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Robbing at Atlantis Casino


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It is 4 of September and it was middle of day. That was plenty of costumer who came to the Atlantis casino to gamble for money and enjoy other kind of entertainment. But sadly the enjoyment at the Atlantis will end up pretty quickly because a big muscles man are floating in the air. That was Super Thug, he have decided to take money from the casino because it is always floating in with money.

He fly down at the casino entrance as many people suddenly moved away from him when they saw him. Super Thug simple smiled as he walking straight to the entrance. When he arrived at the entrance, he kicking at door so that it break apart and people is screaming in while running away from him.

"Super Thug is here baby!" He screamed while he throwing up his arms in the air.

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Ahhh the life of a hero. It constantly demanded always being in the right place at the right time. Luckily enough, it happened often enough. But that might just be because of the sheer amount of heroes in this city.

This particular afternoon, Breakdown found himself floating over the boardwalk. Oddly enough, a wave of people began pouring out of one of the casinos. "...'Cuz that doesn't just scream trouble." He said to himself as he descended. He landed outside in the midst of the thinning crowd. Glimpsing the cause of the trouble he spoke, "Good thing I was here!"

"Hey you! Quit causin' a ruckus!"

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Super Thug slowly turning around when he heard the voice. When he turned around, he see Breakdown in front of him and he don't look very impressed by him. He was expecting flashy heroes but instead he face a kids with normal clothes. He just simple laughing at him while he pointing at him.

"BUHAHAHAHAHA! Me stop causing ruckus?! Good try kid but you have no chance against my superior strength!" He said as he flexing his huge muscles in front of him.

"I like to see if you can seriously stop me or you will be in serious pain kiddo!"

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"Hmmm...You don't sound too smart, big guy." Breakdown quickly focused his musical powers at Super Thug. A saxophone scale lightly rang out in Super Thug's ears. Suddenly it was harder for him to picture himself fighting this kid. "Are you sure fighting me is a good idea? Why don't you just turn yourself in?"

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Super Thug start to get calmer by the music so that he come more pacifist until Breakdown said, "Are you sure fighting me is a good idea? Why don't you just turn yourself in?"

He suddenly snap out if it because he don't like going back to the jail and he is not stupid enough just simple turn himself in.

"What did'ya say?! Turning myself in?! And you dare to insult my smartness? Feel my breath punk!" He screamed at Breakdown and then he start breathing at him with his powerful lung. All the small objects that are lying on the ground is starting blowing away and one of the female needed to push down her skirt avoiding it blowing up.

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"Woah!" Breakdown managed to avoid most of the gust of wind, but it still tripped him up. He landed flat on his back side. It was kind of humiliating. But it didn't matter. "I'm serious man," He said, standing up. "This is the best part you're going to get. You should just give up now." Breakdown began dancing. And Super Thug couldn't help himself but watch...

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The best way to deal with an opponent is to throw him off his groove! Breakdown thought.

Breakdown continued his dancing routine, hoping to distract Super Thug some more.

"Don't want to come quietly? Fine. I guess we'll do this the HARD way!" As he yelled the word 'hard,' Breakdown threw his palm towards Super Thug. He vibrated the air in front of him violently so as to hit Super Thug with the sound waves.

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Super Thug was completely distracted by his dancing so that he don't notice until that he shoot a vibration blast at him. It was to late for him to react so that he was hit by it. It could knock out a normal person but thank to his tough body, he can withstand the most damage from normal firearms.

He can feel the pain on his chest and he was real pissed. He will no longer play game with him instead he will truly get serious with him. He suddenly moved into Breakdown with incredibly speed that could rival Johnny Rocket´s speed. It is quit strange to see a massive man to move with incredibly speed. Because he is real angry, he don't care about his defense instead he is trying focus on hitting the kid with his large fists.

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This guy was bigger than he was... But that didn't matter. Breakdown quickly switched on some hard core rock music and went toe to toe with the fellow.

The man's large fist had slammed into his gut. but he managed to withstand the worst of the blow. He quickly danced his way over the man's arm and lashed out with his feet in the middle of the move, catching super thug in the jaw. "How's that for a head bang?!"

