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Shadows Looming (OOC)

Sandman XI

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A history of Shadow Academy. This is all on a need to know basis. Ask me if you need to know it. :P

Taurus is a long-term planner, it comes with being immortal. Over time, he’s noticed several truisms in regards to the quality of the help he’s used or exploited. Quality costs and is rare. Loyalty is rarer still, and few assets possess the power, the training, and the reliability to offset their cost, especially in the community of so-called “supervillains.â€Â

With his resources, this should not present a problem That it has consistently resurfaced is galling to him. Ms. Scarlet’s training and recruitment methods saw to a certain level of expertise among the rank-and-file, but beyond a select few other assets, superhumans persistently prove more trouble than they are worth. There has to be a better way.

Recently, Taurus has taken inspiration from an old enemy. Few secrets are proof against time, the hard-won wisdom of centuries, and near-unimaginable resources. The true face behind the Raven’s cowl was one of those secrets, among many Taurus keeps close to his vest. It was Duncan Summers’ success with the Claremont Academy that garnered the old bull’s interest after pondering his own difficulties. Why depend on hiring or engineering the right talent when you can groom said talent to be what you want from the beginning?

The Shadow Academy is a dark reflection of the philosophies driving Claremont. Where Summers and his associates pour their efforts into preparing the heroes of tomorrow, the Shadow Academy molds tomorrow’s criminals into accomplished professionals every bit the equal of whatever stalwart dares stand between them and their ill-gotten gains.

Through countless fronts and agents situated throughout criminal organizations spanning the globe over, Taurus and his people put out the word that the doors to a unique opportunity were open. Agents were tasked with locating suitable candidates, old contacts were dusted off so second-and third-generation villainy would come knocking, and negotiations between disparate organizations and players in the underworld were put into motionâ€â€all with the goal of giving the Labyrinth’s new venture a sufficient talent base to “cherry-pick†the next generation of society’s menaces. With the first graduating class preparing to exit the Shadow Academy’s training regimen, the ancient villain will soon see whether his investment pays off.

The Shadow Academy is structured as a twisted hybrid of boarding school and terrorist training camp. The true facilities are undergroundâ€â€a refurbished and spacious subterranean headquarters that once belonged to Lord Venom, the ’70s-era sparring partner of Centurion. The surface front situated above the actual facilities is the refurbished mansion that belonged to Venom’s secret identity, Geoff Evanier, an upstanding member of the local moneyed elite. Following his convenient death, Evanier’s property was acquired by one of the Labyrinth’s numerous shell companies. The Evanier Preparatory School (also known as “Ev Prepâ€Â) is the ostensible tenant of the property, a façade carefully maintained by the Academy to allay any suspicions.

For the standard teaching and administrative staff, refer to the Crime Lord and Assassin archetypes (M&M, 226). The school’s administrator is the Headmistress, who answers to Ms. Scarlet and through her to Taurus himself. The student body is small, currently no more than two to three dozen students. The archetypes provided in the Hero High sourcebook are an ideal resource for filling out the student roll call, as are the sidekick archetypes included in Instant Superheroes.

Standard policy is to assign the students to groups that train together. The composition of these groups are subject to change, cycling through different arrangements as the instructors test out different combinations of powers, tactics, and individuals. Each group is labeled with a Greek letter that also designates their ranking in the school’s hyper-competitive performance evaluations. Included here are write-ups for one such operational group who, despite some serious personality issues, has proven very effective as a unit. They currently have the distinction of being Alpha Group, brutally defending their ranking against all challengers.

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So, I haven't been too describe-y with the four others that are walking with you. A quick rundown of their attitudes, looks, etc:

First of a set of identical twins. They appear to be around 13 or 14. Of indeterminate gender. One is clothed in white, the other in black; both in business casual attire. They appear to be the type that depend on each other. They seem to be close, but not squick style, more like siblings that like each other. Very quiet, very observant.

Second is a guy around 16 or 17. Think Vinnie from Doogie Howser. Total smug attitude. Nothing bothers him, he is slick in his own mind.

Last is a girl around 16 or 17. she's a rustic type cowgirl. the disheveled type. not exuding cheesiness like the other guy, but is more of a stoic badass type. tight jeans. boots. a-shirt. hat.

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