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Y2K Bug (IC)


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Sept 5th, 2009

Millennium Mall with its three stories encompassing nine square blocks is the place to be on a Saturday. With more than 150 different shops and an extensive third-floor food court, the mall caters to everyones wishes. The weather was fine, just cool enough to draw out the people in droves. Cars filled the parking garage and yet still many people were queued waiting to find space.

Within the Mall, people from all over the city moved from shop to shop. If you needed somehting, you could find it here. A day at the mall was always an adventure.

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Jadon arrived at the mall relatively early. After the bank robbery several days ago Jadon had decided having cash on hand wasn't the best idea's, and had opted to change his account over to a debit card.

Now that it had all been sorted out Jadon was looking forward to a full day of shopping. He had a number of thing's he wanted to get today, ranging from a Computer, a Laptop, and various other large and expensive electrical goods, as well as the other supplies he needed for school.

Putting on his designer shades, his left hand in his pocket Jadon looked around the massive mall... He had a feeling today was going to be a fun day...

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Leon arrived at front of the Millennium Mall and it was long time ago that he visit a big mall. Leon is still bare chested so that he is only wearing his pair of wristband, torn pants, karate belt and pair of kung fu shoes, that are some peoples who looking little strangely at him because of his clothing.

The reason the Leon came to the mall is because he need a warm jacket and maybe a new pants too. He slowly walking inside the entrance of the mall and while inside he see many store. It could take him time for choosing a clothing store where he can buy a jacket and maybe a new pants.

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The mall had numerous electronic stores to choose from, some more high priced than others. He headed to the southern end of the mall where the all purpose electronic store was located. It was a small division of Gadgets R' Us, the super electronics store located in Bayview, and carried a good stock of the latest electronics. It didn't carry the variety that the main store did but it's placement within the mall made it one of the more popular stores to visit.

Jadon could see that they were in the process of their Back0to-School sales, just what he had hoped to find. Moving about the store, he ended up in the entertainment area. The HD televisions were getting bigger and bigger. A few of the models were on the Channel 7 news. The piece was enough to get Jadon to stop in his shopping and watch for a bit.

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Leon Mighty

A lot of the people moving into the shop took a moment ot stare at the strangely dreesed hero as he began his search for a decent clothing store. Most inhabitants of Freedom city were used to seeing strange characters dressed through out the city, but it was rare to have one actually shopping.

Most of the clothing stores on the first floor were aimed at women, the general shopper that visited the mall. Most of the men's clothes were located on the second floor. About center of the large mall, Leon spotted a sporting store that carried a lot of the new high tech weight training machines as well as the typical clothes he wore while fighting crime. A quick look down at his torn pants lead Leon to at least make a detour into the store to pick up a new pair of pants.

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Zealot moved around the mall as he moved around most places, like a predator, stalking prey. He was a little more at ease this time around as his prey were merely school supplies, even that being the case, he was ever on the look out for the tainted heretics that had magical bent. He wondered if the backwords fools even had civilian clothing, or if they always dressed in their ridiculous satanic robes.

Zealot looked down at his shopping list... Notebooks, writing utensils, candles, chalk, salt...What exactly would he need chalk and salt for? Zealot shook his head and continued his perusal while pulling up the strap of his duffle bag, where he kept his pride and joy, Witchbreaker, though today it shared it's space with the items he had already gathered. He probably cut an odd figure, walking around the mall with a large black trenchcoat buttoned high, especially for the beginning of September, but as he looked around and saw the various fashions present in the mall, he thought to himself... I suppose I'm not the strangest looking kid here today, look at all those safety pins in that girl's face!

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Wesley has the day off. No work. No being a superhero. Lynn is off somewhere else doing her thing. It is Wesley by himself day. And where do you go when you just got paid and have nothing to do? Shopping, of course! Christmas is right around the corner (111 days!) and he planned to start early. But what to get his closest friends and coworkers? That's why he was here. First off gifts for Arrowhawk, Avenger, Dark Star, Divine, Doktor Archeville, Hellbound, Phantom and Scarab. He would shop for Lynn later when he had a better idea what she really wanted.

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It was rare that Samael had a day off, the deli usually kept him quite busy. But the refridgerator had broken and leaked all over the place. They would cleaning up this mess for a while, so Samael had some time to himself. He went to the mall intending to buy a few suit to replace the one he had been wearing when he transformed a few days back. He also looking for anything that might not actually be torn to shreds when he transformed. And also for tradition's sake he made a note to stop off at the pet store to grab some treat and possibly a new toy for Sprinkles.

