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Elfy - Stinger - PL6 Villain (NPC Tier 2)

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Players Name: Elfy

Power Level: 6 (92/95pp)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 3

Characters Name: Stinger

Alternate Identity: Chloé Kincade

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 107#

Hair: Blonde (Dyed black with a purple and blue highlight)

Eyes: Blue

Age: 16

Description: Chloe is an attractive sixteen year-old teenage Caucasian girl with a slim, athletic build. Her short, blonde hair is dyed black with a purple and blue highlight. She wears a shadow academy uniform modified to be more revealing and less restricting. For street clothes she usually wears a belly shirt, blue jeans, bobby socks, and sneakers. She typically wears small clip-on earrings, a clip-on belly ring of a cat, a watch, light perfume and make-up, and purple lip gloss and nail polish. She doesn't yet have any tattoos, but has been considering getting some.

History: Chloe’s father was an abusive alcoholic. When she was twelve, her mother left them both behind to run off with another man and start a new life. Her father was frustrated that he couldn’t punish his wife for leaving him and instead took it out on her. She endured his abuse for three years before finally running away.

Chloe lived on the streets for nearly a year and committed many petty crimes to survive. She even stole a car recently.

Although a mutant, Chloe only became aware of her powers a few days ago while being chased by the police after ditching the stolen car. The Police pursued her on foot and chased after her through an alleyway. At the end of the alley was a tall chain link fence cutting off her escape route. Whether from the stress or the adrenaline she suddenly leaped up over the tall fence. In the rush to escape her pursuers she didn’t even notice its tall height.

Another patrol car pulled up just as she was landing. She ran over the top of the car as the police officers were stepping out of it. She looked over her shoulder made a hand motion behind her as if gesturing for them to go away and leave her alone, but pulse bolts of purple energy erupted from her hand and accidently blew up the patrol car. Fortunately the police officers had just stepped out of the car and were only knocked on their butts from the explosion.

Although she was shocked, she had no time to think about it and kept running. She ended up in at dead end. Just as she started to make her way back, the pair of police officers entered the alley. She turned back around and ran towards the brick wall. She leapt at the wall in an effort to get a head start on the climb and clung onto the wall. While she was surprised, she kept on going. She made good her escape from the police, but the Headmistress witnessed the whole incident.

Chloe has been exploring her powers since to better learn what she is capable of while the Headmistress has been attempting to track her down in order to recruit her into the Shadow Academy.

Personality & Motivation: While spirited at heart, she’s just looking for a place to fit in and to be accepted by her peers.

Powers & Tactics: Chloe can fire rapid-fire purple energy pulse bolts from her hands and can manifest the same energy in the form of a whip and other melee weapons for close combat. Additionally she is acrobatic, can leap fairly far, and has the ability to quickly climb across or remain hanging stationary on walls and ceilings with ease. She prefers the team role of sniperâ€â€clinging onto a wall (or some other out of the way spot) and attacking enemies with her pulse bolts while leaping out of the way to avoid return attacksâ€â€but is comfortable mixing it up in melee with her energy whips and weapons.


Underage: Chloe is a minor living in a world of adult rules.

Stats: 14pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 16pp

Attack: +4 (+6 Blast [Accurate], +6 Strike [Accurate])

Grapple: +4 [+4 Atk]

Defense: +6 (+2 flat-footed) [+4 Def, +2 Dodge Focus]

Knockback: -3 (-0 flat-footed) [-3 Defensive Roll]

Initiative: +2

Saves: 9pp

Toughness: +6 (+1 flat-footed) [+1 Con, +5 Defensive Roll]

Fortitude: +4 (+1 Con, +3 Fort)

Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3 Ref)

Will: +4 (+1 Wis, +3 Will)

Skills: 32r = 8pp

Acrobatics 3 (+5)

Bluff 3 (+9/+5) [Attractive]

Diplomacy 1 (+7/+3) [Attractive]

Disable Device 4 (+5)

Drive 1 (+3)

Escape Artist 1 (+3)

Gather Information 1 (+3)

Intimidate 2 (+4)

Knowledge: Streetwise 1 (+2)

Notice 4 (+5)

Perform: Dance 1 (+3)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Sleight of Hand 1 (+3)

Stealth 3 (+5)

Swim 2 (+2)

Feats: 10pp

Attractive 1

Defensive Roll 5

Dodge Focus 2

Move-By Action

Precise Shot 1

Powers: 35pp

Blast 6 ("Energy Pulse Bolts"; Power Feats: 1 Alternate Power, Accurate 1, Split Attack 1; Extras: Autofire 1, Penetrating) [27pp]

AP: Strike 6 ("Energy Whip/Energy Weapons"; Power Feats: Accurate 1, Extended Reach 1, Split Attack 1, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip; Extras: Autofire 1, Penetrating)

Blending 1 (Total concealment from normal vision, Flaws: Passive) [1pp]

Super-Movement 3 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Full Speed], Slow Fall) 7pp

AP: Leaping 3 [Jumping Distance x10]

Drawbacks: 0pp


DC Block:


Blast 6 21/Toughness Bruise/Injury (Staged)

Strike 6 21/Toughness Bruise/Injury (Staged)

Costs: Abilities (14) + Combat (16) + Saves (9) + Skills (8) + Feats (10) + Powers (35) - Drawbacks (0) = 92/95

Edit: Changed her hair highlight color to match her description text =)

Edit: Removed Grappling Finesse feat. Decreased Dodge Focus from 3 ranks to 2 ranks. Increased Base Defense from 3 ranks to 4 ranks.

Edit: Fixed typographical error in her background text =/

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