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Boomer -PL 10 Hero - Kavos

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Players Name: Kavos

Power Level: 10 (158/158pp)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Jadon Grove Jr or ‘JJ’

Alternate Identity: Boomer

Height: 5’6â€Â

Weight: 110lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Age: 15

Abilities [0+4+4+4+0+2=14PP]

Strength 10 (+0)

Dexterity 14 (+2)

Constitution 14 (+2)

Intelligence 14 (+2)

Wisdom 10 (+0)

Charisma 12 (+1)

Combat [8+8=16PP]

Attack: +4 Base, +10 Powers

Grapple: +4

Defense: +10 (+2 flat-footed) w/ Shield; +4 (+2 flat-footed) without

Knockback: -10 w/ Force Field; -1 without

Initiative: +6

Saving Throws [17PP]

Toughness +10 (Impervious 10) w/ Force Field; +2 without

Fortitude +7 (5)

Reflex +8 (6)

Will +6 (6)

Skills [72 Ranks = 18PP]

Acrobatics 8 (+10)

Bluff 5 (+6)

Concentration 10 (+10)

Diplomacy 3 (+4)

Gather Information 4 (+5)

Knowledge (business) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+5)

Notice 7 (+7)

Perform (keyboards) 14 (+15)

Perform (Light shows) 14 (+15)

Search 1 (+3)

Feats [5PP]

Benefit (Wealth) 1 (Wealthy)

Fascinate (Perform [Light Shows])

Improved Initiative

Quick Change

Skill Mastery [Acrobatics, Perform (Light shows/Keyboards), Gather Information]

Powers [18+10+36+18+6=88PP]

Force Field 8 (Extras: Impervious 10) [18PP]

Immunity 10 (Light Effects) [10PP]

Light Control 16 (32PP Array, PFs: Alternate Power 3) [36PP]

Base Power: Blast 10 (PFs: Accurate 3, Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 2, Improved Range 3 [1,000ft Range, No Increments], Power Attack, Precise) [31PP]

AP: Dazzle 10 (Visual Senses, PFs: Accurate 3, Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 2, Improved Range 3 [1,000ft Range, No Increments], Power Attack, Precise) [31PP]

AP: Strike 10 (Extras: 50-ft. Burst Area, Selective Attack) [30pp]

AP: Light Form 7 (35PP Container, Drawbacks: Action 3 [Full]) [32PP]

Light Show 8 (16PP Array, PFs: Alternate Power 2) [18PP]

Base Power: Environment Control 4 (Distraction DC15, 50ft radius, Extras: Selective Attack) [16PP]

AP: Emotion Control 5 (Feats: Progression [Area] 2 [25ft/rank = 50ft radius], Extras: Area [burst], Selective Attack, Flaws: Sense-Dependent [Vision]) [16pp]

AP: Environment Control 8 (Daylight, 1,000ft radius) [16PP]

Shield 6 [6PP]

DC Block:

Unarmed, Normal -- 15 Toughness -- Damage

Blast -- 25 Toughness -- Damage

Dazzle -- 20 Ref/Fort – Visual Dazzle

Emotion Control -- 20 Ref/Will -- Varies (Staged)

Strike -- DC 20/Reflex then 25 or 20/Toughness -- Damage, Burst Area

Abilities 14 + Combat 16 + Saving Throws 17 + Skills 18 + Feats 5 + Powers 88 - Drawbacks 0 = 158/158 Power Points

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Jadon or JJ as he prefers is your average teenager, He wares casual clothing when not in school uniform, usually something stylish and up-to-date and colourful. His hair is short and kept neat.

His Hero costume is stylish and made from plasma-resistant molecules, allowing him full freedom to use his various ‘Boomers’ as he wishes without fear of destroying normal clothing. His costume consists of a base white colour with a metallic burgundy shoulder and neck design. His gloves, Hips, and boots are also layered with the same metallic burgundy material.

He wares a metallic burgundy mask, which sits around his eyes, but doesn’t hide the rest of his face.

Personality & Motivation:

JJ has always loved watching hero’s on TV. And on rare occasion’s he even got to see Heroes in the flesh. His parent’s had always installed a sense of right and wrong within JJ. Even long before he gained his powers, JJ would stand up to the bullies and protect the weaker kids. Of cause this often lead to JJ getting bashed up… At least until his power’s manifested.

