have dubbed “surreal spiritualism”. Her work, even comics illustrations, have multiple, layered interpretations to different viewers. Although overshadowed by her heroic persona, her career has garnered accolades.

DC 20: Her portfolio has been divided into Pre- and Post- Terminus phases. These roughly equate to before and after her power development. She is the co-founder of the Freedom City Artists' Cooperative.

DC 25: Her visit to the Terminus in 2011 hastened her stylistic creativity. AEGIS even analyzed pieces for cognitohazardous content (deemed safe). Mona typically works at a normal pace despite her super speed powers.


Knowledge: Pop Culture

DC 10: Fulcrum began wearing a gold and blue costume after moving to Freedom City. All of her costumes have used a Centurion-style cape. The cape has since been authenticated by the Super Museum and is currentlly on display.

DC 15: Her costume was based on the one worn by Centurion. She designed it herself and had it manufactured of morphic molecules by Dr. Atom in a Chicago satellite lab.

DC 20: The design has shifted over the years. Her current version uses a white base with blue trim, shoulders, and her symbol. Her gold power dampeners appear as bracelets, belt, and anklets.

DC 25: The cape drifted into her window in 2007 and activated latent powers. The donation of the cape and shift to the new costume was a deliberate choice to move away from the Centurion theme.


Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 10: The subject demonstrates the top-tier traits of the airborne metahuman: superior strength, immunity to environmental conditions and disease, and resistance to most forms of conventional weaponry.

DC 15: Regenerative capabilities have been documented but full extent remains unknown. Subject continually emits low levels of cosmic energy. These emissions have been typed as Variant Terminus Energies (VTEs). VTEs ejected by subject demonstrate identical space-time warping effects to readings obtained during 1993 and 2018 Invasions. Exertion or emotional excitement spikes output.

DC 20: Containment studies indicate a metabolism based on subatomic decomposition of matter and absorption of local energy sources. Excess energy ejects resulting in measurable emissions. Physiological and anatomical studies support a non-terrestial composition that mimics normal human processes.

DC 25: Subject has been described as a “living Terminus reactor” by AEGIS (ACR 2013.9.144). Variant powers include space-warping effects such as faster-than-light travel and localized attacks. Resonance studies suggest energy emanations match absorption frequencies for so-called 'daka' crystals.

DC 30: Subject's composition is consistent with samples obtained from the Terminus. Power levels, capabilities, and emission rates continue to climb. Projections reach Omega Level. Recommend contingency protocols. Probable Omega Level threat.


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Moira Morley

Gather Information

DC10: Moira Morley is the owner of Morley's pub in the West End

DC15: Moira has been active as a superhero. The media has dubbed her Divine.

DC25: Moira was a member of now defunt team Knights of Freedom.

DC30: Moira has been known to disappear from the public eye for swaths of time. For what? No one knows.

Knowledge (Religion)

DC40: Moira is the child of Ares and Aphrodite. Her birthname is Edone. The reson she disappears for swaths of time is because she goes to Mount Olympus.

Knowledge (Pop Culture)

DC15: Moira has been hobknobbing it with certain celebrities. A Super Slams fighter known as Hellbound. Angel Marks, the heiress. Captain Knievel before he went really insane.

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Freedom Angel

Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 10: Certainly appears to be an angel of the Judeo-Christian style

DC 15: Has all the hallmarks of a genuine servant of the Logos

DC 20: Is a genuine angel, the sort usually seen as a guardian of planes of goodness and virtue

DC 25: His presence on this plane is somewhat unusual.

Knowledge: Theology and Philosophy

DC 5: Looks very much like modern angelic iconography

DC 10: Is an angel...isn't he? Some influence from the Arab churches of the Middle East

DC 15: Seems to draw heavily from a slightly archaic version of Christian philosophy similar to that espoused before 500 CE.

DC 20: Is an angel, but there are many varieties thereof. His variant, the Angeloi, are usually guardians of the good afterlife.

DC 25: Bears a striking resemblance to certain images of the patron saint of France.

Gather Information

DC 5: Flies, wears shining metal armor and wields a flaming sword. Goes by "Freedom Angel"

DC 10: Active in Lantern Hill, thinks he's an angel. Claims to be Heaven's ambassador to Earth.

DC 15: Appeared during the Christmas Eve service at St. Stephen's in Lantern Hill this year.

DC 20: Acts the part of the angel to the hilt; rescues kittens from trees, has an encyclopedic knowledge of religion.

DC 25: The name came from the press, not the man himself.

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Gather Information

DC 10 - Tempest is the monicker given to a weird elemental construct thing that has recently taken up residence in Freedom City.

DC 15 - It's believe that Tempest is some sort of nature spirit. Most of his powers deal with the direct manipulation of the elements.

