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A Hard Day's Night [OOC]


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Some thoughts:

Does anyone object to fiating the below as Zealot's temporary headquarters?

Size: Medium Toughness: 15

Concealed, Deathtraps, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Security System, Torture Chamber, Workshop

It's basically Sanctum Sanctorum from the corebook, plus Deathtraps and a Torture Chamber.

(Both of which are explicated in Agents of Freedom, but are mostly self-explanatory).

Eviscerus, give me a Gather Info check. Your DC is 28.

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It looks like most warehouses you see on docks. All wood planking, a high rafter with a second floor, which only comes out from the backwall about halfway for storage. A couple side rooms including an office and cellar. The ceiling is rigged with a pulley system and several chains ending in hooks and other implements are hung from the rafters. Think Little House on the Prairie meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :twisted:

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For those following along, all the players here have agreed to use their sheets as of their August edits. :)

Coupla things, Zealot:

That's a DC 23 save to avoid being shaken (-2 to attack rolls, saving throws, and checks) for one round.

After that, I need a Strength check from you to see how well Avenger does on his disarm attempt. (Even though you don't have the weapon in hand at the moment, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to grab for it. =) )19 That's not very good! Reroll with my Luck HP...20. D'oh!

Ah well. Avenger gets 20 on his Initiative. If only I could get a 20 on the actual die itself. :D

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