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WCZA Channel 7: Unexplained Failures


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"....And now for local news, Sharron?"

"Thanks George. I'm here at the Golden Calf Casino in Boardwalk. It seems the casino has experienced a number of unexplained failures. So far the failures have been only minor problems for visitors to the casino. Elevators stopping between floors as well as slot machines not stopping when customers have pressed stop. I've talked to Mr. Devoe, manager of the casino about the recent troubles."

"We have people working on the problems throughout the casino, trying to determine the cause of the failures, but with limited success. I'd like to asure our patrons that the casino is safe during this time, though a number of our machines will be offline as we try to fix the problems. We ask that everyone be understanding of the delays this will cause. Thank you."

"The Golden Calf is not the only area to experience these strange mechanical failures. There have been reports through out the city of problems occuring. So far, all of the incidents have been minor and have yet to cause any lasting damage."

"Sounds like Freedom may have gremlins running about, Sharron."

"Well, this is Freedom City, George. Stranger things have happened. This is Sharron Wilkins for Channel 7 news."

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