DC 20 - Tempest has taken up residence in the Walton Street Forest. He seemingly lives off the land.

DC 25 - Tempest seems to be very naive and curious when it comes to human ways. He has been known to ask an abundance of questions about even the most basic of things. He is also rarely seen interacting with technology.

DC 30 - Tempest is very religious, but appears to be the only member of this faith, as it has no actual name.

DC 35 - Tempest claims to have been molded, shaped and given life by the Creators: Terra, Hydros, Celesctia, and Fuera.

DC 40 - The Creators themselves are essentially a hive mind of aspects of nature given sentience.

Knowledge: Theology & Philosophy

DC 20 - Tempest claims to have been sent here to learn about the humans by a force Tempest had dubbed the Creators.

DC 30 - Tempest undertakes this duty because he has been charged with gathering enough information so that the Creators may make another like Tempest, but human in nature.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 15 - Tempest's existence has probably caused a great number of chemists to turn to drinking.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Madcap is a super-villain based in Freedom City.

DC 15: Madcap was presumed killed in a climactic battle with the Freedom League – a body was found wearing the Madcap costume - making his recent reappearance all the more strange.

DC 20: Madcap's M.O. has changed since his reappearance. He used to be largely a thief, targeting places like high-tech chemical plants and high-tech data firms. Recently, he's been spotted in poorer sections of town, with no clear motive other than an apparent feud with his old gang, The Wise Fools.

DC 25: There's something different about the way Madcap acts and sounds, almost like it's someone else in the costume.


DC 10: Madcap is back! I knew he faked his death!

DC 15: They say Madcap's got it in for his old gang, The Wise Fools.

DC 20: Madcap's been leaving criminals stuck in that pink goo for the cops to pick up. What's up with that? Maybe he's eliminating the competition…

DC 25: They say that Madcap has become a police informant or something, and there's a bounty on his head.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Physicus is a Human Alien superhero who wears a unique battlesuit and operates out of Freedom City.

DC 15: Physicus is the champion of the remnants of a Human Alien race called the Khaladi.

DC 20: Physicus arrived in Freedom City on February 26, 2010, when a starship carrying all of the Khaladi crashed into the ocean nearby.

DC 25: The Khaladi are refugees whose homeworld was destroyed by the brutal Broan Empire.

DC 30: Physicus is the second hero under that name; the first was active from the late sixties to the early eighties.

Knowledge: Technology

DC 10: Physicus is a Human Alien superhero who wears a unique battlesuit and operates out of Freedom City.

DC 15: Physicus has no powers without his suit, which is incredibly durable and allows him to shoot bolts of kinetic energy.

DC 20: The suit recycles oxygen and nutrients, and could theoretically sustain Physicus indefinitely.

DC 25: The suit is bio-linked to members of the Khaladi royal bloodline, and will not operate at all for anyone else.

DC 30: The suit is made out of an energy-absorbent material called Khaladi Phaseweave, which cannot be created anywhere other than the now destroyed planet of Khalados due to the unique properties of that planet's magnetic field, which influenced the forging process.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Physicus is a Human Alien superhero who wears a unique battlesuit and operates out of Freedom City.

DC 15: Physicus's real name is Zakitaj Kelembran; he is financially supported in his crime-fighting by his fellow Khaladi Human-Aliens.

DC 20: Physicus is a real boy scout, with a code forbidding unnecessary harm and obligating him to see that criminals are tried fairly.

DC 25: Physicus is a strong believer in redemption who prefers to avoid violence when possible. He is often called naive.

DC 30: Physicus is actually Physicus II; the original was a teleporting hero who fought street crime from the sixties to the early eighties.

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DC 10: On occasion in the Fens, Southside, and sometimes a shadowy figure can be seen on the rooftops. Mysterious injuries appear on minor Mafiosi and gangland thugs, suggesting a new crimefighter in the area.

DC 15: There is. Over the last month or so a black-clad crimefighter who doesn't give his name has been asking questions, and breaking bones if he doesn't get answers.

DC 20: Over the last two years in New York, a costumed avenger of nearly identical description to the new one in Freedom has been working over the Five Families and curiously, a few large businesses that were later suspected of fraud and other white-collar crimes. This superhero was called the Black Terror.

DC 25: Sometimes people are asking after the Terror's activities in the criminal underworld. People with connections and power.


DC 10: The Special Crimes Unit is a FCPD department devoted to organized crime, politically sensitive cases, and occasionally superpowered criminals when they are not dealt with by other superheroes.

DC 15: Benito Santini is a Detective in the SCU, recently transfered from the NYDP. He has a history of busting Mafia men, and something of a temper.

DC 20: Santini was kidnapped by an unknown party three years back, and returned to active duty after the investigation into his kidnapping was closed unusually quickly.

