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Active Characters and NPCs talk thread

Sandman XI

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This is to keep track of everyone :D I need some help from you guys though. Give me a one or two sentence description of your character or NPC. If you have an old description that you would like to keep, say so.

PC Descriptions needed:

Angel (Angel)

Angelica (Ionica)

Bendigeidfran (The Spartan)

bootslof (Frycook)

Dariusprime (Fulcrum)

Ecalsneerg (Arrowhawk, Geckoman)

Eviscerus (Spitfire)

ex3lev3n (Razorwing)

Geez3r (Tempest)

golentan (Hercules)

Heritage (Grimalkin)

Jimb011 (The Entropic Cerberus)

Master_Pelle (Leon Mighty)

Nyrath (Mongrel Angel)

Raylis (Calvin Parker, Twilight Gryphon)

Sandman XI (Quark, Wesley Knight)

Thejoshie (Tarantula)

Thevshi (Velocity)

quotemyname (Colt)

Warmonger (All-Star, Sen)

zero21 (Ironhide)

NPC Descriptions needed:

Angel (Carl Marks)

Arcane Snowman (Chimerique)

AvengerAssembled (Beekeeper II, Marionette II, Roman Michaels, The Elder)

Cyroa (The Builder)

Ecalsneerg (Spellbound)

Eviscerus (Zealot)

Heritage (Gossamer, Lt Morena Colby, Red Queen, The White Rook)

Jimb011 (Dr Annihilate)

Master_Pelle (Super Thug)

Nyrath (The Exile)

quotemyname (Cryomancer)

Thejoshie (Emperor, Enigma)

Warmonger (Ronin)

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Ace Danger: Son of the famous Johhny Danger, Ace traveled in his youth with the Jungle Patrol on many adventures. As an unaging adult he continues to fight the good fight though misses the good old days when thigs were simpler and more inocent.

Phalanx: Changed in-utero by the strange energies of the Terminus during the Invasion Phalanx is a young paragon learing the ropes while trying to get through school at the prestigious Claremont academy.

Detective Marcus Sandoval: As a FCPD detective specializing in the occult Det. Sandoval has seen alot but continues to delve into the darkest occult crimes Freedom has to offer to bring the perpatrators to justice.

SuperBeast: DNascent surrvivor Superbeast works as muscle for who ever will hire him and moonlights as an underground bloodsport contender.

Student Body: The 'IT' girl of Claremont Academy. This is a correctiont he the awful stats given in Hero High for her.

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Wander: Sixteen-year-old Erin White is the lone survivor of a devastating zombie plague in an alternate world that was once very close to this one. A Claremont Academy student and Young Freedom member, she is learning to channel a devastating talent for destruction that she learned while fighting for her life into the heroic skills that will let her save others.

Fleur de Joie: Stesha Madison is a weekend heroine who spends her days arranging flowers and her nights arranging the city's parks. She's not terribly skilled in combat, but she prefers supporting her more skilled friends, anyway. She has a knack for making unusual friends, which is fortunate, since she also has a way of getting herself into trouble while out beautifying Freedom City.

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Phantom: The multiverse's interdimensional guardian, Taylor Chun has her hands full trying to balance out the life she led before the cloak and cowl and the mystic powers she now has a responsibilty to wield.

Psyche: Telepathic since birth, the Terminus energies have infused her with the ability to manipulate minds, a talent she's currently strengthening at Claremont. Fortunately for everyone, her mental powers are only eclypsed by the strength of her moral code.

Bombshell: A theif with few peers, a code of honor all her own, and a golden age hero, this blonde bombshell's feelings on the law have slipped her to the rogue's side in the modern era.

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Doktor Archeville: Eccentric (mad?!) omnidisciplinary scientist who had worked as a superhero in and around Germany for about a decade before coming back to Freedom. (Viktor Archeville, Public ID)

Belphegor: Prideful, greedy, raging demon who works mostly as muscle for other mystics. Associated (in some way) with Jos Terhune, a slender Dutch man who runs a quaint little antiques shoppe in Riverside where you can find anything, for the right price. (Jos Terhune, Secret ID)

Blŏzan: An ancient Spirit of Evil & Fear native to Germany; Doktor Archeville once fought it. (Tier 1)

Dead Head: Speaker for the Dead, who thinks you brooding angsty types really need to lighten up. (Tier 2 [Dr Archeville])

Witchfinder: He shalt not suffer a witch (or werewolf or vampire or zombie or demon or anything remotely supernatural) to live. (Tier 1)

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Divine: Lovely and pleasure-loving Moira Morley owns her own bar on the West End, attends the hottest parties, and does just as she pleases, most of the time. When the need arises though, this daughter of Ares and Aphrodite becomes the stunning and dangerous Divine, working with the Knights of Freedom to safeguard the city.

(thanks Electra :D)

Dr Zhou: Cool, calm, collected, and utterly mad scientist. Seeks out perfect specimens to further her quest to breed a superior human race.

