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Dreams of a Forgotten Age (OOC)


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Okay guys, time to roll for initiative.

You guys start out with no equipment or devices so those who rely mainly on those for battle get a HP/VP for the problem.

There are various archaic melee and ranged weapons littered around you so you can just let me know what you pick up and I'll tell you what it does.

As a consolation for those affected by above, you will soon recieve devices/equipment equal in worth to what you lost for the duration of the adventure and everyone will get some things extra. :D

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Initiative (1d20+0=15)

I no has dakka?

Well then... the scaly people shall feel the wrath of horribly over budget PL 4 guy! (it's a working title) :D

Don't worry Geez, you will be compensated handsomely. I suggest looking up artifacts from Magic: the Gathering and Exalted and pick the things that strike your fancy.

That goes for all you guys too. Start looking for stuff that would fit in a very high magitech setting and post your wishlists here. Like I said earlier, look towards stuff like Exalted and Magic: the Gathering for inspiration on what to get.

We're going to be doing this like it was a Monty-haul. :D

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So let's see. If I've got this down correctly Initiative goes more or less like this.

Captain Knievel: 24, Unharmed, 4VP [Acted]

The Spartan: 22, Unharmed, 3HP [Acted]

Malice: 15, Unharmed, 2VP [Yet to Act]

Exile: 10, Unharmed, 3VP [Yet to Act]

Darkstar: 9, Unharmed, 3HP [Yet to Act]

Big Lizard: ?, About to be harmed

While I doubt that Eric Micheals is going to try and throw his PL 4 self at the lizard I'm not certain about what might happen so I'm holding back on posting a little while longer.

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