Popular Culture

DC 10: The Black Terror is a Golden Age comic book character. The character's license has changed hands several times.

DC 15: The Black Terror has reportedly been seen around Freedom City and New York in the last two years. As the Black Terror is a fictional character, it's most likely someone using the costume and moniker.

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DC 15: A werewolf is a human that can transform into a wolf. It is a large, yet very anatomically correct wolf.

DC 20: Lukos' transformation is due to a strange disease called Lycanthropy. Lycanthropy manifests itself at least once a month, forcing the afflicted to transform into a wolf during a full moon. Little is known about the specifics of this disease.

DC 25: Lycanthropy afflicts humans and forces them to transform into a wolf at certain times. Over time, the most common name for the transformed form has become "Werewolf," or more scientifically, Lycanthrope. Aside from this forced shape change Lycanthropy affords the afflicted part with other benefits and detriments. The afflicted party enjoys a set of enhanced physical traits. Though, lycanthropy also places a number of vulnerabilities upon the afflicted.

DC 30: A lycanthrope's enhanced abilities include strength and stamina as well as heightened senses, and the ability to shape shift at will. Lycanthropes have also been known to possess a very strong immune system. Weaknesses afforded by the disease include certain metals such as Cold Iron and especially Silver. There has never been a documented case of a lycanthrope giving birth. So far, Lycanthropy is known to be an incurable Meta-disease spread through the saliva. The chance of contracting lycanthropy from a werewolf bite is as yet unknown.

DC 15: A new hero in town prowls the streets at night. This hero has taken to dressing in dark clothing. Usually a hood or wool cap always accompanied by a Gas Mask. This hero spends his time dealing with local gangs and street thugs as well as other small time criminals.

DC 15: Rumors have it that a large wolf has been assaulting criminals at night. The wolf has been spotted most often in the area of the Fens.

DC 20: The hero seen prowling the streets has taken the name Lukos. He has threatened many criminals with nothing more than his bare hands. In desperate situations Lukos has been seen using a fire axe, and very rarely a pistol.

DC 20: The wolf has attacked only violent criminals, "in the act". It employs it's teeth, claws, and fear as its weapons.

DC 25: Further rumors suggest that Lukos and the wolf that has been attacking criminals are one and the same. An astute observer even pointed out that in Latin, "Lukos" means "Wolf". The simple fact that Lukos and the wolf have never been seen in the same place at once is even further evidence to support these rumors.

DC 30: One frightened citizen told the police that he witnessed Lukos transforming into the wolf after being shot at point blank range by a pistol in a gang fight. The transformation all but destroyed the Hero's clothing in the process. After the fight was resolved, the wolf simply fled the scene not bothering to retrieve its belongings. The truth of this testimony is debatable.

Thomas Young

DC 15: A native of Freedom, Thomas has much family that lives in and around Freedom. Thomas and his family are decendants of the Shawnee.

DC 20: Thomas is a graduate of FCU. Thomas' grandfather, Cathecassa, used to be a Shawnee eldar in the mid-west, but now lives in the forest west of Freedom. Thomas has been acting strangely about once a month for the past few years, according to those who know him.

DC 25: Thomas has been known to make himself scarce once a month. He behaves unreliably and acts flaky. For that day, even friends and family find it difficult to contact him.

DC 30: The day on which Thomas makes himself scarce always occurs on the day of the full moon.


DC 15: The forests nearby Freedom have a strangely active wolf population. The wolves only hunt animals, and have only been reported to attack civilians and campers on the rarest occasions.

DC 20: The only reported attacks on humans have happened to isolated campers on full moon nights. Other campers have reported that the wolf pack seems extraordinarily more active on those nights.

DC 25: Residents of the West End know of a small house near the forest. Neighbors have repeatedly heard the residents refer to it as, "The Pack House." It has no more than 3 or 4 permanent residents, though visitors are frequent. The number of visitors peaks on nights with a Full Moon, when the residents of the house have been known to throw parties.

DC 30: Parties at the Pack House are typically over early in the evening. At that point the visitors and the residents leave and the house becomes deserted.

DC 15: Tales of Lycanthropy and Werewolves trace all the way back to roman times. Some were said to act as priests of the Pagan faith.

DC 20:The majority of well documented tales of Lycanthropes begin in France about 100 years before the French revolution. Other documented cases come out of eastern Europe.

DC 25: Besides the oral tradition of the American Indians, the first documented cases of Lycanthropes in the United States originate during the American Revolution.

DC 30: There are unconfirmed reports of the Vatican using those infected with Lycanthropy as special ops soldiers and spies before the fall of the Roman empire.

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Midnight II

Gather Information

DC 10: The Liberty Legionnaire known only as Midnight disappeared without a trace in the late 1950s.

