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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)


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Gather Information (+10 if security clearance with western intelligence agencies, automatic if AEGIS clearance)

DC 20: Echohead is affiliated with AEGIS and trained by them. He is not a full agent but is considered an operative.

DC 30: Echohead has psychic abilities including mind reading – hence his value to intelligence agencies. Physically mediocre (at best), AEGIS has given him high tech equipment (a blaster pistol and composite armor).

DC 40: Echohead has the ability to “Copy” brain patterns into his own, which can cause psychic instability but also allows him to gain the skills and abilities of anyone he copies. He can only copy one mind at a time.


Knowledge [Behavioural Sciences] (+5 if access to psychological reports / profile, -5 if no personal interactions with Echohead/Umberto)

DC 20: Echohead shows signs of low self esteem and poor confidence, speculatively due to sustained bullying growing up.

DC 25: Echohead also shows sign’s of a dependent attachment to maternal figures.

DC 30: There are signs of low level dissociation when exerting his powers, suggestive that the he assumes some personality traits of people he uses his powers on.


Knowledge [Business]

DC 15: Echohead is the owner of Velluti Violets, although he no longer runs the place.

DC 20: will give indication that it was moderately well run / successful and fundamentally “clean”.

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Zechariah Davidyan

Gather Information

DC 15: Zack is a substitute teacher at one of the schools in the West End, where his students find him amusing and engaging.

DC 20: Zack specializes in consulting with those interested in historical research – while his knowledge is not as deep as many experts, it is far broader than most, and he can speak on things from the Sassanids’ relationship with Zoroastrianism to the plight of the working class in the modern era.


Knowledge (History)

DC 25: The surname “Davidyan” is a cognate for Davidian, and may indicate ties to the ancient dynasty of the Kingdom of Judah – the line of David.



Gather Information

DC 20: A new black-clad hero has been using telekinesis to ensure the safety of Freedom City. Most recently, he’s been seen helping those who were hurt in the Terminus invasion.

DC 30: Most of Tempest’s activities have been centered around the West End, though he doesn’t appear to be affiliated in any way with the local heroes there.

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Prince Kamau of Dakana

Gather Information

DC 10:  Teenage child of M'Bala King of Dakana.  Tabloids and international society papers have pictures of him from age five to around twelve.  Currently sixteen and twin sibling to Àjàṣorò Tafari.

DC 20:  More recent pictures can be found in Dakanan print media and from rare international events he's attended with his family.

DC 25:  The Prince is attending an exclusive boarding school in the united states.


Kameron Kingdom

Gather Information

DC 15:  Kameron is an exchange student from Dakana currently living in Freedom City

DC 20:  Kameron is attending the prestigious Claremont Academy as part of a scholarship program arranged by Danger International

DC 25:  Kameron's immigration file is sealed, unusual for a normal exchange student even with Dakanan secrecy.

DC 30:  Kameron is Prince Kamau of Dakana and is actually attending Claremont under full Diplomatic envoy status.


Red Lynx


DC 15:  An operative in a crimson suite and stylized feline maks has been spotted in south freedom

DC 20:  The Red Lynx operates primarily at night striking from hiding to disrupt crimes in progress

DC 25:  Few of the criminals stopped by the vigilante are turned in to the police though they are warned to find legitimate work


Gather Information

DC 15:  Lynx uses stylized african weaponry and his costume fits with that aesthetic

DC 20:  The armor and weapons used by Lynx are not made from normal materials they are beyond the technology used in normal manufacturing

DC 30:  Red Lynx has only recently appeared in Freedom but has previously has been spotted operating in some African nations


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Astrid Torsten

Gather Information 

DC 15: Astrid is an international student from Norway whose enrolled in Claremont Academy. 

DC 20: Astrid's father disappeared without a trace when she was young and her mother has recently died in a car accident. 

DC 25: Astrid and her brother Anders were reported missing by the Norwegian police for over a whole year. When they resurfaced no formal investigation about their whereabouts was officially made and the original case file disappeared.