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Super Thug got a real hard blow to his jaw and it started to get real hurt. He can't understand why this kid have many powers and he started to worry that he may face a superhero that are almost at same league with the Freedom League. He don't want to continue with fighting him instead he decided to do more cowardly tactics. He quickly moved away from Breakdown with lighting speed and reached to one of the roulette table's. The people screaming in fear when they he started to lifting up the table without problem. The people started to run away from him and it look like that Super Thug tried to throw the table at the innocent bystander.

"Don't try funny stuff with me kid! Or else I will serious hurt those people with this table!" He treating at Breakdown who is quit far away from him.

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"Oh no you don't!" Breakdown quickly changed the music he was listening to, as well as his dance style. Suddenly a strobe light flashed out of nowhere and the bright light caught Super Thug right full in the face. "You don't want to hurt those people. You want to put the table down." Breakdown's hypnotic movements combined with the mysterious lighting made Super Thug feel compelled to obey him.

Even if this doesn't work, It should give those people some time to run away!

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Super Thug was distracted by the flashing light that appear front of his face and he started to get hypnosis by it. When Breakdown order him, he slowly wake up from the hypnosis and he turned to Breakdown with evil grin.

"I shall put down the table... BUT ON THOSE PEOPLES! BUHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He start to do evil laugh and then he throw the table at the running people. Some people got caught by table and they got unpleasing injury from it.

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NO! Breakdown's head was ringing, and not from the music he was listening to. He couldn't believe he let that happen to those people! He must be stopped!

"You Jerk! How could you do that!" Breakdown tapped another of the buttons on his sleeve to switch back to rock and roll. "That's it! We are going to have this out right now. Just you and me! You're mama's so fat...When she stepped on the scale it said 'To Be Continued!'" Breakdown began to taunt the thug, hoping that he would focus on him instead of any more innocent bystanders.

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When Breakdown started to insulting him, he slowly started to get angry until he become truly angry so that he started to hate him with full gut. He can't longer control his anger so that he feel that he need to fulled unleash it rather than holding it back but he rarely holding back his anger.

"THAT ITS YOU LITTL´E" S**T! I'M GONNA POUND YOU UNTIL YOU BECOME A BLACK-PUDDING! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRHH!!!!" He screaming with full hatred and with his lightning speed he moved to Breakdown in front of him. Without holding back, he perform a powerful haymaker where he swung both of his fists at Breakdown's head.

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Well at least I got him to ignore those poor people once more... Breakdown thought as he watched Super Thug quickly close the distance on him.

Breakdown stared the punch down. He took it like a man, straight to the jaw. But it didn't even phase him! He fixed Super Thug with his gaze again, delivering an icy stare.

"That's IT, Thug-boy!" Breakdown yelled. Breakdown performed a quick dance step to the right before he leaped up into the air andkicked the bigger man in the jaw once more. "Take that!"

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Super Thug was quit lucky that shoot have missed him, now he started to panic because he is now seriously hurt and he need to flee to prevent from getting capture. By using all his energy, he rising up from the floor and then with his lightning speed, he running away from casino like he was running for his life. Super Thug don't want to forgot that kid who ruin his plan and one day when he become more powerful he want to take revenge on this kid.

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"Jeez! Guess somebody is in a rush!" Breakdown said, astonished. He knew he would never be able to catch him if he was moving at speeds like that.

Then Breakdown remembered the people that had been hit by the table. He quickly ran over to where they were trapped under the table. He used the adrenaline he got whenever he listened to rock music to aid him in clearing away the rubble. He wasn't as strong as that thug, but at least he could clear some of the tables out of the way.

As soon as he was done with that. He noticed a few injured people lying around. He switched over to Jazz music, and it relaxed him. Concentrate, Breakdown, you CAN help them! He concentrated hard, and managed to transfer some of the soothing and healing energies the music usually granted him to the injured people on the ground.

By the time he was onto the third patient, paramedics began arriving on the scene. "Thank god you guys are here. These people were injured in the fight between my self and that Thug!

"Thanks! We'll take things from here. You did a good job patching them up, though."

"It was the least I could do. It was because of me they got hit..." Before the paramedics could ask any questions about what he meant, Breakdown had teleported out of the room. He fled the scene quickly... He had a few things to think about.

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