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First Impressions; Jadon's first day! (IC)


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Jadon Stood at the gate's of Claremont academy. He'd been lurking about for a few days, Meeting with various teaches and Mr. Summers, having his gear moved into one of the dorm rooms. He even had time to find and pin up a small note on the schools New's board.

But today was special, today was officially his first day. His parent's had dropped him off, all kisses and teary eyes... thankfully Jadon had stopped them at the gates before any of the other students could see.

With the gates closed and his parent's gone, Jadon quickly looked around for any observers. Spotting none, there was a sudden flash of violet light and Jadon was gone, a swarm of small malty-colored lights remained in his place. The Swarm easily flew through the gates, before another sudden flash of violet light engulfed them and Jadon appeared. Looking down at his himself Jadon smiled. He Loved this new fabric his dad's company made just for him, It allowed him to utilize all the aspect's of his powers without destroying his clothing.

A Cringe creped over Jadon's face as he remembered the first time he learnt how to become the Boomer swarm. It flew about the place, nothing in the world mattered... than when he got home and re-assembled himself, he found himself completely naked in front of his parents... It was after that incident his father had ordered the invention of the fabric he now wore.

Shrugging the memory off, Jadon put a smile on his face, his sunglasses on and marched into schooled with all the 'cool' he could muster, after all first impressions count...

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Mike wasn't exactly sure what had prompted it but when the headmaster asked you to play tour guide argueing was pointless. He had gotton distracted and was running a bit late but with most of the new students not yet arrived Mike was confident he'd recognize a new face.

The tall boy approached casually and held out his hand introducing himself, "Hey I'm Mike you must be Jadon?"

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"Yea," Mike agreed, "Alot nicer than alot of schools." He paused as if uncertain what to say for a moment then continued, "So you a local or coming in from out of town?" While he spoke he nodded his head to JJ indicating to follow and headed towards the admin building to get him set up with a room.

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"Ah Local-ish..." JJ says as he falls in next to Mike. "For the most part I've lived in Freedom city although I have traveled around the world from time to time... But technically I was born in the Pacific ocean." JJ expands. "But you didn't really want to know all that did you." JJ adds a sly grin on his face.

"So ah, if this is suppose to be the 'hero high.' I assume that means everyone's got powers? and if that's the case what's yours?" JJ asks smoothly.

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Mike stiffed slightly at the question, but forced himself to relax it was a reasonable question after all.

"Well not everyone really," Mike replied, there were a few students without powers, "Its not exclusively powered students but we're the majority."

"Nothing exciting personally, tougher and stronger than most, flight." Mike shrugged as he spoke minimizing his abilities out of habit more than anything.

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JJ shrugs as Mike talks about the school student's and give's a vague description of his powers, "Cool" He JJ says, especially when he get's the the flight part. "I can fly too... In a manner of speaking." JJ say's somewhat cryptically.

As the stranger approached and talked to Mike, JJ steps forward and extends a hand, "Name's Jadon, but mostly people just call me JJ."

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"Heya Eddie," Mike said though completly forgetting to introduce JJ, "Uh yea, JJ this is Eddie."

"JJ's new, I'm taking him up to the admin building to get squared away with room assignment and everything." He said trailing off uncertain if he was supposed to invite Eddie alon or not given that it wasn't really a social thing so much as an assighnment.

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"Cool!" Eddie offered. "I'll come along just in case the boring bit ever wraps itself up." Eddie stretched, putting his hands behind his head. "I wanna be here just in case the boring part ever wraps up." Eddie smiled and offered his hand to shake. "I'm Eddie." He looked at Mike "But you knew that." He smiled his ever present, large, happy smile.

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Mike stepped immediatly inbetween Eddie and JJ looking around for the source of the explosions whist guarding his teammate.

Realizing it was a joke on JJs part he forced a small laugh saying, "Heh, sorry little jumpy." 'Who does that?' he thought to himself, someone like Erin migh take his fool head off before anyone knew what was happening. At that thought his eyes bugged out for a moment, "Oh and you might want to watch that kinda thing some students can overreact to that kinda stuff sometimes." He didn't really want to name names but made a note to warn Erin about the mischevious new energy controller.

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JJ shrugged, "Fare enough, I don't really do that sort of thing too often anyway." His smile fading off slightly as he appeared to be thinking of something. "Unless of cause it's some thug who deserves it." JJ said masking the concerned look under a happy-go-lucky smile.

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James strolled across the grass from parking his car, whistling to himself as he went. Not a bad morning. An early breakfast and an impromptu date with the rather stunning waitress. He figured he'd head back and change clothes before really starting the day. As he walked back across the courtyard, he noticed Mike and Eddie walking along with someone new. He changed direction and wandered over.

