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TheJoshie - Emperor - PL10 Villain (NPC Tier 2)

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Players Name: Josh

Power Level: 10 (150/156)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Damage, -2 Defense for +2 Toughness

Unspent PP: 6

Characters Name: Emperor

Alternate Identity: Mervyl Masters

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 147 lbs

Hair: None (Unable to grow hair or eyebrows.)

Eyes: Pure white


Mervyl, despite his short stature, is quite an intimidating sight. Most of the time his intensity radiates from his eyes. No pupils and the fact that he rarely blinks gives off an aura of omni potence, as if there is nothing he doesn't know or see. His face is almost like a skull, bony with little fat along the edges. Those that dare call him Skull face. Most of those disapeared without a trace.

His costume consist of a modest, kevlar plated white jumpsuit. A Crown is displayed on his chest, the only mark of an otherwise pure white ensemble. His mask is similare to that of a ninja, though it carries obvious Kevlar padding to protect his temple and jaw area. The only opening seen is is clear visor, which showcases is white eyes. This was a suggested implementation, since most are intimidated by looking into them.

While he is careful not to interact to much in the outside world, Mervyl does carry precautions incase he absolutely MUST. He wears a wig and hodded shirts to cover up his hairless features. He also wear ruby quartz glasses designed to give him the illusion of having normal eyes. They wrap around his head to prevent them falling off accidentally.


While his distant history is a mystery, many know that the one called Mervyl Masters was destined to be a leader. Many feel it's because he was the first enrollment. Many feel it's because of his scary level of potential. Many feel it's because of the way he often manipulated or pushed around teachers and pupils with but a single glance of his soulless eyes, but in the end there was no doubt, this boy will, sooner or later, become the leader of the team.

Mervyl official history begins with him being snatched from an orphanage shortly after he capsized the entire building (by tearing away the foundations during a crying fit). Raised by one of the Shadow Academy's founders, Mervyl Masters (As he was named) was sent down a road of extensive training and education. He soon learned how to control his power, how to effectively plan and execute tactics, know most of Sun Tzu's Art of War, and plainly learned how to become a weapon while using the least amount of effort.

Now officially enrolled with the Academy, Mervyl's goals are simple: Prove to his predecessors that he is indeed worthy of their time and patience, since he knows that if he falls below their lofty expectations, he's out on the streets with no where to go.

Personality & Motivation:

Mervyl's main motivation is to be accepted, both as a person and as being superior. While Mervyl has no problem being humble around other (mostly his friends) he will go into an Arrogant shell if he feels that someone is trying to one up him.

If Mervyl does have a weakness, it's that he sometimes thinks TOO much. He's ponderous, often looking to checkmate someone in 20 moves when he could easily do it in one if he took the risk. If he makes a plan, he sticks to it and often delegate others to deal with variables he hasn't considered.He refuses to believe people can get the drop on him cause he is certain he looked at EVERY angle of a situation.

Powers & Tactics:

Mervyl's body is able to absorb magnetic energy like a sponge, then exert them back. His body channels this energy as if it was his blood or air. As a result, Mervyl is sterile and he is unable to grow hair (As of now, he is unaware of his inability to have children) As a result, he not only posses the ability to manipulate the magnetism his body absorbs around him, but theoretically, his body itself has been enhanced. His bones has become harder, his muscle fiber more resistant (granting him above average strength and reflexes for a teen), and it is hypothosized that his brain may be more efficient due to the magnetic forces running through it (like a high speed processor) which may explain how he is able to retain so much knowledge and use it effectively.

He uses this ability in a variety of creative ways, making him dangerous even to a group of combatants. Combine this to his keen mind, and Mervyl could potentially be one of the futures most deadliest villains.

Mervyl's greatest asset is his mind. He is quite observant and creative, not only in the use of his powers, but in the use of the environment, manipulation of people, and knowing what people will do before they even realize it. He is never without a plan and this helps in giving him an air of confidence in everything he does. He speaks clearly and decisively, walks with purpose and never second guess his actions. These traits often are contagious and those that fight alongside him often fight harder, knowing that if they screw up, Mervyl is going to have a back-up plan to save their bacon.

