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The Fae Prince-

Veldaeren Erlson, Prince of the Wildfae and son to the Erlking sat, watching the colors play upon the fountain like fireworks. The image congealed into a picture of a young woman, sitting in a dorm room, staring into a computer screen. Veldaeren smiled, it was at once fatherly and cunning, wild and soft. “Blackbird, you beautifully petulant child. How do you expect these mortals to protect you? They can not even hide you from my sight. In time I will have you returned to me. I have great plans for you and Caellin, you both have work yet to do before your time is done.â€Â

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Caellin –

Blackbird felt a stirring in her stomach, an alien presence vieing for control over her senses. In her mind she heard a voice, wild and strong, full of anger. Give me control, child! I will not be a tool at the hands of an infant! You know not what tempest stirs in your soul! I am power! I am the sea, and I will be free of this prison!

Blackbird came to on the floor, curled into a ball, whimpering as the pain lashed through her head. She felt weak beside such force, and she curled on herself as a child in the womb, seeking the safety in the sound of her mothers hearbeat.

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Mother –

Blackbird got to her feet and stared again at the computer screen. The screen showed a page from a Freedom City Newspaper circa 1993. A picture of a woman, her face angular and unsmiling, hung above an article proclaiming her death.

“Ariel Starblossom passed away at 40 from an apparent drug overdose. Her family could not be reached for more information regarding her life. We are sure she will be missed.â€Â

This was Blackbird’s mother, she had died while Blackbird was imprisoned…family could not be reached… Blackbird felt scarlet pangs through her chest as she read these lines. Anger, grief, and unreconcilable guilt wracked her heart as she cried, tears flowing freely down her reddened cheeks.

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The Bayview Bengals –

Terra Conners sat in a plain metal chair, looking up at a caged television screen in Blackstone Correctional. She sat with her arms crossed, they themselves crossed with scars and tattoos, one on her bicep of a Bengal Tiger. She had been charged with the murders of her fellow gang members. They had been found burned to death inside the gang’s Bayview hideout. Even with them all dead, there was still fire in Terra’s mind, fire in her eyes. One had escaped her. One had yet to feel the flames of hate upon her skin. She would find Blackbird, and she would burn.

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