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Leon walking inside the sport store and he see many training machines. Because he don't have any permanent home yet, he don't see any reason to buy them. He usually use anything from nature as training equipments, he usually use boulder or log to do weightlifting. He picking up one of most heaviest dumbbells and doing some lifting with it.

"Hmm.... Little bit too light for me..." He said and putting back the dumbbells as he looking around for new pants.

He went to the clothing area and looking through them. It was not easy to find clothes that don't have brand because he dislike clothes with brand and it make him feel like a walking commercial.

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Zealot had come to the right place for his school supplies. The mall had everythign he could ever want. For most of his needs, the large bookstore on the north end of the mall would do nicely. It was one of the new style of bookstores taht also carried CDs and DVDs; a one stop entertainment store. Though the items it carried were lighter than a dedicated store, it still boasted a very good selection.

The store had a very good selection of stationery near the cash resgisters.

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Wesley walked into the store ready to buy his Christmas gifts early. Unfortunately, most of the deals and baragins were geared for the Back-to-School rush. Still, a sale was a sale and he was bound to find something that could sit around until Christmas.

His footsteps, thinking of Arrowhawk as the first to buy for, brought Wesely towards Gadgets R' Us at the southern end of the mall. Perhaps somewhere hidden within all the latest gadget, he might find something that the street detective could use in his fight against crime. He passed by the Tv displays where a few of the sets were showing the Channel 7 News. Wesely paused just long enough to catch the last report before moving on to the security devices.

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Most of the men's clothes were held on the second floor so Samael moved up the center escalator to begin his search for clothing. Before him was teh sports store, offering the latest in weight lifting machines. Inside, he could jsut catch a glimpse of a bare chested man lifting one of the larger freeweights in the store. He moved with ease and after a moment moved on to the clothes section of the store.

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Victor moved into the bookstore and at once noticed some white stationary with gold lines on it. Maybe a tad too ostentatious... He then picked up a few notebooks, one black, one red, and one white, each with three separate sections in them for different subjects. He idly snatched up a bag of pens and one of pencils, then headed to the music section. Victor had only seen a cd once before, and most of the music he'd never heard of. However, Victor noticed in the classical section a few chant cd's with composers he was familiar with. Bach's Mass in B Minor he remembered as one of his favorites and grabbed it up, as it was the last copy.

Victor smiled to himself and muttered, "Agnus Dei, qui tolis peccata mundi, indeed."

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Jadon watched the new's report with mild curiosity, but mostly he was looking at the different screens, A new LCD was defiantly on the list to get, and the bigger the better.

Making a small note on a piece of paper on which screen he liked best, Jadon continued on. Depending on how much today's little shop was going to cost him... he ponded about picking up the latest game station to go with the new TV, after all he old was was destroyed.

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Samael paused for a moment after seeing the strange man. He pondered for a moment before his curiosity got the better of him, and he went into the store after the man. He hung back because he didn't want to look like he was intentionally stalking the guy, even though he was. He pretend browsing had brought him back over where the weights were. He hadn't been to the gym properly since just after the transformation happened for the first time. He knew he had gotten stronger, but how strong he really had no clue. He reached out and hefted the same weight the bare-chested man did, with just as much ease. With a little smirk, Samael put the weight down and followed the man deeper into the store.

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Victor grabbed the items and began walking to the music csection when he caught sight of a small figure moving quickly through the aisles. Normally, victor would had simply assumed it was some child playing in the store, but it was moving way too fast for any normal child.

Though it was moving fast, he did manage to get a very good look. And what he saw caught his attention.

It was no child though it was smaller than a toddler. It, for that was about all he could call it, was green. The creature's skin was scaly like a snake with splotches of brown intermixed. The creature moved on two legs like most people, but its hands ended in wicked looking claws.

The creature moved directly to one of the listening displays and quickly began racking it with those same claws. It had breached the other layer in very little time and had begun to sink its teeth into the wiring. Small sparks went off from the machine before the creature turned and dashed off.

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Leon Mighty and Atlas

Leon reached the clothes section and began to look for something that would suit his purpose. There was a decent selection but most of the items carried prominent logos. It took him a while to find a pair that didn't have a logo on it. He moved back towards the cash registers passing another well muscled man. From his practiced eye, Leon knew that the man could most likely rival his own incredible strength.