DC 15: A string of crimes have been foiled by someone using his old brand of stealth and intimidation, including his trademark ‘midnight mist’.

DC 25: A handful of eyewitnesses have provided descriptions which suggest that this new hero may actually be the original Midnight himself. If so, he’d be at least ninety years old, without having aged a day.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Criminals throughout Freedom City have been keeping an increasingly nervous eye on the shadows of late.

DC 15: Rumour has it the mysterious vigilante known as Midnight has returned after decades of absence, and renewed his war on crime.

DC 20: Midnight is heralded by a inky cloud of absolute darkness which leaves behind nothing but men beaten unconscious or quivering in terror.

DC 25: Reports of the man himself are sketchy at best, but consistently include a pitch black, featureless face with glowing red eyes.

Knowledge: Technology

DC 15: Midnight’s motorcycle appears to be a custom design, featuring a WWII-era design ascetic, but it’s performance suggests that it’s internal components are more modern.

DC 25: In the 1940s Midnight used a special pistol to dispense his ‘midnight mist’. His current use of a variety of miniaturised gadgets suggests that technology might have been incorporated directly into his updated costume.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 20: The midnight mist currently used by Midnight is chemically identical to the gas used up until his disappearance.

DC 25: On closer inspection, the current mist has an odd, organic quality which the old mist lacked.

Knowledge: History

DC 20: Several elements of the current Midnight’s costume and equipment are identical to those used by the Liberty Legionnaire of the same name, including his trademark fedora and Night Cycle.

DC 30: Despite that, this new hero’s body type, fighting style and mannerisms differ from those of the original. While there is likely a connection between the two, it’s clear that they are two distinct people.

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Fleur de Joie


Gather Information: Stesha Madison

DC 10: Stesha Madison is a resident of Freedom City and has lived in the city for approximately six years. She is newly divorced as of early 2015 and has one daughter named Amaryllis. She does not appear to have any employment currently. She has a Facebook where most of the public photos are motivational cartoons and pictures of unusually large plants. Stesha graduated from Northwestern University in 2008 with a degree in biology.

DC 15: Stesha's large extended family is based in a suburb of Chicago, where her father is a professor of botany and her mother is an alternative medicine clinician and midwife. They both have websites. Stesha has five siblings, several of whom have spouses and children of their own. Stesha recently moved with her daughter into the DuTemps Building. The location of her ex-husband, Derrick Lumins, is currently unknown. Her last known job was five years ago at an event florist called Flowers By Design.

DC 20: In her divorce petition, Stesha did not ask for child support, stating that she was self-sufficient and that Derrick had no income to allow him to contribute. She also stated that her primary residence is not in Freedom City, though she maintains an address there. She listed herself as being employed by the Freedom League, though she did not specify in what capacity.

DC 25: (difficulty lower with repeated interactions) Stesha Madison is the civilian identity of the heroine known as Fleur de Joie, and her ex-husband Derrick is the hero Dark Star. Dark Star has not been seen in Freedom City for at least three years, which may have led to the failure of the marriage.




Gather Information: Fleur de Joie

DC 5: Fleur de Joie is a superheroine who has been active in Freedom City for more than five years now. She's a member of the Freedom League Auxilary and has the power to control plants. She is notable for her long, bright green hair that is usuallly braided with flowers. She's seen frequently around the city, especially in its parks and wildlife areas.

DC 10: Fleur de Joie is a very powerful plant controller who is sometimes called in during drought and famine to help with relief work. She can create or destroy large numbers of plants with a wave of her hand, and she also has some healing and teleportation powers. She recently divorced her husband of four years, Dark Star, with whom she has one child a daughter who also has green hair.

DC 15: Fleur is well-connected in the hero community, even beyond the Freedom League. She seems to know nearly every established hero in the city, and seems to be well-liked. Before her divorce, she and Dark Star seemed to have a storybook relationship, with wedding photos of themselves in costume published in the paper, and their daughter's arrival announced by Dark Star writing the news on the moon. More recently, Dark Star seems to have vanished from Freedom City and nobody talks about it.

DC 20: Fleur de Joie is the heroic identity of Stesha Madison, a resident of Freedom City who lives in the DuTemps Tower with her daughter Amaryllis. Many people seem to know this fact, but pretend not to our of politeness or respect. Even the tabloids hawking the news of her divorce refrained from using her civilian name.

DC 25: Fleur de Joie does not actually live in Freedom City, she lives in an alternate universe Freedom-City region called Sanctuary, which is a pastoral paradise reclaimed from a dead and blasted world. Several members of the FLA seem to live there, along with an unknown number of dimensional regufees. Fleur has recently been soliciting donations to help clothe and support these refugees.



Heroic Community Reputation

Minimal Heroic Contacts: Fleur de Joie is a plant controller and a member of the Freedom League Auxiliary, she's very powerful, very friendly, and she knows everybody. She'll try to help anybody who comes to her with a problem.