"Good morning all. Hope you're have as good a day as I am." He nodded to the unknown newcomer. "How you doing? I'm James. New student I suppose? Not that I've been here long myself. Less than a month really."

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Turning to look at the newcomer JJ nods his head in greeting, "Nice to meet you, Names Jadon, though most people just call me JJ." He say's as he extends his hand in greeting

"Yeah, I'm new first day. Were heading off to get the last of the paperwork done." JJ said, "And being warned about miss-use of Boomers." JJ added sheepishly, looking back at Mike and Eddie.

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Mike shrugged, "Its not that big a deal." he said good naturedly to Jadon.

Giving up on introductions entirely now Mike merely greeted James with a nod and "Hey James."

"Who knows he might be your new roomy." Mike said with a small laugh, there was a small amount of jelousy amongst the boys over James managing to avoid a roommate so far.

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Eddie laughed at the explosive joke from JJ. "Nice one. I like to joke around as much as anyone else, but Mike is right. I know a few people that would do more than frown or jump at something like that." Eddie gave JJ a playful slug on the arm. "Don't worry about it though. I'm not saying don't use your powers, just make sure that you know they company you're in before you do. I mean I bet we could totally have some fun with something like that. But we probably shouldn't tell too many people about it." Eddie's massive smile beamed at JJ. The implications for practical jokes were almost endless!

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James just grinned. "Maybe. We'll see though." He didn't particularly care about a roommate. It wasn't like he slept there anyway. He was pretty sure the staff knew that already; given the security a place like this had, it wasn't much of a stretch. It certainly wouldn't have anything to do with him telling them. "Paperwork? Ugh, never fun or fast either. So what's a Boomer? Besides the obvious of 'making something explode'?"

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JJ's mood noticeable lightens up at Eddies encouragement, "You should see what I can do in a dark area." JJ beamed. "It'll blow your socks off... figuratively." JJ added.

Smiling at Jame's question JJ raised his hand, "This." He said simply as light appeared to feed off his finger tips to form what appeared to be a sun about the size of an apple. clasping his hand around the miniature raging sun JJ tossed it high into the air, were it suddenly exploded in a shower of malty-colored light that harmlessly rained down on the group. "I can do a lot of other things with them too." JJ said as he grinned ear to ear.

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"Neat trick." Mike said in a friendly tone. 'Deffinately gonna have to warn Erin about this guy, maybe Hope too.' He thought to himself, not that there was anything wrong with Jadons behavior but those two in particular didn't react well to being startled.

"We should go get you squared away so you know where you're bunking and all that, then we can show you around the more interesting areas." Though Mike was planing to keep the tour to the public areas the library and cafeteria and everything certainly was better than the admin paperwork.

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JJ smiled proudly as Eddie complimented his powers, "I'm pretty good at full on light shows too, I took a cause on it over the summer." JJ added, "But my Boomers can do a lot more too, and they can be quite dangerous." JJ added a little more sullen. "Not that what I showed you than was dangerous, that was wave's of light... If I... err if I wanted to they could be quite harmful..." JJ said, his voice trailing off near the end, worry lining his face.

As Mike spoke up JJ smiled again, "Lead the way, sire." JJ said before giving a mock bow.

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James nodded. "Pretty neat. Don't worry about the powers things. That one of the reasons you're here I'm betting. It'll all work out. You from Freedom City or an import?" He nodded at Mike though he probably different with Mike on the definition of 'interesting'. "Tell you what, I gotta go change. Had a fun morning," he grinned. "But you should be done with the papers shortly afterwards. I'll meet up with you guys. Maybe take off for some fun stuff."

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Giving a half smile at Jame's JJ nods, "I suppose so, And I'm home grown right here in Freedom City." JJ says answering Jame's question. "Alright than catch you later." JJ say's as James wonders off.

"Shall we?" JJ say's to the other's as he follows Mike and Eddie to the admission office.

Entering the office JJ give's a quite sigh, "What is with school's and every admission office looking and feeling the exact same?" JJ asks.

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Mike laughed softly at that, "I dunno probably some kinda of research don in the 50's that said this was conducive to getting kids respect, and by respect of course they meant scaring the pants off 'em."

Since most of the paperwork had been handled on prior visits it was a quick stop. a few last minute forms regarding the rooming situation and picking up the keys.

"That wasn't too bad we can go check out the room now if you like, or I can show you around the rest of the place first. Up to you." Mike said goodnaturedly

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