Samael had easily caught up with the strangely dressed man while he was searching for pants. The scene was most comical as most of the other people stood silently gawking at his attire. After a short while, the bare chested man managed to find a pair he liked and began to head to the cashier. As he came closer, Samael could see the man sizing him up.

Just as the two men were an arm's width apart, a loud roar of engines running came from the training machines. Following the roaring engines, came a woman's scream. Looking in the direction that the sounds came from, the two men could see smoke rising form one of the tredmills. Upon the treadmill was a woman running full out, trying desperately not to fall.

From the sound of her scream, it didn't sound like she could keep up the pace much longer.

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Boomer and Wesley

The Tvs were of the best quality. The pictures were clear and the prices weren't actually that bad considering that the smaller screens were on sale. Still, there were other things for Jadon to buy and look at. He jotted down the information of a couple of the Tvs and moved on to the gaming area. As he walked out of the Tv section, he caught sight of an athleticly built man with cornrows. The man's baggy pants, high tops, and white tanktop screamed wannbe thug. Of course, considering that Freedom had people of all walks of life, the man could actually be a thug.

Wesley didn't see much in the news program to get bother with. He still had to pick up those presents for Arrowhawk and the others. Just as he was about to move on passed the TV section, he noticed a young boy dressed in casual clothes looking at him. The boy's short blond hair marked him as someone that had life easy, unlike Wesley. He often got looks from the more well to do kids when he was out shopping so it didn't upset him. After a moment, the boy began moving out of the Tv section, heading for the games area, a short distance from the security devices.

As the two young men began moving to their respected shopping corners, a loud noise was heard over by the sound systems. The noise sounded like an small explosion followed by screams of pain. Glaning in the direction of the music section, both men could see smoke and people running away. Most of the people running held their hands over their ears.

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"Madre de Dio!" Victor cursed under his breath. What was this creature? Was it magical in nature? He looked the thing over as best he could, reaching out with his mind as it raked at the electronics. Victor took a readying stance and cautiously approached the creature, hand straying to inside his duffle bag, wrapping around the handle of Witchbreaker nervously.

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That man must be strong like me... No, he is maybe much stronger than me but I don't know why... He thought himself as he looking at the muscled man. He suddenly turned to sound of machine that seem to go out of control, and one of unlucky victim happening to running on fast moving treadmill. He know that if the woman can't keep running on it, it will be huge risk that she will seriously hurt herself when the treadmill are moving too fast. He don't waste any movement and he start screaming to the muscles man.

"HI! Come and help me by lifting the woman off from the treadmill!" He screaming at the muscles man as he start running to the woman on treadmill.

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As Jadon moved on he couldn't help but wonder... 'wasn't that one of the other guys from the bank the other day?' but he just couldn't place it, with all the excitement and panic Jadon unfortunatally didn't take much notice about who else was there.

Hearing the sudden noise from the sound system and people running Jadon sighed. Was there something against him getting school supplies, first there was the bank incident, now what ever this was...

Jadon decided to wait were he was for the time being, as he crouched down and covered his ears. Than once everyone was out of the store he would be more free to investigate...

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Samael didn't even have to told once, he took off running just a moment after Leon himself did, who was more fleet of foot than Samael. "I am with you." growls a husky voice as Samael charges to the treadmill. He tries to scoop the runner up by the midsection from the side of the treadmill. He would have gone in from behind, but that would have just wound up with him getting kicked in a very sensitive place.

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Victor began moving towards the creature while letting his perceptions check for the telltale signs of magic. What he noticed was that magic seemed to be in several locations within the store. Not only was the creature he was stalking of a magical nature, there were more in the store, lots more!

The green creature had stopped at a video display, showing the latest release. Its claws had already begun ripping their way into the machine, unaware that it was now being stalked.

A number of people walked aobut the video area, oblivious to the small creature's presence or actions.

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Leon and Atlas

The two oddly paired men react quickly ot the sounds of distress. Each man reached the treadmill and acted just as quickly. Samael easily grabbed the woman and lifted her clear of the speeding treadmill. Leon stood on the other side, waiting to assist if there was a need. The treadmill continued moving at a tremendous speed causing the apparatus to shake and rattle. If the speed continued, the treadmill could tip over through the large pane window.

Leon's placement was just right to see one of the weight machines suddenly go haywired behind Samael. A man was doing bench presses when the pressure the computer regulated machine suddenly tripled. The weight of the bar would snap the man's kneck if Leon didn't move quickly enough.

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