Few Heroic Contacts: Fleur lives in an alternate dimension called Sanctuary with her daughter, some fellow heroes, some refugees, and a colony of giant bees. She's been an active hero for more than five years now and been in on a lot of city defense projects. She was married to Dark Star, another very powerful hero, but that's over now, and Fleur doesn't want to talk about it.

Moderate Heroic Contacts: You probably know Fleur personally, or know someone who knows her well. Her civilian name is Stesha, and her daughter is Amaryllis, or Ammy. Her marriage to Dark Star has been in trouble for years, but she only officially ended it recently. Besides working for the Freedom League, Stesha is the full-time administrator for Sanctuary and its nearly eleven thousand human and nonhuman residents. She is capable of teleportation, dimensional travel, and healing, and when she gets busy she doesn't seem to need to eat or sleep.

Many Heroic Contacts: If you don't know Fleur personally, there's probably a specific reason or a very bizarre coincidence at work. Fleur was underpowered when she was asked to join the Freedom League Auxiliary, but was brought on board partially as a courtesy to her husband. She has grown substantially in power and prowess since then and can now hold her own. People say Stesha's marriage was in trouble from the start, that she called off the wedding once before it took place, but then rescheduled it. She is extremely physically durable due to unique physiology, and does not need to eat or sleep except during times of unusual physical stress due to her ability to photosynthesize. Her hair is a weakness to her, if damaged it will hurt her.

Comprehensive Heroic Contacts: If you do not know Fleur personally at this point, one of you is avoiding the other. Due to an incident five years back with the heroine Divine, Fleur is functionally immortal and has come back from the dead at least once. There is speculation that her healing may be strong enough to resuscitate the recently dead, though even she is not totally sure. She does not breathe oxygen and has no targetable physical weaknesses except her hair. She doesn't like vampires much due to a short-lived and disastrous relationship with the hero Avenger before either of their marriages. Stesha's daughter Amaryllis has begun displaying some powers of both her parents and is expected to become a very powerful metahuman one day.

Knowledge: Pop Culture

DC 5: Fleur de Joie is a popular Freedom City heroine, a plant controller who can sometimes be spotted in the parks of Freedom City when she is not working with the Freedom League.

DC 15: Fleur's fairytale marriage to Dark Star cracked up in January of 2015 when Fleur filed for divorce and custody of the couple's daughter. She has refused all questions and interviews about the matter.

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Mongrel Angel

Gather Information

DC 10 - Mongrel Angel is a winged super-strong heroinne who's been operating in Freedom for about two years, she mainly goes for street-crime but does handle bigger stuff at times.

DC 15 - Mongrel Angel lives in Port Regal as Alex Maenheld. She's a known bisexual of exceptional looks and charm, and a noteable degree of promiscuity. She possess a number of different energy blasts apart from her great strength.

DC 20 - Alex has been seen fairly often with Moira Morley, aka Divine, during the last few months. MA has been recorded as recovering from grevious, near fatal, injuries with no lasting harm done. Apart from just flying around she's been observed to teleport to locations around the city. Curiously there is no record of her existence prior to late March 2008.

DC 25 - In fact MA has recovered from more than just near fatal injuries but has at least once recovered from being clinically dead.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 15 - Someone's been tacking out muggers and robbers around the city, and not one of the sneaky capes either though it always happens at night. It's all happening all over the city, no real pattern to it either.

DC 20 - This someone can change shape and seems to entice possible criminals to act a bit more recklessly than they otherwise would, luring them in then laying them out hand-to-hand before either vanishing with the crooks or summoning the authorities.

Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 15 - It's not unknown for supernatural entities to breed with humans or other mortals. Such individuals tend to possess greater than normal physical abilities and at least some other traits from their supernatual parent; wings are common. Mongrel Angel could well be a half-breed of either angelic or demonic stock, possible from a fallen angel.

DC 20 - MA doesn't seem to quite fit any known half-breed type, it's possible she's simply from outside the generally known sphere of influence so to speak and merely resembles a few other more well known magical creatures.

DC 30 - In fact MA is a hybrid of at least two different magical creatures, her use of the generally conflicting powers of heaven and the hells is one result of this. It's quite possible that she's still maturing in the use of her powers and might come to display traits associated with other realms.

DC 35 - Mongrel Angel comes from a small migratory dimension who's inhabitants turn up alone or in pairs throughout much of the Cosmic Coil, usually just passing through.

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Gather Information

DC10: Isn't he from those Conan movies?

DC 15: Crom's a strongman type who doesn't have a secret identity.

DC 20: He is an avatar of an ancient Irish god

DC 25: Crom was bound to a mortal host by Overshadow, and doesn't remember anything from before his arrival in Freedom City.

