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All's Fair in Love and War [OOC]


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Compressed combat notes:

Post 3:

Surprise round! Fiat to Bruise and Stun Gecks, with some added 'leave the building'.

Gecko-initiative, Spellnitiative (1d20+3=12, 1d20+1=8)

Round 1: Geckoman lies there, but this does count as a full round for regeneration... DC 10 (1d20+1=4) Or not. EDIT: I just realised you auto-pass bruise regeneration. So bleh.

Spellbound walks up and shoots him. -4 to his Def for being prone in melee. Attack Def 13 (1d20+8=21). He fails the DC 23 by 14, so spends one of his three HP to re-roll... Weee (1d20+5=6) Fails by 7 instead, so is bruised again and stunned for another round.

Round 2: Geckoman recovers from his bruise after lying on the pavement for a while.

Spellbound shoots him. Fails by 14 again, another HP! Unhurt!

Round 3: Geckoman stands up from prone as a move action, then shoots. And misses!

Spellbound makes no such mistakes. Thank god for natural 20s. She turns to run back into the bank.

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Round 4: Geckoman has 1 HP left. Both are still unhurt, but not for lack of trying.

He follows Spellbound as a move action, and hits using offensive stance. She fails by 4 and is bruised.

She turns and retaliates. Barely hits. Bruised and stunned.

Round 5: Geckoman has 1 HP. He recovers from being bruised and stunned as he lies on the floor.

Spellbound moves all-out, so I'll just say she gets to the safe.

Round 6: Gecks staggers to his feet, and moves after her. He's still about 100' from Spellbound.

She switches to magnetic control and picks up the bags of coins (yes, coins. We all know where this is going)

Round 7: Geckoman moves using accelerated movement...

... to meet Spellbound coming the other way. She hits him with her sacks of coins. Or tries to!

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Round 7, cont: Spellbound uses a move action to try and trick Gecks. Nope.

Round 8: Gecks still has 1 HP. I'll not bother rolling an attack, Strike 3 can't breach her Impervious anyway.

So Spellbound uses Dazzle on him! Accuracy failure :( So she tries to trick him again, and only narrowly fails despite her -5 for move action and his +1 for repetition.

Round 9: Geckoman critical hits, and Spellbound rolls a 13 against the subsequent DC 25 hit... Damn you sudden burst of confidence! I don't want the fight to end so quickly, so I'll fiat away the stun. Up to 2 HP...

She extra efforts on her Device to get a Teleport AP: She's got enough for Teleport 8, but she's just going outside to her broomstick.

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