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Impact (PL 10 villainess) Sugarrush

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Players Name: Sugarrush

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: [example]

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Impact

Alternate Identity: forgotten

Height: 4,9

Weight: 80

Hair: Strawberry-blonde

Eyes: Blue-green

Description: Impact looks like your average cute and energetic eight-year old girl, with shoulder length hair tied back, some freckles appairing on her face, Impact is most oftenly smiling.

History: Impact was out on a picnic far outside Freedom city with her parents when a meteor flew towards them, it striked true, and hours after, Impact woke up, with a total memory loss in the middle of a crater, the meteor having been somehow absorbed by her. With newfound speed she arrived back in Freedom city, confused and scared. But never fear, it didn't take long until a scout from Shadow Academy noticed her and took her in under their wing.

Personality & Motivation: Impact is very young and very physical in her approach to stuff, she likes running around wildly and breaking stuff, though she keeps herself from harming people, that is wrong, she just wants to have fun. Should a super try to stop her then they, by her logic, should be able to take it. She is a child with powers and she's easily bored, do the math.

Powers & Tactics: Impact is fast, and will use that as an advantage, she's also kind of strong and tough, and will go into melee and use that, but if that doesn't work she'll use her fanatastic speed and body-slam the poor sods of her enemies.


Honor: don't hurt civilians/innocent (Impact doesn't like seeing people in pain, at least if they've not done anything to deserve it or knows what they're in for)

Prejudice: Child, girl

Dead (Even though she doesn't know it, the meteor killed her, but now keeps her alive as a living dead, making her count as an object, should she ever find out, it won't be pretty.)

Stats: -6pp

Str: 8 (-1)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: - (-)

Int: 8 (-1)

Wis: 8 (-1)

Cha: 20 (+5)

Combat: 0pp

Attack: +6(melee)/+8(slamming)

Grapple: +5/+20

Defense: +0 (+0 flat-footed)

Knockback: -9

Initiative: +20

Saves: 13pp

Toughness: +13 (- Con, +13 other)

Fortitude: - (- Con, -)

Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0)

Will: +12 (-1 Wis, +13)

Skills:36r = 8pp

Diplomacy 12 (+17)

Notice 12 (+11)

Gather information 12 (+17)

Feats: 12pp

Accurate attack

All-out attack

Power attack

Attack focus: melee 6

Attack specialization (slam)

Beginners luck

Luck 1

Powers: 123pp

Enhanced strength 30 [30]

Enhanced feat: improved initiative 5 [5]

Immunity 30: fortitude saves [30]

Protection 13 [13]

Impervious toughness 10 [10]

Flight 10 (cosmic descriptor, PF: two APs) [22]

AP: Speed 20

AP: Burrowing 20

Super movement 2, permeate, Water-walking(flaws: works only when running) [3]

Space travel 4 [4]

Drawbacks: 0pp

DC Block:

ATTACKS:----------------SAVE DC:-----------DAMAGE TYPE:


Slam--25/35/ toughness (should be limited to a max of DC:27)- Bruise staggering

Costs: Abilities (-6) + Combat (00) + Saves (13) + Skills (8) + Feats (12) + Powers (123) - Drawbacks (00) = Total Cost: 150

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Eight year old characters are a squick for many of our players. Stick with characters 13 and over.

150-point characters with 123 points in powers are a squick for many of our staff members. (Particularly when you've not used the template)

I strongly encourage you to revise this character in a way that facilitates roleplaying opportunities and follows the guidelines for our site.

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