Knowledge (History)

DC 10: Crom is believed to be a god of fertility and the sun, but there is little acheological evidence about him.

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Eve Martel

Gather Information

DC 10: Eve Alexis Martel, born 11 April 1994. Eve was a Junior (International) Elite Gymnast and was considered an eventual Olympic contender.

DC 15: Eve suffered an injury two years ago after an apparent loss of concentration during a competition and hasn't competed since.

DC 20: The reason she hasn't been in a competition since is that she is banned, as she is now classified as a "metahuman" or "mutant."

DC 25: Eve Martel is psychically gifted.

The Martel Family

Gather Information

DC 5: The Martels privately control a global high-tech corporation.

DC 15: The Martel family is extensive. Though the majority of the family is in Europe (France, mainly) a significant minority is located in the United States, split (almost) equally between the Atlantic and Pacific coast.

DC 30: A significant number of Martel family members are psychically gifted. The Psions and the Martels are closely linked. Professor Psion seduced Cerise Martel and used her in his experiments. The Martels have secretly tried to rehabilitate the children of that union and since their loss have actively switched their attention to Professor Psion's grandchildren.

Knowledge (History)

DC 25: The Martels can trace their lineage through the Carolingian Dynasty to Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne.

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Gather Information

DC 5: Rycon is a vigilante that has been seen patrolling parts of Freedom City just a few months ago.

DC 10: Despite the looks, Rycon is a female. She seems to throw electricity and knives. Sometimes she's seen with a squid-like hero or another female. Her blood is a different color, so she may not be from Earth.

DC 15: Rycon is indeed born and raised on Earth as a human. She often appears in incidents that are on or we're just on the radio somehow, like she appears out of nowhere. She had also given up on her knives, perhaps due to cost of wherever she gets them.

DC 20: Rycon is apparently a student at Claremont Academy. She attends there along with the squid, known as Kid Cthulhu and the female, who could be anybody there. She is also seen often with police if they're involved in incidents. She is well known by Dr. Archeville here. Rumors say they've met in the past frequently.

DC 30: Rycon seems to appear in and out of electrical devices, which is how she get's around the city so quickly. She also has an invisibility device that she uses to surprise and acquire an advantage against her enemies.

Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC 20: Rycon's source of electricity comes from her brain, which creates the substance.

DC 25: When she teleports, her body turns into atoms that enter an electrical device and re-materializes at the end on another. She can also overcharge an enemy to temporarily put an enemy's brain to sleep.

DC 30: Rycon's blood is a different color because her blood has more copper in it than usual, allowing her body to conduct and use electricity at will. Her brain also holds a device of some sort that assists her electric abilities.

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Gather Information:

DC 10 - Pharos is a superhero that has only recently begun operating in Freedom City. Costume consists of bright whites, yellows and golds.

DC 15 - Pharos seems to possess some form of solar energy manipulation powers, the extent and origin of which are a mystery.

DC 20 - Pharos' powers include flight, super strength, and blasting attacks. His solar powers appear to have a mystic origin. Something about being "the soul of the Sun".

DC 20 - Unconfirmed reports and news stories indicate that there have been occasions where Pharos has appeared out of thin air to pursue his activities, with some victims reporting that they only whispered for help. These reports are world-wide.

DC 25 - It seems that Pharos has a weakness to magical attacks.

DC 30 - The weakness is not actually to magic itself, but to certain metals commonly used in magical weapons: Meteoric Iron and Orichalcum.

Knowledge (Arcane Lore):

DC 10 - The Helios Theory is a mystic theory similar to the Gaia Theory. It states that just as a planet or location might have a spirit or soul, so too might a star.

DC 10 - Certain beings have the ability to incarnate themselves over multiple lives for various purposes

DC 15 - Pharos is one such being, and this is the origin of his solar powers

DC 20 - The Helios Theory is correct, stars do have souls. However most are under a mysterious "Quiescence" that hinders interaction with other beings.

DC 25 - Pharos is the incarnate of the Sun itself, the star appearing to have warded off Quiescence in this manner.

DC 25 - There appears to be a similar Incarnate to Pharos that has been active simultaneously to incarnates of the Sun. This is the soul of Nergal, the dying star that co-orbits the Sun.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences):

DC 10 - The Nemesis Theory states that the solar system is a Binary Star System, with the Sun having a counter part brown dwarf that it co-orbits.

DC 15 - Thanks to the astronomic research of Dr. Archeville, the Nemesis Theory was recently proven correct. The stellar body was given the classification NS-1.

DC 20 - Recent research has shown that NS-1, or "Nergal" as it is sometimes called, was once much more massive and brighter billions of years in the past, as well as possessing a tighter co-orbit. The reasons for its current distance and Brown Dwarf status are unknown.