It will take a chess player like mentality to defeat Mervyl, as reckless, seat of your pants tactics will often lead the combatant smeared on a nearby wall.


Gotta be the strongest: Mervyl feels the pressure of being so powerful, that being that others are expecting him to do great things. When a villain or Heor does a huge feat, people often looks to Mervyl to do something greater.

Precision: As stated earlier, Mervyl often holds back his full abilities if they are not a part of the plan. While he can rip apart Tanks, He won't if he already planed away around them, even if they are between him and his objectives. He ignores things he thinks are meaningless or won't do him harm (unless the meaningless target proves to be anything but, then all bets are off).

Stats: 0+4+0+8+4+4=20pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 18 (+4)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 16+16=32pp

Attack: +8

Grapple: +8

Defense: +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0/-11 with Force Field

Initiative: +2

Saves: 5+4+6=15pp

Toughness: +0/+12 (+0 Con, +12 Force Field [10 impervious])

Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5)

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills: 40r = 10pp

Concentration 8 (+10)

Intimidate 15 (+17)

Knowledge (Tactics) 12 (+16)

Notice 5 (+7)

Feats: 10pp

All-Out Attack

Benefit (Tactical Mind [uses Knowledge Tactics for Master Plan])

Dedication (Shadow Acadamy)


Luck 2

Master Plan

Power Attack

Skill Mastery (Intimidate, Knowledge: Tactics, Notice, Sense Motive)


Powers: 63pp

Magnetic Control 18 (Heavyload: 3,200 tons)

AP: Blast 12 [Extras: Penetrating]

AP: Blast 10 [Extras: Area (Burst)]

AP: Deflect 8 [all projectiles; Extras: Action 2 (Free), Reflection; Flaws: Limited (metal only)]

AP: Nullify 12 [one electronic power; Extras: Duration 2 (Sustained)]

AP: Nullify 9 [all electronics; Extras: Duration 2 (Sustained), Nullifying Field (60-ft. radius)])

Force Field 12 (Extras: Impervious 10)

Drawbacks: 0pp

DC Block:


Blast 12 27/Toughness Bruise

Blast 10 25/Toughness Bruise

Nullify 12 22/Will

Nullify 9 19/Will

Costs: Abilities (20) + Combat (32) + Saves (15) + Skills (10) + Feats (10) + Powers (63) - Drawbacks (00) = 150/156

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I'll look over this one tonight. Some initial thoughts:

Why does a character who can't initiate mental grapples have Improved Mental Grapple?

Put aside what you may have heard about arraying your offensive power and your defensive power. Putting your Blast and Force Field in the same array is hanging a sign around your neck saying "Please! Punch me in the face when my forcefield is down!" ;)

His Defense is off (and not acceptable under our PL rules as written)

His Favored Opponent breaks his PL caps. His Favored Environment breaks his PL caps. You're better off putting that rank of Fearsome Presence to work elsewhere; it's no good.

We don't allow a flawed (just for the leadership-oriented feats) Luck construction.

Equipment doesn't stack with powers; his Force Field Toughness can't stack with the boost he gets from his suit.

An interesting background!

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Well, since you redid the whole thing I have to redo the whole thing myself! :P

Trade-Offs: you are traded off +2 Attack for +2 Damage

Combat: Your knockback should be 10. You are undercapped defensively (10 toughness + 8 defense = 18 divided by 2 = 9

Saves: Your Force Field is only 10

Skills: you only have 31 ranks, not 32.

Feats: That's 9 feats, not 10

Pwers: That's 61pp of powers, not 70.

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I like this. Shadow Academy doesn't have any leader archetypes that I'm aware of, so Meryl will have a good venue to do his thing. You might want to write in the heavy load for his Magnetic Control (3,200 tons) His hyperfocus on skills will make things problematic for him, but they seem like the sort of thing that someone with his background would actually have. (And his background isn't all grim, gritty child-soldiery either. At worst he's an evil-alinged X-23) He's what, sixteen, seventeen?

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