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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)

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Gather Information (+10 if security clearance with western intelligence agencies, automatic if AEGIS clearance)

DC 20: Echohead is affiliated with AEGIS and trained by them. He is not a full agent but is considered an operative.

DC 30: Echohead has psychic abilities including mind reading – hence his value to intelligence agencies. Physically mediocre (at best), AEGIS has given him high tech equipment (a blaster pistol and composite armor).

DC 40: Echohead has the ability to “Copy” brain patterns into his own, which can cause psychic instability but also allows him to gain the skills and abilities of anyone he copies. He can only copy one mind at a time.


Knowledge [Behavioural Sciences] (+5 if access to psychological reports / profile, -5 if no personal interactions with Echohead/Umberto)

DC 20: Echohead shows signs of low self esteem and poor confidence, speculatively due to sustained bullying growing up.

DC 25: Echohead also shows sign’s of a dependent attachment to maternal figures.

DC 30: There are signs of low level dissociation when exerting his powers, suggestive that the he assumes some personality traits of people he uses his powers on.


Knowledge [Business]

DC 15: Echohead is the owner of Velluti Violets, although he no longer runs the place.

DC 20: will give indication that it was moderately well run / successful and fundamentally “clean”.

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Zechariah Davidyan

Gather Information

DC 15: Zack is a substitute teacher at one of the schools in the West End, where his students find him amusing and engaging.

DC 20: Zack specializes in consulting with those interested in historical research – while his knowledge is not as deep as many experts, it is far broader than most, and he can speak on things from the Sassanids’ relationship with Zoroastrianism to the plight of the working class in the modern era.


Knowledge (History)

DC 25: The surname “Davidyan” is a cognate for Davidian, and may indicate ties to the ancient dynasty of the Kingdom of Judah – the line of David.



Gather Information

DC 20: A new black-clad hero has been using telekinesis to ensure the safety of Freedom City. Most recently, he’s been seen helping those who were hurt in the Terminus invasion.

DC 30: Most of Tempest’s activities have been centered around the West End, though he doesn’t appear to be affiliated in any way with the local heroes there.

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