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Aiko Karakuri / Blue Rogue

Gather Information

DC 10: Blue Rogue showed up shortly before the Grue Invasion, deals mainly with street crime in southern Freedom. She's strong, tough and insanely quick and agile.

DC 15: She seems to be an Aiko Karakuri, a japanese immigrant, who lives at Claremont, her blue hair makes her quite distinctive.

DC 20: Aiko is an expert with most forms of technology in addition to being probably the best acrobat in the world.

DC 25: In fact she can connection with computers mentally, which facilitates her own skill with them.

Ako / The Angel Androids

Gather Information

DC 10: The Angel Androids are Doctor Otaku's primary henches, where he goes they follow.

DC 13: There's three of them, a redhead, a blonde, and a brunette; Aiko, Aya and Aki.

DC 15: They're strong, fairly tough, and incredibly agile. They also work very well as a team. For some reason they're constantly cheerful and chipper.

DC 20: Doesn't matter if they're broken or scrapped after a fight for Otaku, he just replaces them. Unsurprisingly, a lot of heroes have clashed with Otaku and the Angel Androids over the years. The last time Otaku got caught all of the Angel Androids were captured intact, apparently due to a glitch in one of them.

DC 25: Supposedly one of the Androids went near berserk and tried to kill Otaku, only got stopped because the heroes were already there. It followed along to the Freedom League on its own. The League hasn't said anything about it beyond that really.

Knowledge: Technology

DC 15: Doctor Otaku, no matter is criminal status, is argueably one of, if not the, greatest minds on Earth when it comes to robotics. The incredibly life-like but still potent Angel Androids are a case in point.

DC 20: Otaku seems to almost constantly make backups of the AA's "minds" so as to be able to bring them back when their bodies are destroyed. The dual purpose of the AA's would indicate that they could be better at pure combat than they are, but that their life simulating hardware might well be detracting from this.

DC 25: Daedalus and several other technical minds have been able to examine remains, in various states of intactness, following some of the fights the AA's have been involved in. Consensus is that Otaku is brilliant, and sick.

The core processor, what passes for their minds, are housed in an extra armoured compartment within their chest cavities rather than the exposed heads, which simply houses sensory equipment and voice synthesisers.

DC 30: (Further technical notes)

Ako = Aiko

This is handled on a case to case basis thus far. Sufficiently intelligent/informed characters can figure it out, but it's not a simply matter of a die roll. At least not yet.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Warren Wilder AKA Riff is a world famous musician and superhero

DC 15: Riff's superpowers allow him to control sound with his mind.

DC 20: Warren was once lead guitarist of a band called Octopus Dropkick, up until the band split after the disappearance of lead singer Eddie Ozan AKA Breakdown despite attempts to hold it together.

DC 25: Rumors hint that Riffs powers manifested when a nightclub he was working at was attacked by the Maestro.

DC 30: Other rumors floating around the internet indicate that Riff has a giant cyborg bat he keeps as a pet. No one knows for sure if this is true or not.


Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC 10: Riff is considered one of the greatest guitarists in existence. His debut album Soundbreaker was number one on the charts for months.

DC 15: Its a well known fact that Warren Wilder revealed his identity during a Battle of the Bands concert that was attacked by the Maestro and The Green Man. Recordings of the fight went viral for a while.

DC 20: In a interview with Super-Vision, Riff revealed that one of the first supervillains he fought was The Maestro. The Sonic Sentinel has admitted to disliking the Conductor of Crime above most criminals for using music to pull his crimes.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Dynamo is a super hero that has recently become active in Freedom City. His main power is super speed. He appears to be younger in age, though appears to be out of high school.

DC 15: Dynamo has been associated with the Interceptors team and is one of their active members. As such he appears to work in the West End of Freedom more frequently than he does in the other areas of Freedom.

DC 20: Dynamo has earned a reputation for being a bit of a skirt chaser. There has been a case of reported sexual harrassement, but Dynamo was cleared of all charges when it was shown he was otherwise detained at the time. Dynamo did not press charges for liable or slander. Dynamo has also been shown as having a degree of manipulation over electricity, able to project bolts of lightning from his hands.

DC 25: Although they possess similar powers, Dynamo does not appear to have any relation to the teen hero Bolt. There has been speculation that Dynamo may be Bolt from the future or from a parallel dimension. These have yet to gain any attention from the scientific community.

DC 30: There appear to be some electrical disturbances at the scene of some of Dynamo's altercations with the villains of Freedom City. It is possible that Dynamo is the unknowing source of these disturbances.

Knowledge: Current Events

DC 20: Given the nature of Dynamo’s powers and when he became active in Freedom City, there is speculation that his powers are a result of the massive lightning storm generated by Dr. Stratos several months ago.