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Avenger, aka Jack Faretti, is a grim, gritty vigilante with a reputation for brutal violence that just rides inside the line of what's acceptable conduct for a hero. Despite this, he's one of the founding members of the Knights of Freedom and actually has a strong reputation for honesty and reliability among those peers who actually know him. He does have one dark secret. He's the leader of Freedom City's vampires.


Ever-cheerful, ever hard-working, Edge is the luck-controlling field leader of Young Freedom; one of the super-teams operating out of the Claremont Academy. An incredibly fortunate young man born into a family with a long tradition of heroism (though never in costume), the prospects for Mark Lucas' future look bright indeed.

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Stinger is a teenage runaway whose mutant powers recently manifested while she was fleeing the police after unsuccessfully attempting to steal a car. The delinquent’s most prominent powers are to project rapid-fire pulse bolts of destructive purple energy from her hands and to form energy whips (or other melee weapons) in her hands. The Headmistress of the Shadow Academy has her eyes on her.

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Malice: The self righteous meta-hating master of heavy weapons, also known as Eric Micheals. He lost his arm when his base in Riverside exploded, but not his drive.

Atlas: The biggest, baddest brute to ever dedicate his life to cleaning up the streets. Unknown, even to him, is that he's a weapon to be used by the Grue for their invasion of Earth.

Armada: A robot miner of alien make now looking for a purpose here on earth. (Tier 1)

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Zephyr: The time-displaced future teenage daughter of Phalanx and Psyche, this budding Time Controller thinks she's just another Super-Speedster.

Kharhotep: Once a high priest and personal physician to the Egyptian royal family, he aided Tan'Aktor in his betrayal and murder of Prince Heru-Ra, before being betrayed himself by his co-conspirator. 5,000 years of confinement and torture have transformed him into a sadistic undead megalomaniac, who will stop at nothing to avenge himself on his old "friend" (reincarnated as OverShadow) and foe (reborn as The Scarab).

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My NPCs:

Lancer: The up and coming protector of his neighborhood. Hes training hard so that he can one day measure up to a certain villain. Its a good thing that Lancer reminds The Captain of what his childhood was like or else he would have been thoroughly thrashed by now. As it stands the two have something of a truce.

Chicken Sticks: This maniac of a drummer has high hopes for his music career. He has yet to meet the members of a band that may end up rocketing him to stardom. But he won't have to wait much longer...

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River Rat

Swarthy, loud mouthed do-gooder looking to play a few hands of poker and make a name for himself as a hero. His bravado comes from never having lost a fight, or much of anything else in his life for that matter. He has insane luck and, as he says "Lady Luck loves me, and makes sure her leading man always comes out on top with the biggest chip stack."


Ancient and vile sorcerer who comes to Freedom City looking to extend his influence, power, and eventually bring the world to it's knees in fright and obedience. His powers come from the investment of dark, shadowy demons and he wields awesome arcane might, mostly in the form of various darkness or shadow related spells. His hatred for mankind and wish to see the world plunged into darkness, along with his dangerous intellect, make him a hard, and usually lethal, foe to cross.

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Descriptions needed from:

Akmenos (Duskstalker)

Angel (Angel, Carl Marks)

AvengerAssembled (Beekeeper II, Marionette II, Melinda, Roman Michaels, The Elder)

Bendigeidfran (The Spartan)

Cyroa (Dark Star, Hellion)

Ecalsneerg (Arrowhawk, Geckoman, Spellbound)

ex3lev3n (Midnight II)

genericangst (The Great Galbini)

Heritage (Gossamer, Grimalkin, Lt. Morena Colby, Red Queen, The White Rook)

Raylis (Calvin Parker, Twilight Gryphon)

NothingToSeeHere (Oddball)

Nyrath (Mongrel Angel, The Exile)

ShaentheBrain (Sofia Cruz)

Vith (Quiver)

Warmonger (Ronin, Sen)

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Sofia Cruz: Maria Hernandez was the assistant, confidante, and beneficiary of Alexander Rhodes, billionaire philanthropist and the original Scarab. She passed that trust and those resources to her daughter Sofia. Now a wife and mother of three in her early 40s, Sofia is C.E.O. of the Rhodes Foundation, and a potential ally for the heroes of Freedom City. When the chips are down, she's also pretty handy with a shotgun.

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Dark Star: A living star, his cosmic powers have let him travel the galaxy for many years. His powers are only matched by his nobility, honor and idealism.

Hellion: A member of the famous hero family, the Prophets, his powers come from his father side. Born and destined to be a Prince of Hell on Earth, he keeps his heritage quiet while finding a place for himself with new friends at Claremont.

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The Vestige: The spirits of five of the greatest Atlanteans from her Golden Age inhabit the body of one man. Wielding not even a fraction of his/their true power, The Vestige seeks to take the world from these pretenders and successors to the throne of mankind. He/they will stop at nothing to bring back things to what they were in his/their time. The world may now have been in his grasp but there are rumbles of an ancient enemies coming back to face him once more.

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Quiver:A former backup dancer who was caught in a terrible accident with the love of her life, which granted her vibrational powers while disfiguring her girlfriend(who was a famous singer) now commits crime to pay for all the medical bills.

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