Ms. Thursday

Gather Information 

DC 15: Ms. Thursday is a student at Claremont. Her tuition was paid for in ancient golden coins from the Viking Age. 

DC 20: Ms. Thursday uses a magical club weapon called Porrklubba that closely resembles an aluminium baseball bat. She is also supernaturally strong and athletic, being capable of various feats of strength that mark her as an metahuman. 

DC 25: So as long as Ms. Thursday is holding Porrklubba she has the power to fly, teleport short distances, travel to different realms, and even manipulate the weather. 


Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 

DC 15: Ms. Thursday's weapon Porrklubba is covered in ancient Nordic runes.  

DC 20: Ms. Thursday is an Asgardian and her weapon Porrklubba was crafted by the same smiths who made Mjolnir.

DC 30: Ms. Thursday is the demigoddess daughter of Thor, God of Thunder and Protector of Humanity.


Knowledge [Cosmology] 

DC 25: Ms. Thursday is the child of a Thor from another Earth in the multiverse. The Asgardians of that Earth never worked with the Nazis and find the idea of ever doing so revolting. 

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Gather Information

DC 15: Justice is a brand new hero, with little experience, but lot of enthusiasm.

DC 20: Justice seems to get more powerful in full costume than out. She seems to be a super hero fangirl.

DC 25: Justice takes a moment to transform into her full costume.


Knowledge [Technology]

DC 15: Justice's costume and weapon seem to use advanced technology.


Knowledge [Pop Culture]

DC 20: Many of Justice's abilities seem similar to those displayed by characters in Japanese Tokusatsu tv shows such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, as well as the American equivalent Power Rangers.


Robin Lynne Langley

Gather Information

DC 5: Robin's family lives in Emerald City.

DC 10: Robin is a PhD student at Emerald City University, studying a number of sciences. 

DC 15: Robin is a self-described nerd and loves super heroes in all its forms. 

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Forever Boy

Gather Information

DC 15: Forever Boy is a student at Claremont. He is able to fly.

DC 20: Forever Boy is able to manipulate what he calls Pixie Dust for a number of effects. 

DC 25: Forever Boy is from another world called Neverworld. He is searching for a way home. 


Knowledge [Litterature] or Knowledge [Pop Culture]

DC 5: Forever Boy seem to have many similarities with Peter Pan.


Pan Barrie

Gather Information

DC 15: Pan is a student at Claremont from Luxembourg in Europe.

DC 35: Pan did not legally exist before September 3rd 2018.

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Dust Devil II

Gather Information

DC 10: The Dust Devil seems to operate primarily in Southside, Freedom City, though he has been seen in most of the city.

DC 20: The Dust Devil's powers seem to be based around turning into sand. He is supernaturally strong and durable.

DC 30: The Dust Devil seems to be actually made of sand.


Knowledge [Arcane Lore]

DC 15: The Dust Devil is the guardian of the Magic Mesa. His power is magical in nature.

DC 20: There has been at least one previous Dust Devil. His current fate is unknown. The current Dust Devil do not seem to be bound to the Magic Mesa like his predecessor.

DC 25: The previous Dust Devil died before being revived as the Dust Devil. It is unknown if the same applies to his successor.

DC 30: 


Cassidy Collins

Gather Information

DC 5: Cassidy Collins lives in Southside. He is employed in the "Ridin' Can" grocery store that his father manages as a stocker. 

DC 15: Cassidy seems to have underwent a change in behavior after a road trip in the fall 2018. 

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Captain Cosmos


Buddy Brand

Knowledge [Current Events]


DC 10 Buddy Brand works for Channel 7, Freedom City News, as a News-reader

DC 15 He has a "Special" on Thurdsay night, an hour long "Brand Report" looking in depth at a particular event in current news. 

