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Otherworldly Outings (OOC)


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Captain Knievel and Malice need more posts! So I have decided to run an adventure for us.

This is to be an alternate story line which takes place [after] Malice loses his arm (to compliment Go For Broken) Which takes place before.

Malice has been researching bio mechanical ... things! He is planning on putting together a new device of some sorts but he needs some strange ingredients to make it work. The problem here is that these ingredients are only available on alien planets. He gets Captain Knievel to help him out and they journey to distant worlds collecting the ingredients.


Step 1: Malice explains what he has been working on and what he needs to complete it. He also "somehow manages to track down it's location" - Meaning he picks the strange alien world we can find the thing on.

Step 2: We journey to that planet either through some extremely fast space shuttle, or through a teleporter.

These alien planets all have hostile environments. However just to make the idea work, Captain Knievel and malice both get whatever equipment they need to survive on these worlds for free (for instance immunity - life support)

We fight of the aliens, claim our prize, and return to earth only to find we still need more ingredients! :O

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THAT TURN SUCKED! I rolled two 19's for those guys >_>

That reflex save DC should actually have been 29 but Knievel fails anyway

VP ultimate toughness - result 28 still fails by 6.

VP - get rid of that stunned!

CapK - 29 - Bruised x1 - 1VP

Monster 1 - 14 - Bruised x1

Monster 2 - 8 - FINE

Malice - 5 - FINE - 1VP

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CapK - 29 - Bruised x1 - 1VP

Monster 1 - 14 - Bruised x2

Monster 2 - 8 - Bruised x1

Malice - 5 - Bruised x1 - 0VP

EDIT 1: And yea... if I didn't make it clear enough earlier... you don't suffer any penalties for not having your arm in this thread just like you don't gain points for it. I just don't feel like bothering with that along with everything else.

EDIT 2: I just realized that I forgot to include his additional limbs ranks in all those grapple checks. oh well. I don't feel like retconing now. i'll just remember for the future that his unmodified grapple check is +34

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CapK - 29 - Bruised x5, Staggered, Unconscious - 1VP

Monster 1 - 14 - Bruised x3

Monster 2 - 8 - Bruised x1; Unconscious

Malice - 5 - Bruised x1 - 1VP

Okay so after getting hit by a critical by one of these guys I use ultimate toughness to not die. That leaves me bruised and stunned. Suffering a rank 20 knockback I FLY through the forest. (rank 20 = 2.5 million miles) I don't feel like leaving orbit because I got punched, so I will just say that hitting those ten trees slows me down enough that I don't leave the planet!

I do however fail a few toughness saves as I level those trees. the first one actually renders me unconscious as well.

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