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In Pace Requiscat


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Blackbird aimed to forget her old life. This was where she started, her old stomping grounds. The moon glinted off of the thin silver lines across her body. She wasn't trying to be subtle at all. She was waiting for some lowlife to come at her. Her clothing made these dog's mouth water.

And there they were, just as planned. A group of thugs surrounded a hot looking car. Much better than the cars of her era. They're sleeker and all around better looking. Not only would she get some pent up rage, but there would be a reward.

One of them whistled. "Hey girl, you look like you ready for bed," another of them shouted, "I can take you there!" One of them even approached her.

Her pulse quickened. It was show time. By the time the thug reached her she quickly yanked a gun from seemingly nowhere and blew a large hole in his chest. The others didn't see or her the shot, they did hear his death wail. She put her foot on the bloody spot where the former thug's chest used to be. The rest of them scrambled for their pieces. She quietly dared them to come closer with a wicked grin.

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Zealot flitted over the rooftops, watching the girl with the glowing silver lines all over her body. He smelled the magic on her and wondered what she thought she was doing, walking around alone with predators on the prowl.

He watched as she plugged one of the would be thugs and raised an eyebrow. No threats, no please, just bang. I hate to say it, but I'm impressed. He kept watching as he moved stealthily to a better vantage point to watch the show.

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Blackbird quickly took another shot at the closest gang member. It was a solid hit, or was it? Maybe it bounced off something. Maybe it went through his coat. Either way, he was not bleeding, and she was not happy. Thinking quickly she taunted them, "You're all going to end up like this guy here. Every last one of you." Just for good measure she took the gun and swiftly shot at the ex-thug under her feet. It bounced off of his skull.

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Zealot noticed that this probably wasn't going to go well for the girl, no matter how brazen she was and how scared they were. Can't have these petty low lifes taking all my fun!

Zealot dropped down in the middle of them, on the car, and brought his scourge down as well, sending an outward radiating blast of red crackling light that struck each of the thugs, sending jolts through them.

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Blackbird looked at her knight in shining armor with a scowl. "I gues you're the hero, right? Come to take me away for murder, right? Well, seeing as what you just did was damn near close to what I did, I do believe we're even." She held her gun tightly at her side, watching the 'hero', waiting for him to make an offensive move.

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Zealot stands from his kneeling position and flicks the scourge absently.

"Hero? No girl, I am no hero. I am a Knight of the Order of the Unyielding Law. I hunt witches and bring them to justice."

Zealot looks over the girl, simply amazed by her bravado.

"You're lack of fear in this situation is either impressive, insane, or just plain stupid. I'm inclined to think it the first. You look familiar somehow. Have I killed one of your friends or something?"

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Blackbird smiled at the witch comment. What, if anything, was she but a witch? Taking a cautious step toward him, she stared at the wicked barbed weapon. "No, I have no ties to this life anymore," she lied.

Gracefully jumping up on the hood of her new found prize, she laid across it, keeping her eyes on the knight. "So you're a killer, huh? Like professionally? I could use someone like you tonight." She meant, of course, to take out some other gangs, but she wouldn't mind if he got the wrong idea.

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Of all the things Zealot had been trained to battle and face. Witches, monsters, you name it. He was completely at a loss when it came to feminine wiles. His mouth worked soundlessly for a few seconds as the girl sidled up to him. He tried to stop staring and say something threatening, but nothing came out. He shook his head and took a step back off the car.

"I'm no professional killer. I am not some hireling free to do anyone's bidding. I answer to a Higher Calling. I simply took those thugs out because, as I see it you seem right up my alley, so to speak. I mean, for me to kill...not... uh... anything else" Zealot was obviously flustered, his stammering and red face gave it all away.

Victor hated this, he hated the feeling he had now, of not knowing how to proceed. Not knowing what to do about this. Simply not knowing.

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Blackbird snickered at the knight's flustration. "Now why would you kill me," she asked slowly tracing one of the silver lines across her torso as she singsongly hummed, "Do I look like a witch? Do I sound like a witch? You don't want to kill me, do you?"

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Zealot tried to reign in his mind, but it just wouldn't listen.

"Those silver lines denote something witch-like, yes. I don't know though... I just.. can't... damnit!" Zealot knew only one way to control the situation. He'd have to leave and come back to this, when he was clear headed. He had no idea what this woman was, or if she even warranted killing. He just knew her movement was mesmerising and completely distracting. Without another word Zealot moved to the nearest shadow and vanished from sight. Leaving the blasted Succubus behind and not looking back.

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Scowling after the knight disappeared, Blackbird picked herself up off the car. "Kill me will you," she thought out loud, "Let's see you try!"

She riffled through the pockets of the dead for keys. And wallets. Old habbits die hard. When she was done with them she threw the lifeless bodies into the nowhere of her magic. She had enough cash to last her for a while and a new car. Though she would eventually have to dump the bodies and the car somewhere. Maybe the Headmistress had such a place.

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