Powers & Tactics:

JJ can manipulate the very atoms themselves, causing them to fuse together at his command. This result’s in him being able to produce a phenomenon called Plasmoids. Balls of Plasma that are held within a magnetic field, Such as Ball lightning and other such phenomenon Plasmoid is derived from Plasma and Magnetic.

The Boomers as JJ calls them are capable of appearing as any colour within the light frequency. JJ is able to produce hundreds if not thousands of tiny boomers or he can focus more and create larger ones. To date the largest Plasmoid he has created has been the size of a basketball.

Due to the nature of his Plasmoids JJ hasn’t experimented with their possible full capacity. Afraid that if he pushes himself too hard he could indecently set of a chain reaction, and due to the nature of the Boomer’s a Fusion explosion, like a hydrogen bomb.

JJ’s can vary the explosive blast of his boomers from anything from a small firecracker, to a military grade explosive device and even beyond. He can also cause them to stun or dazzle the opponent. He can create an area of distracting firecrackers and even produce a globe of light to illuminate the area.

When in combat JJ usually has a number of small and large boomers floating around him. These boomers act as his main and only line of defence. The Smaller boomers will whip about and attempt to deflect the majority of an attack, while the larger boomers will attempt to absorb anything that gets past the shield boomers.

JJ’s strangest ability is his ability do control his own atoms and essentially disintegrate himself into a swarm of boomers. This grant’s him the ability to fly, pass through most objects. Immunity to physical and fusion/plasma attacks and he no longer needs to breath. While in the Plasmoid swarm form however he loses access to his ability to use boomers as attacks. However his other boomers remain at his command.

JJ also has a somewhat unconscious ability to sense his surroundings, Although he dons't really know about the ability, It gives him an edge in combat when it come's to being surprised since he can just "feel" something bads about to happen. In reality it's apart of his mutation, Because Plasmoids are a combination of Plasma and Magnetism this allows JJ to have a strange sort of Magnetic radar sense. He can unconsciously sense the world around him as the magnetic waves of the planet 'light' up as the pass through objects.


Family: JJ’s parents are both very successful corporate masterminds, both in there own right worth billions. Although they are aware of JJ’s mutant ability, they believe him to be going to Claremont to learn how to control his powers, not fight crime. It would cause problems should they learn of JJ’s crime fighting extra-curricula activities.

Limited resources: Despite the large resource of his family JJ is prohibited form using them in an attempt to teach him independents. Which can cause a few problem’s when on a hero case.


Jadon Grove Jr. is the son of business leaders Julia Grove and Jadon Grove sr.

JJ’s child hood was much the same as any other kids; His parent’s while both independently wealthy didn’t want their son growing up with a silver spoon. So they bought simple rural house in the nice area of Freedom city, and pretended to be middle class.

Despite this Jadon’s parents wouldn’t skimp on his schooling, giving him the best education available.

When his mutant abilities did manifest however, his parents began to look into the rumours of a school for mutants. As much as they loved there son, mutation or not, He was a Grove and as such he was expected to have complete control of his powers.

While they didn’t like the idea of him being a hero, they did eventually find out about Claremont and how it was a safe place for him to learn how to control his mutation.

A phone call later JJ was enrolled at Hero High.

With his enrolment his parents decided that they would give him an allowance, and let him board at the school to teach him adult responsibility. But besides the allowance he was bared from using any of his parents resources short of an emergency. Although they said that would change in the future, for the time being it was there to teach him how to be in depended.

There was one exception to this; His father owned a research facility, which he allowed JJ to access to create some clothing that would be Boomer resistance. So although the lab is only good for the latest clothing fashions immune to his boomers it did allow him to him to secretly make a super-hero costume for himself.

With JJ out of the nest as it were, his parent’s returned to there respective mega-companies and jet-setting ways. Giving JJ more freedom to moonlight at hero work, with his parent’s so often overseas on business trips.