DC 20 He is freindly with Jen Locksley (FC Sourcebook, p 47), Channel 7 News, the weather girl...and there have been plenty of rumours of a romance (none substantiated)



Gather Information


DC 25 The rumours of romance with Jen Locksley are unfounded. Buddy has a solid relationship with Channel 7, but he is not considered irreplaceable. 


Captain Cosmos

Knowledge [Cosmic]


DC 30 Whilst there are Buddy Brand's in several universes, there is only ever one Captain Cosmos. 

DC 40 The original Captain Comsos was empowered using the energy by-product of the mysterious Collapse, the tyrant of the multiverse, who literally "collapses" universes together. The orginial Captain Cosmos was created as part of the resistance to Collapse. 


Knowledge [Galactic]


DC 25 Captain Cosmos can travel through space at incredible speed, and has some interaction with the Lor Republic


Knowledge [Behavioural Sciences]

DC 25 Captain Cosmos has, at times, demonstrated signs of psychosis (paranoia, thought disorder, hallucinations). This does not however mean he is violent



Knowledge [Physical Sciences]


DC 15 Captain Cosmos can change dimensions (1D, 2D, etc)!

DC 25 High gravity seems to cause more strain on his system when altering dimensions, and low gravity less strain. 

DC 35 The effect of "higher dimensions" is to scramble Captain Cosmos' brain. Theroretically, he could become non-existent by adopting a zero-dimensional form, although this could not be done voluntarily.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Corona is a superheroine active in Freedom City, largely active around the Fens

DC 15: Corona is capable of generating blasts of hyper hot plasma and most of her powers are based around this

DC 20: Corona is formerly the supervillain Revolt, who was a member of the teen supervillain group the Delinquents in the early to mid 1990s.

DC 25: Corona was too young to have her real name published, but because she was arrested, her identity is out there in some government database


Serena Mustafic

Gather Information

DC 5: Serena Mustafic lives in the Fens in Freedom City

DC 10: Serena Mustafic has a daughter named Mia she is very close with

DC 15: Serena Mustafic works at a bookstore for Lynn Epstein.

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Gather Information

DC 20: Recently, a new vigilante has been sighted in West Freedom. Naming himself Talon to those rare few who have had the chance to ask, he takes the aspect of an owl to hunt down criminals in the darkness of the Freedom City nights.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 25: One of the local crimelords has become increasingly frustrated by Talon's interference, and may have offered payment for either his life or information that leads to his capture.



Gather Information

DC 15: Yamanu was an active force that tipped off heroes to various crimes across Freedom City and beyond, always using some form of electronic communications. He or she never revealed themselves to anyone, so far as can be seen.

DC 20: Yamanu seemed to have a fairly deep investment in Freedom City, often focusing on crimes in the city and exposing those who would hide themselves within the reaches of the Internet.


Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy)

DC 20: Yamanu is the reconstructed Ancient Egyptian name for Amon, patron deity of Upper Egypt at one point, and translates to "The Hidden One." Yamanu-Re became the merged form of Yamanu and Re during the reign of Ahmose I of the 18th Dynasty.


Tyler Lee

Gather Information

DC 10: Tyler Lee is the heir to Lee Exotic Shipping, a company that moves a great deal of luxury goods into the country. Based in Freedom City, he is a philanthropist in good standing.

DC 15: Lee is reputed to have a knack for languages, knowing Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Spanish, and English. Two years ago, he used this linguistic expertise to court the daughter of a Hong Kong businessman, Sun Ying, who has since wedded him and become Ying Lee. 

DC 25: Tyler Lee once was involved in the super heroic scene in his youth. Going by Doctor Amazing, he was discovered as a missing child during his first outing, and never looked back on it.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 25: Tyler Lee is involved in the smuggling business, and has begun eating up the criminal organizations that succeeded Augustus Roman's. He has a strong fondness for recruiting foreign criminals that know very little English.


Samuel Amber

Gather Information

DC 15: Samuel Amber is a Network Penetration Specialist for one of the big companies based in Freedom City (though honestly, no one's quite sure which one). He is often thought of as a good worker and a friendly sort, albeit one who rarely goes out with his coworkers after hours.

