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The Story of Grimalkin the Cat (IC)

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Once upon a time, there was a small gray cat named Grimalkin who lived in a great city by the woods. One day she found herself in a part of the wood she'd never seen before, and she was quite afraid.


"Oh man, I must be in Faerie now," she said, and surely it was true, for she was at the edge of the great forest of Avalon, which stretched on for miles and miles. The little cat sniffed the air and her whiskers twitched. "Wow, that smells really good," she said, and she followed the smell of sweet flowers until she came upon a small clearing, all dotted with hyacinths.


In the middle of the clearing was a purple toadstool as wide as a wagon wheel, upon which a gathering of fair sprites danced and cavorted. They wore garments fashioned from cobwebs, dew and moonlight, and their dainty gossamer wings sparkled like diamonds.


"Uh, excuse me," said Grimalkin. "I'm, uh, looking for something...or possibly someone. Answers, really. Can any of you...tiny little people help me?"


The spites' merry laughter was like the ringing of tiny bells, but they did not cease their dancing. The small gray cat was not amused.


"Okay, ha ha, laugh at the new kid, or cat, I guess; wait, why am I a cat?"


At last, one of the delicate creatures took pity on the frightened cat, and flew up to Grimalkin, hovering right in front of her small wet nose.


"You are a cat because you've always been a cat. Here in Faerie, all is truth and no one lies."


Grimalkin laughed at the small sprite. "Um, yeah, I totally believe that; that's the way it always works in faerie tales. Look, can you help me or not?"


The beautiful sprite stroked her tiny chin with her tiny fingers, and taped her tiny foot in thought. At last she smiled and flew three times around Grimalkin's head.


"Yes, I will help you, Kitty Cat! You need to cross the great forest of Avalon to find the castle of Queen Mab. You will face many dangers, but I shall give you three gifts, to aid you on your quest!"


The gray cat held up her paws in alarm. "Whoa whoa whoa, I know how this works; I'm not taking any gifts from you!"


The little faerie sighed and shook her head sadly. "Very well, I shall not give them to you myself, but rather tell you where to find them, on your own, in the forest. Seek out the great dead oak in the Valley of Summer, and you will find three things inside, a cloak, a hat and a sword. Take these with you on your quest, free of all charges and obligations, but you may not take them out of Faerie!"


Grimalkin grinned a kittenish grin and nodded. "Fine by me, and thanks!" And with that she marched off into the woods, her tail twitching behind her.

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