With everything packed and loaded, JJ headed off to Claremont Academy and his future…

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Combat: 10pp

Attack: +2

Grapple: +2

Defense: +2/+10* (+2 flat-footed)

Knockback: -10

Initiative: +10

*With Shield

In what way is the character's Initiative +10? Also, I'm not real thrilled at a character who has lots of happy-fun-ball perception area attacks and virtually no attack; note that my own character (Edge) with a Burst Area Attack is at +10 Ranged Attacks even though he uses his ranged attacks only for Aid actions.

Saves: 10pp

Toughness: +0/+10* (+0 Con, +10 other)

Fortitude: +4 (+0 Con, +4)

Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3)

Will: +3 (+0 Wis, +3)

*With Force Field

Ouch! I know the character is a child, but you really should contemplate raising his exotic saves.

Powers: 102pp


Blast 10 (Plasmoid, Extra: Range (Perception), Area (Burst) 50ft radius; PF: 5 Alternate powers) [45pp]

- [AP] Blast 10 (Plasmoid, Extra: Range (Perception), Penetrating)

- [AP] Dazzle 8 (Plasmoid, Visual and Auditory (3/rank) Extra: Range (Perception), Area (Perception))

- [AP] Stun 10 (Plasmoid, Extra: Range (Perception), Flaws Dazzle only)

- [AP] Stun 10 (Plasmoid, Extra: Range (Perception), Area (Burst) 50ft radius; Flaws: Dazzle Only)

- [AP] Alternate Form 8 (Plasmoid Swarm)

...Kavos, you've indicated that you'd like this character to be a member of one of the Claremont super-teams. Given the number of melee fighters on the team, we're not going to want to play with the guy whose main attack is a non-Selective Area blast. ;)

My suggestion to you is this: drop the Perception extra (it doesn't really fit the character, and you really want to avoid being the Bathroom Plasmacist) and replace it with Selective. That way he can make ranged attacks right into the heart of melee, be very effective, and not have to worry about obliterating his hapless teammates. :D

Also, Dazzle is not a flaw on Stun; Stun doesn't inflict a dazzle effect. If you want to dazzle someone, buy Dazzle. Were you thinking Daze?

Environmental Control 5 (Plasmoid Distortions; Distraction (DC 15) Radius 100ft; Extra: Range (Perception); PF: 2 Alternate Powers) [22pp]

- [AP] Environmental Control 5 (Plasmoid Light; Light (bright) Radius 100ft; Extra: Range (Perception))

- [AP] Nullify 5 (Counter all powers of Fusion based; DC 15, Extra: Effortless, Range (Perception))

A Perception extra doesn't appear to make sense for Environmental Control. Also, as you're the only character I can think of with fusion-based powers, you're better off saving the Nullify for extra effort.

Force Field 10 (Plasmoid Defenders, Extra Impervious) [20pp]

Shield 5 (Plasmoid Deflector) [5pp]

Immunity 10 (All Fusion (plasma) Effects) [10pp]

And again, you can probably spend your immunity points better elsewhere. Maybe an immunity to heat damage as well as plasma damage? That way your character can have Cool Moves like be the One Guy Who Can Take the Heat. ;)

Plasmoid Swarm [40pp]

Immunity 2 (Suffocation (All))

Insubstantial 3 (Energy – Plasma, Extra: Duration (Continues); Flaws permanent)

Speed 5 (250mph, 2200ft/round)

Stun 2 (DC 12, Extra: Duration (Sustained), Aura (Permanent) Flaw: Dazed only)

Super-movement 5: Air Walking 2 (full speed), Permeate 3 (Full speed)

You don't need Permeate with Insubstantial 3. ;)

I like the backstory!

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Alright ;) Got rid of 1 rank in Improved initiative, bringing him down to a +6

I've increased in Base Attack score up to +4

Gave him some minor toughness without his forcefield +2

Increased his Saves to +5/+7/+6

Removed the Perception extra on the Area attacks, but he still has them for the individual attacks. Added Selective. (I just had a quick revision on Area attacks.. They didn't need increased range anyway, since apparently according to the Area attack section in combat in the core book, they hit any ware within the target area (100ft in this case) and the target makes a reflex, no need for an attack roll.)

I Also altered his Dazzle, reduced it to touch range, with the Area Perception, and Selective attack.

