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Late Night Soar [OOC]


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  • 2 weeks later...

Power-stunted Teleport 1 (Extra: Portal, PF: Progression [10ft X 10ft Portal]) (5) of my existing Teleport. Burning a HP to avoid Fatigue.

By the way, I'm figuring this is going to conclude with you getting away, whether through being quicker than Mongrel, outfighting her, or persuasion is what I'm not sure of.

Any thoughts?

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stinger goes total defense to bring her defense up to (16+4=) 20.

i would prefer she escapes (probably empty handed), but i'm open to your ideas.

ma is faster than stinger in terms of raw speed, but stinger can 'go chameleon' on her. as far as a fight between then goes, ma packs more power and toughness, but stinger has the advantage in terms of attack and defense scores. it would really depend on the die rolls and choices. possibly stinger could bluff/pursuade ma--depending on how things go.

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Sorry I'm taking so long (my head is not in the best of shapes).

I'll have an IC post up tomorrow at the latest, if not tonight.

OOC however I can say right now that I'll basically spend my round doing a Feint (basically pretending that she's unwilling to fight due to collateral that would ensue), probably spending my move action to use my (still available) power stunted teleport portal to reinforce that view.

My first roll wasn't the best Feint (1d20+11=18) so I decided to burn my last HP on this (I really want it to succeed)HP Reroll Feint (1d20+11=17) so that's an effective roll of 27 (due to +10 for being below 11 on the [virtual] die), which I don't think you can match since I don't really see Attractive being applicable in a resistance manner (though should you have tried to feint yourself it'd apply against MA).

And following our next post each, should we go with rolling Initiative or just keep on alternating as we have since neither of us is really going to be flatfooted or such?

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