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Stepping out of an impossibly long green limousine in front of the famous Golden Calf, is a man that needs little introduction in the gambling world. His mirrored shoes leading to his silk suit looking to be made completely of playing cards and his trade mark green glasses give him away immediately. He's Jackie "Dueces" Malone, the youngest man to ever win a WSOP bracelet. He stands, flashing a too bright smile at the throng of fans and looks up at the gilded casino as if he were looking into the eyes of a lover. They would come to know each other well.

A fidgety little man scurried towards Jackie. "Welcome Mr. Malone, will you be needing a suite?"

"That I would good buddy, also, make shur they stock up that thar mini bar with 'nuff coke 'n Crown, wouldn't want me diein' o' thirst wouldya," Jackie said with a wink and a rough nudge.

"Of-of course not sir, right away sir!" The man then did his best to look important, ordering many people around to do this or that.

"Ah, this, I could git used to."

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