DC 25: Samuel Amber is only a recent arrival in Freedom, though no one knows from where he came. He only arrived in 2017, applying for a job with a theatrical flair.

DC 30: The schools that Samuel Amber claims to have graduated from have only electronic confirmation that he ever studied there. No one claims to know him from those days, and it's difficult to tell whether he actually went or not. Surely he's not that inconspicuous?

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Gather Information

DC 10: Legatus is a new hero in Freedom City, having arrived on the scene with a costume and powers that strongly resembled the Centurion's. Nowadays, though, he wears his own costume and is quite clear that though he is deeply inspired by the Man of Adamant, he is not Centurion reborn.

DC 15: In late November 2018, a flying youth burst out of the waters of the South River, screaming at the top of his lungs. The Freedom League quickly intercepted him and took him away, but some suggest that this may have some relation to the recently arrived Legatus.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 20: Certain shadowy figures in Freedom City's underworld would pay greatly for the captured Teen of Adamant, or any information leading thereto.


Felix Century

Gather Information

DC 25: A recent arrival at the Claremont Academy, Felix Century is to be a student there in the coming Fall.

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Claude "C.J." Jergens


Gather Information



DC10: Claude is a Southie from Boston, judging by his wicked hardcore accent.  

DC15: Claude is back in Freedom City after a few years away from the city and can typically be found out-and-about in Riverside and is attending Claremont. 

DC20: Claude is some sort of Savant, demonstrating knowledge and expertise equivalent to learned masters in their respective professions and fields of study.

DC25: Claude has a criminal record and served a nine month sentence in the Freedom Juvenile Hall facility in Southside after being caught and outed as Kit-Bash, tinker for hire. 

DC30: Claudes' biological father is Eugene Jergens, better known as the villain Scrounge. Eugene let Claude be arrested in order to escape after attempting to hijack a Arche-Tech shipment. 



Knowledge [Streetwise]



DC10: Scrounge used to run with this kid, Kit-Bash. Mouthy little twerp, but he had the knack with tech to back up his yapping. Had a thing with that hacker girl, Techbane. 

DC15: Kit-Bash was an up and comer in the criminal tech circles before he got busted. He had a reputation for having a deft touch with Super Tech and a willingness to work with other inventors. 

DC20: Kit-Bash was Scrounges' son, but was left holding the bag when his father got stupid and greedy. Kid would have been better off cutting ties with his father.

DC25: The kid is back in town and  has been seen reaching out to some of people he worked with back in the day. Though there's something oddly familiar about the man he's working with now, according to the old timers.

DC30: The kid has a new name, Gnomon. (What the hell is that anyways?) If you have a tip on anybody using time machines or the like, he'd make it worth your while according to the Power Corps. 





Gather Information



DC15: People interacting with Gnomon for any length of time state the occasional odd feelings of detachment and deja vu when around him, like the world skipped or was out of sync. 

DC20: Doctor Tomorrow has been reported being seen working with a young man matching Gnomons' description.  

DC25: The Doctor is mentoring Gnomon. The pair work together well by all accounts. 



Knowledge [Cosmology]



DC15: Gnomon is time traveler of some sort, having been spotted in multiple eras. 

DC20: The Counter Clock culture claims that Gnomon is an "Agent of the Man, Man." and "Totally harshes on their message with his negative waves." 

DC25: Gnomon is a Rookie Guardian of Time and is being trained by Doctor Tommorow. 



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Archer II

Gather Information

DC 5: The original Archer was active during the so-called Iron Age, disappearing after the Terminus Invasion, but never confirmed killed.

DC 10: A new Archer has appeared, operating primarily in Southside.

DC 15: Judging from comments made by other heroes and the new Archer himself, it seems that he has been trained by the previous Archer.


Connor King

Gather Information

DC 10: Connor's parents were killed when he was 10 years old. 

DC 15: Connor seemed to disappear between ages 10 and 13.

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