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The Daily Life of Super Thug (IC)


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Ben Popkin or better known as Super Thug are inside a broken down apartment with cheap rent. He is currently wearing his unclean t-shirt with ripping jeans while sitting down his dirty chair. His job as criminal don't went very good lately because most superheroes interrupting his robbery and he become poorer and poorer. He drinking his beer as he watching at the television that show his favorite program Jail Life that shows the life of prisoner. Suddenly his tv just shutting itself and she was real angry about it, he simple rising up from his chair and he tried to turn it on again. But it will not work even he try it many time until he become so furious that he smashed the tv with his bare fist.

"STUPID TV! STUPID HEROES!" He screamed in furious and then he throw out the broken tv out from the window.

He sitting down his chair again and picking up the newspaper that he have recently bought today. He try to read it but that are not many thing he could understand except that he notice a advertisement where a supermarket in the Fens are selling cheap beers. He remember that he don't have much beer left in the fridge so that he decided to go to the supermarket to buy beers. He jumping off from the chair and putting on his black jacket.

He left his apartment as he walking on the street, he notice that he walking on the same street where he did his first robbery when he was 16 year old. He could fly or move very fast to the supermarket but he is careful showing his powers when he is not wearing his costume, because he don't want face cops or superheroes right now.

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After a long walk, he finally arrived at one of supermarked in the Fens, he slowly enter the supermarket and it seem that he is the only customer in this store. He walking to the fridge where it keep the beers but sadly he don't find any beers that are on the advertisement. He look very displeased and he walking to the counter where the clerk is standing behind.

"Hello sir! Do you want something...?" The clerk asking him with slightly nervous look because Bob like quit intimidating.

"Do you any Marie Beers left that are on discount now?" Bob asking him with unhappy look as he resting his hand on the counter.

"Yes... We had them before but sadly that are many costumer who have bought so that we have no longer in store..." The clerk said as he get more nervous about that Bob can become very pissed off. But strangely, Bob don't look angry but instead he look very disappointing. He walking back to the fridge picking up pair of sixpack and then he walk back to the counter. After Bob payed for the beers, he simple walk out from the store and then he scream out in pure rage.


He then kicking one of the wall and creating a huge crack on it. He then continue walking back to his home.

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When Bob finally arrived outside his apartment, he notice that the door was broken up. He quickly went inside and find out that most of his stuff was stolen. He was in completely furious so that he ripping apart the broken door with his bare fist. He can't believed that as super criminal was stolen by ordinary thieves!

He can't stay here any longer and he need new cash. He walking inside the bathroom and lifting off the old bathtub where he keep his costume. It took him a moment to put on his costume before he fly out from the window.

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