Fixed the Stun's as well, I did mean Daze not dazzle :oops:

Removed Perception from the environmental controls, Although it's still not a Selective attack, so that's something he'll have to work on.

Removed Nullify

Lowered his Force field to +8 due to his increase of +2 toughness

Removed Permeating from his Swarm form, Added Elongation 2 (he's a swarm he can stretch a little) as well as increased the Aura by 1 making it +3

The only thing I haven't changed yet, was the immunity. Seeing as his power's are Plasma and Magnetic based than the most likely candidate for his immunity would be Immunity to Plasma and Magnetic effects. Both of which on the board are Uncommon. So I'm not sure whether 1: they would be worth 10pp, 2: If they would even be worth getting at all. thoughts?

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I owe you an apology, actually; I'd missed that second rank of Improved Init! But +6 is fine too.

The thing with his Perception Blast, Kavos is that your character doesn't need to go adventuring at all. He can sit at home and blast bad guys through his TV set. (Heck, with Penetrating, he can sit at home and blow up tanks in Iraq.) You can understand, I'm sure, that this isn't something we hope to encourage with our PCs, who are supposed to be getting out there and actually doin' stuff. :)

An idea: you've got ten points taking up space in that Perception slot, right? Well, switch them out for 10 power feats. With (say) Accuratex3, Accurate Attack, Homing, Improved Critx2, Improved Rangex2, and Power Attack, you'll still be Penetrating, you'll actually be able to take advantage of trade-offs with your primary ranged attack, and it'll be a whole lot meaner on the bad guys. You'll do just as much damage, be able to actually manipulate your attack caps, and have a lot more options in combat. (And actually be able to hurt someone with Impervious 11. ;) )

I'll level with you. :) Perception Range Blasts are annoying. They need a pretty stiff justification for most character concepts. (They're not that common in comics, either; there really aren't comics Energy Controllers who never miss at all and who are as powerful as a starting level PC.) You can make a much more skilled character without using them. That said, I'm a constructive sort of Ref: if you do want to have one, my advice is to put limits on it to make it more balanced: give it the Distracting flaw so your Dodge bonus goes away when you're using it, or giving it the Tiring flaw so using it takes extra effort. That way JJ has an auto-hit damage in reserve, but he'll have a reason not to use that attack all the time.

That said, I like what you've done with the other Perception powers. I'm much less bothered about the idea of auto-hitting with a Daze-only attack, and I'm OK with a Perception/Touch Range combination that lets you auto-hit someone who's standing right next to you. (It's a good construction for that kind of power.) That's a good strong power with one obvious weakness. I like a character who has actually spent points on Environmental Control, and the idea of a basically non-combat form with Insubstantial and Flight is a clever one.

I know you've had some trouble with your PL 10s, Kavos, but fear not! This is your best character yet, and you're definitely on the path to approval. :)

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Done and Done.

I get what your saying, and the Feats you selected probably make more sense of what I was thinking anyway. Since I was going more for the 'he can produce them anywhere he can see within his general vicinity. But With improved range, and maybe later on some Indirect's it serves the exact same purpose without the use of perception, as well as offering him more versatility.

I went ahead and changed the Perception stun as well. Namely just to uniform his powers. His stun however does have the Indirect 3. You can probably put that down to his exsperimenting with his boomers, and he's gotten good with creating the non-damaging one's any ware but he still has trouble with the more powerful ones.

SO, last Thing to do i still the Immunity. I'm kind of half tempted to leave It up to the occasional power stunts, (as you said, probably not going to run into plasma or Magnetism very often) In which case I could Probably swap out the Immunity and give him perhapses a Tactile Magnetic tremor sense/detect magnetism/plasma sort of thing in its place? (as well as Immunity to his own powers ;) )

Edit: OK so I changed the Immunity 10 (Fusion) to Immunity 5 (Own powers, and Plasma/magnetism (both uncommon according to the board sheet) 1 + 2+2)

and I gave him a spacial awareness, He can 'sense' the magnetic field, and as such it give's him a somewhat inconsistence awareness to his surroundings as well as giving him a slight edge to avoid surprise attacks. I also dumped the Evasion 1 for now it didn't really fit 100%, he may get it back later on but for now ;)

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