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All's Fair in Love and War [IC, Closed]

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Chris and Liz sat on a bench looking out over the water, licking on ice creams. Liz leaned her head over to rest on Chris's shoulder. "It really sucks that I have to go soon," she pouted.

"Dunno, it means I get rid of you for a few hours," grinned Chris, resting his head on hers. "My shoulder could use the rest." At which point she thumped him in the chest. "You want to mind your mouth, or I'll mind it for you," she growled.

"I like the sound of that," he said, leaning in to kiss her. Which was interrupted by a taxi honking behind them. "Crap, that's my ride!" Liz exclaimed, jumping up. "I'll see you tomorrow, dude," she said, pecking him on the cheek and rushing off to the taxi. Chris just sat there. Dammit... she keeps rushing off these past few days. And I suppose I'll need to go rush off to. Stupid bank robberies.

He strolled off to an abandoned warehouse he'd stashed the Pitchoo in, clambering in and booting up the systems while he changed. . Geckoman clicked a button and it displayed on the screen of the console controls.

Hey, Chris, sorry I've been rushing off the past few days. Just realised I'd been doing it. Hang out all day tomorrow, right? He quickly winged off a reply, and feeling less bummed out, flew out to patrol the city.

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After a few blocks, the police channels started buzzing like hell. <>

Geckoman banked the Pitchoo hard and rushed towards the bank. Crapcrapcrap. What if they're supervillains, not some thugs! I'm not competent! But... but... I can't not do it! Gaaaah! The Pitchoo hissed to a stop outside the bank. Odd. There wasn't an unmarked van or car, or anything.

He hopped out and just... walked into the main foyer of the bank. "Ok, people, give it up! Superhero here, and there's definitely some cops on the way! I don't wanna hurt you!" He turned to look to see if anyone was even cowering.

"They're all in the vault." Geckoman turned to see a girl in a ragged-looking black dress, holding a large sack of bills and holding a pointy metal object. "Well, surely we can t-" he got out before the metal rod expelled a bolt of lightning and hurled him back through the glass onto the street.

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Crashing into a car and setting the alarm off, Geckoman fell flat onto his face on the pavement as his assailant strode over. "Enjoying all those fun gadgets you took from that warehouse?" His jaw dropped.

"Wha- Who- What are you?" he managed before another blast of electricity hurled him flat against the ground despite his efforts to roll out of the way. However, he felt the pain fading away quickly as the girl laughed.

"I'm Spellbound, and I built all your toys, I built your airship and you stole it. I suppose you showing up here is just good luck for me, eh?" Oh. Damn. He rolled upwards as the next blast hit him, the lightning clipping him and just scorching his costume.

"Not especially," quipped Geckoman as he shot a bolt of electricity from his zappers. The girl ducked and rose with her weapon pointed at his chest. "Stay down when I shoot you!" Another blast hit the teen hero square in the chest, but he remained upright. Owowowowowowowowowowowow "Damn you!" she hissed, running back towards the bank.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Stop! These people don't deserve this!" shouted Geckoman, running after her. He aimed a shot at the girl's back, which hit and fried the back of her outfit.

She spun, a look of fury on her face. But you deserve this!" she spat, firing another bolt of lightning at him. Once again, he found himself lying flat on his back as the girl kept moving towards the safe. He reached up and rubbed his goggles as he felt yet another burn fade. Is it wrong I'm so unbelievably turned on by some hot supervillain electrocuting me?

He got to his feet once more, and began jogging down the hallway. Rounding the corner, he saw an open vault with all the bank employees and guards sat on a pile of notes and coins. She was levitating a few sacks with her wand. "Everyone hold on, I'm handlin-" He narrowly ducked the sacks flying at his head. "... I'm handling this?"

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Upon seeing her miss, Spellbound pouted. "You wouldn't want to hit a girl, would you?" Dammit, dammit.... obvious trick... but... but... I have a girlfriend! Damn you, Geckocrotch! "Want, no. Will, yes!" snarled Geckoman, striding over and swinging a shock knuckle at her face. A forcefield shimmered around her and reverberated, sending Geckoman's fist flying backwards.

