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Star Crossed Lovers [OOC]


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Arrowhawk give me a knowledge streetwise to recognize those names you heard. (Or gather info if you would rather take the time to research)

Blink you have contacted the Thugs and set up the ambush point but not met with them personally yet. They await your signal to act.

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The natasha name is meaningless withotu a last name to attatch it to but Scarletti is the surname of an underboss in the Italina Mafia with his fingers deep in the docks, He and Vaslev have clashed over various smuggling operations alot lately.

Vaslev is involved mostly in gun running, with a sideline in heroin, for the Russian Mob.

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Ok since Blink is going first and this is his first thread I'm gonna try and explain the process for posting and rolling here.

Feel free to correct me on anything AA ;)

I think from your initiative you know this but just for completeness

We use Invisible Castlefor rolling. In the name field put and Identifier for the thred in brackets in front of your character name. Like so: [sCL] Blink

in the die to roll field it'll be 1d20+X where X=whatever your modifier is.

Make sure to link any rolls you make and relevant DCs along with what power you are useing here in OOC and go ahead and post your own In Character part in the IC thread.

I think that covers the basics feel free to PM me or hit me up in chat if you have any questions as to whats going on in the thread.

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Couple questions:

How far are the thugs from DS/Edge?

40-50 feet

How far is the car from the thugs?

About half that distance

And just to be clear, it was the guy in the car that planted the bomb?

It was but DS did not actually see him plant the bomb but judging from edges behavior its a safe assumption.

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