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Observations from the Arena


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Do you think your Villain has performed a very note worthy event? Would it be enough to have Legend, the protector of the Arena notice? If so, list the event here. I'll get it placed in the thread in the Arena for everyone to see just how bad a character you've made!

Take a look at the thread here. When you add your event, please list the date that the event occured as well as a one line explaination. After which, try to sum up why Legend would notice the event.

Looking forward to seeing the posts!

One suggestion I would like to add is the Shadow Academy's starting in Freedom. That is one event that he would definately note!

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The Trial of Captain Knievel would probably be a big event to note, whichever way it turns out. It's the first time a PC villain has been on trial IIRC

I agree with that assessment. When does the thread start? Could you list it here? And a link to the thread?

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