"Why are you so infuriating!" snapped Spellbound, letting the tip of her wand flare brightly, but Geckoman was just out of the worst of the light and wasn't affected. "C'mon... why don't we go chill out..." she smiled, moving in close to him. Gaaaaaaaah! Damn you, libido! Damn you consience! "Damn you!" ...out loud!? He raised his arm and pointed another zap from his zappers at the girl.

She was hurled backwards off her feet, crashing into a sack of coins in the vault and crying out. Pressing a button on her wand, she vanished in a burst of white light. Geckoman turned to hear the windows rattle outside. "A teleporter!? Why can't I get a break," he sighed, turning to give chase.

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  • 2 months later...

He burst out of the front door to see the girl mounting what appeared to be a flying motorcycle with a distinct broomstick design. Flames fanned out the rear in the shape of bristles. She hovered up above the pavement, bullets from police bouncing off her forcefield. "See ya!" she said, before turning to blow a kiss Geckoman's direction.

Oh, f... think of Liz, c'mon, Chris. Oh, she's about to fly off. A split second before the broom rocketted off, a grappling hook clipped onto its side. "AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH... dear god, how fast is this thing!?" he shouted incredulously as they flew skywards, spinning and twisting as Spellbound tried to shake Geckoman off.

"What do you want, you idiot!?" she spat, continuing upwards. Chris clung on with both hands, fervently praying his powers could cope. He somehow managed to speak. "Well, I was thinking coffee... or maybe a movie?" He tried to bring a hand up to shoot at the girl, but the forces pinned it to his side. "C'mon, you don't look much older than me. You can't seriously want to be a villain? We can talk about this." The broom shook violently. "Or... not." He was sliding backwards, and the bags of coins kept hitting him as they dangled from a clip on the side of the broom.

"Ok, ok... just one thing," said Geckoman thoughtfully, forcing a hand to grab the sacks as they looped through the sky. "How much weight can that thing take?" He swung his full body onto the bags.

The clip snapped and the bags, with superhero dangling off them, began to fall. "Nice dress," winked Geckoman before he disappeared from sight. It was probably wind chill, but he could have sworn she blushed.

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Not again. The Geckoman tumbled at a great speed, the bags he clutched weighing him down. Gotta save the cash, and save myself... crap, can't get the Pitchoo remote. And I'm over solid ground. Hmmm... if I aim for that building... CRAPCRAPCRAP

Fog clouded his goggles as he approached the skyscraper at a stupidly high speed. "Hey, Big Dude in the sky! I don't ask for much, but please don't let me die!" he shouted, letting go of the bags as he passed the roof. The bags burst and the coins scattered across the roof. At the same time, Geckoman put his hands and feet out, and touched the wall. Even as he clung, he slid, but slower and slower until he managed to stop at a ledge, dangling over it. He hung his head low, his whole body aching. He felt like the sudden halting had snapped his ribs and dislocated both his shoulders. "The money..." He slid up the ledge, and tumbled through the window to the resident's shock. "Police... I need to talk to them..." At which point he collapsed to the ground. "Get... Giordano..."

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In a half-conscious haze, he somehow managed to lead the cops to the roof. They began collecting the now admittedly battered coins for returning, as Chris propped himself up on the side. "Not doing that again," he gasped. "Yeouch."

Detective Giordano turned to him. "You need a hospital, kid?" Geckoman managed to shake his head. "I heal fast. Although seemingly not near you, last time I felt this lousy you were there too." He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. "Can you do me a favour and look into this Spellbound chick for me? I mean... jeez... she can't be older than me, and she's into crime. Christ." The detective nodded. "Sure. Take care, kid." His team were preparing to go take statements from bank staff. "If I find anything, I'll drop you a line."

When they were gone, Chris leaned back and slid to the floor. Christ, why did I flirt with another girl... He pulled out his cellphone, and held down the first speed dial button. It rang for a second. Her tired-sounding voice came through. "Hey, Chris. What's up?" He forced a smile. "Not much. I just... wanted to speak to you again."

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