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Y2K Bug [seeking 2-5 players]


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REcently there have been reports of widespread mechanical failure in ceratin parts of the city. Most of the incidents have been fairly minor: a broken traffic light, computers that suddenly crash, or even freezers that melt instead of freezing. So far none of the malfunctions have caused any serious damage, but authorities are baffled as to the source of the problem.

This short adventure will have the characters at the Millenium Mall either shopping or responding to calls to deal with the sudden rash of 'unlucky' incidents.

Both heroes and villains are welcomed to join.

The thread can take place anywhere between Aug 27-Aug 30. The exact date can be determined once players have been found.

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Boomer would be interested (And tie's in rather nicely with the fact he went to the bank in Back to Basic's to collect the money to go shopping for new school supplies :D ).

Another interesting character. Again, should be interesting to see how he reacts to the situation.

I'll be putting up the threads tomorrow most likely and placing the links here. If there are any more takers, last chance.

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If you're looking for some villainy elements in this adventure, Zealot could be doing his own shopping for school supplies, you know, flesh bound trapper keepers, bleached skull reading lamps, that sort of thing. :twisted:

First off, you'll need to edit your sig file, but your character fits the storyline best. :twisted:

You're in.

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Okay, how's Sept. 5th sound? Weekend to give everyone a reason to be shopping. Also makes sure the Mall is busy.

As we'll be starting right when the PPs are handed out, let meknow if there are going to be any changes done to your character in the OOC thread. That way, I'll have all the information needed for the thread.

Here's the OOC thread

and here's the IC thread

Go ahead and post what you are doing at the Mall and I'll get things started.

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