DC 30: Several lightning bolts struck across Freedom, however, only one of the bolts didn’t cause collateral damage. This bolt struck in the vicinity of Freedom College. Knowing Dynamo’s approximate age, it is reasonable to assume that he is a student at the college.

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Fusion (Joan Collier)

Gather Info:

DC 10: Fusion is a tentacled, super-strong heroine.

DC 15: Fusion has been active on the West Coast and in Japan for the last five years. She's new to Freedom City. Joan Collier is a reporter for the Freedom City Ledger, where she writes a column about city life for the Metro section.

DC 20: Fusion has powers a lot like a superpowered amphibious octopus, lifting cars and trucks with super-strong suckered tentacles, swinging and gliding through the air and water, and spraying ink jets from her mouth. Joan Collier is married to Charlie Smith, an accountant who works for the city's planning department. Her daugher's name is Lois, she's a nine-year-old private school student in the West End.

DC 25: Fusion is cagey, but has dropped a lot of hints about having an alien origin. She was active as part of the Pacific Defenders for several years, and before that as the resident heroine of Portland. Joan Collier was a reporter for the Portland Tribune before taking a few years off with her family, and later went to work for the Freedom City Ledger.

DC 30: Joan Collier was the victim of a major industrial accident involving mutagens while living in Oregon, and only survived after the intervention of some of the world's leading super-scientists. Fusion is not an alien, but rather derives her powers from some kind of genetic mutation.

DC 35: Fusion and Joan Collier are the same person.

Knowledge: popular culture

DC 15: Fusion is a tentacled, super-strong heroine.

DC 20: Fusion was active on the West Coast as the native hero of Portland, and then part of a Pacific Rim superhero team headquartered in Japan.

DC 25: Fusion was the subject of a popular sentai hentai anime series during her time living in Japan.

DC 30: Fusion _hated_ that show and launched a successful lawsuit that ultimately forced a name change on the show and drove her out of the Pacific Defenders

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Robing Morrigan Isla Cross

Gather Information

DC 10 Robin Cross runs a magic store in the North End, Cross' Road. It's regarded as legit by the magical practitioners in the city.

DC 15 Most of Robin's business comes from students at FCU, but she had been known to look into on the odd occult problem and even tutor young magelings.

DC 20 The reason Robin's so adept is that she's a practicing sorceress herself, and fairly powerful as things are measured. She's held her own against ghosts, necromancers, vampires, and could probably go spell-to-spell against Seven.

DC 30 Robin Cross doesn't appear on any systems or records before about a decade ago, when she appeared out of the thin air in Cleveland.

Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC 15 Robin Cross seems equally adept at casting spells and creating items of power, an unusual combination.

DC 20 Robin's magic is more oriented towards mental effects, rather than physical.

DC 25 Robin uses a variety of languages in her spellcasting, including Latin, Greek, and ancient Sumerian. At the very least, this suggests a wide and varied training.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Valkyrie is a true warrior, charging into battle with a warhammer and armor.

DC 15: The arms and armor that Valkyrie uses to fight crime are magical.

DC 20: The hammer that Valkyrie uses is rumored to be the legendary hammer Mjollnir. Her gauntlets and belt are actually the legendary artifacts Járngreipr & Megingjörð

DC 25: Valkyrie is a chosen warrior of the Norse gods themselves. She wields the Orb of Fate, which grants her the protection of the gods. Valkyrie is on a mission sent by the gods to prove her worth, and one day earn the honor of fighting in Valhalla.

Knowledge History

DC 10: Valkyries were warrior women of Norse legend.

DC 15: Valkyries were immortal beings akin to angels. The mortal version of these warriors warriors was the Shield-maiden. While Valkyrie is mortal, she claims the names of the immortal warriors regardless.

DC 20: Valkyries are servants of the Gods. They walk the halls of Valhalla and are privileged with serving the Gods their mead. It may be Valkyrie's goal to one day be worthy of this honor.

DC 25: Valkyries spend their days in Valhalla preparing for Ragnarok beside the spirits of fallen warriors, and the Gods themselves. Valkyrie is the embodiment of the Valkyrie Herja, the Godess of War.

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Ironclad II

Gather Information

DC 5 Jessica Parker is the daughter of Gregory Parker and Courtney Dawes-Parker, and heir to the Dawes Tech empire. She's also the brain and body behind the superheroine Ironclad.

DC 10 Jessica's a founding member of the Lab, and can usually be found either working there or in her penthouse apartment in Parkside.

DC 15 Jessica is an outright genius, with an IQ of over 140 and a love of technology. She graduated from the Hanover Institute of Technology at age 18.

DC 20 Though heir to Dawes Tech, Jessica doesn't much care for business. She'd rather tinker in the lab all day that run the company.

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